Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


2. It Begins

Sherry examined her surroundings. She was hurt pretty bad, but could move. Fumes from the two burning cars, her mother's and another's Ford Explorer, nearly knocked her out, but she persevered. She crawled herself clear of the wreckage, and was scared into fainting when the two cars proceed to explode. She woke up an hour later. She picked herself up, noticing her blue shorts were damp. The town was deserted, and the most dead she had ever seen it. Annette, Sherry's dear mother, was nowhere to be found. Sherry walked slowly through the empty streets, calling out for her mother whenever she had the chance. The town was dark, a result of fires clouding the city. Sherry was scared, but wanted to be brave, for her mother.

Sherry ducked into an equally empty restaurant, Grill 13. Blood was on the hard-wood floors, but otherwise it looked just the same as it did when she went out to eat with her parents. She sat down in a booth. She was so scared, so tired, and eyes were bloodshot from crying so much. She had no idea what was happening, or where her mother was. She has passed out again from exhaustion.

When she woke up, her shorts were wet and so was the booth seat. Sherry was mad at herself. In a rage, she threw a bottle of Heinz ketchup across the room, shattering next to the blood stain. Her bedwetting was not a problem she needed right now. She didn't want anyone thinking any less of her, especially in this situation. Sherry got out of the booth, and heard a noise coming from the back. Sherry gasped loudly, and went to investigate, thinking it to be a survivor. "He... hell... hello." She swallowed hard. Swinging open the kitchen door, she was disgusted at what she found. One of the chefs was eating a waitress, tearing her throat open in a shower of blood and gore. Sherry knew the waitress, Ms. Andrews, who always would give Sherry extra ice cream after a meal. The chef turned to Sherry, and moaned out. He got up, and lumbered towards the little girl. Sherry wanted to cry, wanted to scream, wanted to vomit, all at once, but an image of her mother shown through her mind's thoughts, giving her bravery. She turned and ran from where she came, jumping over the bloodstain and bursting out the door. She was breathing hard, never really the athletic type; but she sprinted down the streets the fastest she ever ran. She kept running, about 2 blocks, then tripped, half out of exhaustion and half hitting a curb wrong. Sherry scraped her knee, blood running down her leg into her socks. Sherry smiled to herself in victory, then vomited and passed out again.

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