Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


11. Taxidermy Used to Be My Hobby

Sherry breathed sharply as she checked out her surroundings; a dimly lit basement, with creepy chemicals and what appeared to be the remains of some once living thing crowding the shoddy wooden shelves across from her. In the center of the room, a simple 4-legged metal table, with all manner of common crafting tools spread across it. She sat on a hard, unwelcoming, wet floor and the passed out body of Beverly laying down next to her. The midsection of Beverly's white dress was torn away, replaced by blood soaked bandages. Sherry had hoped she wasn't dead. The villainous chief was nowhere to be found, which brought the little girl some relief. She was only in her t-shirt and underwear, and felt chilly. Her hands were tied up around her back, but Beverly was loose. To Sherry's relief, Beverly stirred awake. She looked back at Sherry, groggy eyed at first, but then half-smiled as she pushed herself up. She leaned back against the hard wall, holding her stomach. "So, he caught you too, then?"

Sherry nodded. Beverly sputtered through her lips. "That bastard... Why did my dad have to leave me with that maniac?" Sherry looked down awkwardly, unsure of what to say. "I think I heard your name was Sherry, right? I'm Beverly Warren." Sherry recognized the name. Michael Warren was the mayor of Raccoon City. Sherry responded at last after some silence. "Yes, that's right. Sherry Birkin. I guess we both have something in common." Beverly inquired, "Oh yeah, what's that?" "Both of our dads were friends with this maniac." Beverly let out a sharp left, then winced in pain. "Fuck this... that bastard cut me while I tried to run away the first time. Swears he didn't mean it, just got 'too rough' showing me his 'discipline'. Says my father didn't discipline me enough. Called me spoiled. Fuck him!"

Sherry looked around the room again, her eyes glimpsing a wooden trap door next to a rotting carcass underneath an end table. "This room makes me sick, Beverly." "You haven't seen anything yet Sherry. He had me on that table, started kissing me. Reaching up my dress. It makes me sick thinking about it. I want to gut him, I really do." Sherry looked at the only door in the room. "Do you know where he goes?" Beverly pushed herself up slightly. "Not really. He tells me nearly every cop in this building has been hunted down by him personally. That dude is so PSYCHO!"

Suddenly the door swung open. Beverly cowered in fear, while Sherry watched with wide, terrified eyes. The Chief leered at the two girls while he played with a butcher's knife in his hands. "Psycho, you say? Even after I took the time and the energy to patch you up Beverly? This is how you repay me. With. More. God Damn. DISRESPECT!" Beverly was sobbing as the Chief crouched down in front of her. "Apologize, Beverly." Beverly said something meekly. "I didn't quite catch that Beverly. Speak up, and look at your elders when you're speaking to them." Beverly looked up at the Chief, with a mix of anger and sadness in her eyes. "I'm sorry Chief Irons." Irons smiled. "That's a good girl. Now, apologize to Sherry." Beverly was puzzled. "For what?" "For doing this to her!" The Chief grabbed Sherry as she screamed, and was slammed hard onto the metal table. "This is your fault Beverly. I do not tolerate disrespect." Sherry was crying and squirming. "What are you going to do to her!" "The possibilities race through my mind. She's such a pure little thing." Sherry whimpered out, "Beverly, please help me..." Beverly shuttered her eyes as mad thoughts raced through her mind. Finally, she made a decision.

Beverly rushed the Chief, catching him off guard as she slammed him into his shelves, spilling chemicals and bones everywhere. Sherry noticed the knife was dropped. "Beverly, the knife!" Beverly grabbed it swiftly off the floor, as the Chief was covered in chemicals. Beverly stabbed the knife into Chief Irons, and he let out a wail of pain. "Damn it girls! You couldn't just cooperate, could you?" Chief Irons fell to the floor, writhing in pain. Beverly went to the table and untied Sherry grabbing her hand and running for the door. "You girls are going to pay! I promise this!"

Chief Irons reached into his vest pocket, pulling out a vial of blue liquid. "G-Virus. You will save me!" The Chief injected himself and laughed manically. "I'm not dying here, that's for sure!"


Sherry and Beverly had reached an elevator that took them up to the Chief's office. Bookcases lined the wall, capped off by a huge tiger taxidermy figure. Sherry was still really shaken up by the ordeal. She liked the way Beverly held her hand, reminding her of Claire. "Thanks, Beverly. I was so scared back there." "You had every right to be. Fuck, I'm like, what, 5 years older than you and I nearly shit myself back there. There's no shame in it. But it's behind us now. If I ever see my father again, I'm giving him a piece of my mind, that's for shit sure." Beverly spit on the tiger as it stared straight ahead in a strange, majestic beauty. "So, Sherry, what now? Maybe we can get you some clothes, you can't be running around in your little girl underpants can you?" Sherry kind of blushed. "I was with someone, Beverly. Her name was Claire. She's still in the station, I know it! She said some really mean things to me, but I understand it now. I just want to see her again." "Okay, Sherry, let's go then! I'm not much of a fighter, but we can look out for each other! Luckily, the Chief's prized weapons cabinet is unlocked." Beverly opened the cabinet, pulling out a .44 Magnum and some ammo. "Sherry, let's go find your Claire!"

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