Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


9. Lost and Confused

Over the next few minutes, Claire explained the story to Leon. "So yeah, Sherry's not my younger sister, the reason I came here is moot, and I feel like the biggest asshole in the world right now." Claire looked down at her boots. Leon paced the S.T.A.R.S. office back and forth, shaking his head at the story, taking it all in. At last, he threw his hands up, resigned to his opinion. "You know what Claire, it doesn't matter now. You're in this mess now whether you like it or not. And now we have a very disappointed, scared and sad girl wandering the halls of a very dangerous police station. If your brother really was a member of S.T.A.R.S., it's time for you to get up off your sorry ass and follow his lead!" Claire knew Leon was right. "Let's head back to the others, tell them what happened, the more Sherry is out there alone the more scared I'll be." Leon picked up the bag of weapons, and handed Claire Chris' diary. Claire took it, and ripped out the page containing the apology, tossing the diary back down. "Chris, I will find you one day. But not today."

With Claire satisfied, they walked back into the wooden hallway. Going back the way they came, they were interrupted by the loud sound of glass shattering. They turned around to see the horrifying creature that made the noise. It was skinless, and bloody, with a visible brain punctuating a mouth of pure horror with sharp teeth and more alarmingly, a long, slender tongue that inched its way out. Leon put his arm in front of Claire. He whispered, "Don't move or make a sound." The monster crawled forward, clicking and softly growling. The door swung open behind them, and the monster lunged.


Not too far from the vent, Sherry relaxed on a black leather chair. Her eyes were dried now, but her thoughts still raged with anger for what Claire had said to her. Sherry squirmed in the chair, and remembered that she was all too used to being alone like this. She never was a popular girl at school, not to mention her all-too-absent parents. Claire was the first person in a while to really feel like someone who cared about her, and that was all just after a day. It was a betrayal too great for Sherry to handle. To her left of the chairs, were two soda machines, and down the dark hall to the right, Sherry could see shattered glass and broken wood. Sherry sighed, and got up. She went to the machines, and noticed the locks were off. Sherry opened the machine, flooded by cool air, and grabbed a Pepsi from the machine. It opened with a fizzle, and Sherry chugged it feeling very thirsty. Feeling a little better, Sherry felt like exploring a bit. Avoiding the dark hallway, Sherry instead took a right into an alcove with a desk and one door. The door opened into a vast library, two stories tall and filled head to toe with books of all types. Sherry quite liked reading, and her eyes lit up with excitement. She stuck her half-finished soda into the pocket of her shorts, and they sagged a little bit. Sherry examined the shelves immeaditily to the left of her, and noticed buttons on them. She pressed one and the bookshelf moved a few inches to the right. She chuckled to herself out of amusement. Sherry walked around a bit more, passing by rows of police training books and art collector books. She took one down, and noticed the front cover had a picture of the Apollo statue she had passed before, surrounded by two scary paintings of men burning.

"Marvelous, isn't it?" The voice startled Sherry as she shrieked and dropped the book, creating a loud thump, and turned the face the figure. Sherry recognized him as Chief Irons, with his signature mustache, chubby exterior, and leering grin. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you little girl. It's nice to see a child these days so interested in reading and the arts. It truly is a wondrous hobby. Expensive, yes. But the joy it gives is unmatched. Every piece, more meaningful for the last. If I wasn't the chief, I'd have loved to be an art museum curator." The Chief went over to Sherry, picking up the book. Sherry backed away a little bit. "You saw this piece didn't you? It's a favorite, when I saw it on this book I just had to have it. Set me back a pretty penny. A Chief's salary doesn't cover taste you know. Sometimes palms need to be greased. What's a few under-the-table transactions for the beloved Chief of Raccoon City!" The Chief laughed out loud, mostly to himself. Sherry was rightfully a little creeped out. The dude liked to run his mouth for sure. Irons crouched down to Sherry's level. "So, what should I call you then? I'm thinking mouse since you've yet to say anything. Actually, you do look kind of familiar." Sherry managed to stutter her name. "Ah yes, Sherry. You're Birkin's little girl. He would show me your picture every time we met. Said he was doing this for you. I wonder how that turned out? Not good I imagine from the state of the city. I bet you don't even know what your father was getting up to." Sherry wanted to leave, anywhere in the world but here would suffice. The Chief had always creeped her out immensely. And she hated him talking about her father. Chief suddenly grew a scowl on his face. He slammed the book against the ground. "What the fuck is the matter with you girl? Say something you little bitch!" The Chief slapped Sherry, who was starting to cry. "Maybe you need a little discipline in your life Sherry. Your parents not around much I suppose. Let daddy Irons help you a bit." Sherry screamed for help. Suddenly, her prayers were answered. "Leave her alone you bastard!" It was a blonde lady in a white dress, bleeding at the stomach." Chief Irons turned to face her. "Get back in the room Beverly! I'm not finished with you yet!" Sherry ran for the double doors to exit the library. Irons cursed in anger, giving chase to Sherry. "Get back here!"

Sherry's shorts made it difficult to run but she made it out to the balcony. She threw her soda at the pursuing Irons, and kept running. Sherry's shorts fell down and she tripped onto her face. Irons picked her up by her shirt, and carried her over his shoulders. "Come on, Sherry, we're going to have some fun with Beverly. You'll love it, I promise!" Sherry still called out for help, but only the echoes of the main hall responded back to her. She could only hope Claire was coming to her rescue. Or anybody.

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