Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


14. The Hunt for Sherry

In the library, Claire played with the bottle of Pepsi Sherry had previously bought. Leon crouched beside her, while the other survivors checked around the room. "This could've been Sherry's. If she's hurt, or worse..." Leon put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't think like that Claire, we're going to find her. Unless she was really brave enough to venture back outside, the station is only so big." Marvin stepped out from a hidden alcove. "I think you may want to rescind that statement Leon." Claire and Leon moved to the alcove, their mouths agape. "What the hell?" they said in unison. The alcove contained a murky hallway that was the stuff of nightmares. "The plot thickens, I didn't even know this was in here." The alcove had started to gather more attention from the others. Ace was barking down the hallway. Tony petted the dog to calm him down. "If Ace has a bad feeling about this, so do I." Claire took charge of the situation. "If Sherry went down there, we have no choice but to go too." Nathan sneered, stretching his shotgun behind his neck. "You first then lady."

Claire turned around to face the dark passage. She took a deep breath and walked in. The rest of the survivors followed suit. It surprisingly wasn't a very long walk, as they reached a slightly lit room with an elevator. Marvin remarked, "Maybe they used this to bring up art back when it was a museum." Kevin however, saw that it was too new to be part of the old museum. "If it was really that old, the gate would be pretty rusted. This is a new addition, definitely." Cindy, with a look of fear on her face, jutted in, "This is some real creepo fucked up shit right now." Nathan nodded. Leon pushed open the gate. "Ready to take the plunge to see where this thing goes?" The survivors jammed into the elevator, and after a bumpy start, they sailed down to the lower level.

The elevator led to an damp looking tunnel, with torches lining the cobblestone wall. The mood was quiet and tense as the survivors piled out of the elevator. Cindy closed her eyes and breathed heavily, feeling a sense of claustrophobia. They turned a corner, where a ladder led up through a trap door. Leon pushed it open and climbed up. "This is like some kind of damn torture chamber." Everyone's eyes were wide open in disgust and horror. Marvin looked closely at the chemicals lining the shelves. "This stuff.. I've seen it before, the Chief uses it for his taxidermy. The tools too. Tony, Leon, Kevin, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" They all nodded in agreement. Claire started to tear up. "Sherry, please don't let that monster have you, please."

"Don't worry, girl, she got away." All the survivors turned to face the sound. It was the Chief himself, looking ill. "But you people won't." Marvin approached the Chief carefully. "Chief, whatever happened down here, whatever you used to do here, just be reasonable. You need help." Irons shot at Marvin's feet. "No, my conscience is clear. This apocalypse is a blessing! It gives everyone new life! A new purpose." Nathan shouted, "How long are we going to let this fucking crack-pot go on!" Irons walked around the room, continuing his speech. "You should be grateful, not being locked-up anymore. You'd be in prison for 5 more years if not for this so-called disaster. It's the new start you've always craved!" The Chief convulsed, dropping his gun. He laughed to himself, slowly getting louder. "You people will be the first to witness my new form! Be honored and bow before my greatness!"

The Chief's arm exploded outwards, doubling its length and growing a claw out at the end of it. He continued to laugh manically, as a grotesque out of place eyeball burst through his shirt and vest. "It's glorious! I feel whole!" Irons swung his arm, narrowly missing Nathan as he dodged backwards but nailing Cindy right in her head, decapitating her. The whole room was a panic, as the survivors moved into action. Nathan blasted Irons with his shotgun, but clean shots did nothing. The rest peppered Irons as well, succeeding in only flinching him. "Nothing is going to stop me now! You're all fucked!" Claire looked behind her, grabbing a blade off the wall. "Let's see how much this hurts!" Claire hopped over the central table, stabbing the Chief in his chest-eye. Irons reeled backwards in pain, as Leon took chemicals off the shelf and threw it at the Chief, burning his skin. Marvin yelled, "Let's get the hell out of here, while he's injured." Everyone ran towards the exit as the Chief flailed his arm wildly. "Pain only makes me stronger! You can run for now, but I will hunt you down. To the ends of the Earth if if have to!"

The survivors ran until they reached another elevator, and rode it up. They were breathing heavily but glad to be away from the monster. Tony petted a terrified Ace. "I can't believe Cindy died. Just like that, that bastard." As they got off the elevator, Claire looked more resolved than ever. "We're gonna get payback on that asshole, for everything."

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