Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


16. So Close

"God, this office looks a lot creepier than I remember it." Marvin Branagh looked at the tiger taxidermy statue, as it started back down at him with uncaring eyes and a fierce, open mouth. "I went to this guy's barbecue for fuck's sake." Nathan lounged on the Chief's couch, and snidely remarked, "You think ya know somebody."

Leon looked through the Chief's gun cabinet, remarking to himself that a magnum was missing. Claire flipped through the books on the Chief's shelf, reading some shocking stuff about the Chief's secretary. From the words printed, it seemed like he had her murdered. She threw the book down, and grimaced at the thought of it. "Maybe we should keep moving everyone, I really want to find Sherry."

Nathan rolled his eyes. "Can't we relax for a bit, god damn, like if that wasn't the sickest shit you've ever seen down there I don't know what is. This room's feeling pretty safe and cozy right now." Claire was fuming at Nathan's carelessness. How could he not care about a little girl? But, she didn't want to say anything and make things even worse. Besides, the room seemed to agree with him.

"Nathan's right, Claire. I really think we need a breather after that one. I'm worried about Sherry too, but we shouldn't go back out there tired and frightened," Leon said, taking a seat next to Nathan. Claire let out a bratty grunt sound and crossed her arms. "Whatever, maybe I'll just go by myself." "You know you can't do that Claire, it's too dangerous to go alone out there," Marvin said sternly.

Claire knew when she was beaten and decided to rest for an hour or so.


It was an hour later when Sherry woke up, moved to the floor off of Beverly's lap. She moaned and stretched, feeling a slight sore in her neck from her odd position. "Beverly, wake up, I'm not sure how long we slept for but we need to get moving."

Beverly stirred out of her deep sleep. "Ugh, Sherry, why do you have to be so right." They both moved up to their feet, and decided to press on in the door to left of them. They entered into a secretary's office, with a nice leather couch on one side and a window overlooking the city. "Damn, If I had known this sweet couch was here, I definitely wouldn't have slept in that hardwood hallway," remarked Beverly in a joking manner. Beverly threw herself down on the couch, reveling in it's soft, comfy cushions. Sherry looked over at Beverly. "We need to come up with a plan of action here, Bev. We can't keep running around this station, we either need to look for Claire or a way out." Beverly turned her head to the side. "Hey I agree with you girl, but I don't know what the fuck you want from me. Lord knows my dad handed me everything on a silver fuckin' platter." Sherry put her head in her hands. "Beverly, you're acting different, back there wasn't your fault. Pull yourself back together Beverly, we need each other." "I'm sorry Sherry, I just hate feeling useless."

Sherry was about to walk over to Beverly to comfort her, but suddenly, the door swung open.

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