Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


3. Fields of Red

Sherry awoke later to the sound of a soft motorcycle engine, that was just turned off by its rider. Sherry blinked a little, checking around herself, surprised to still be alive. For once, her shorts were dry, but she was still a mess. "Little girl..." The voice startled her, and Sherry turned around to see a young adult woman smiling at her, wearing unbuttoned denim shorts that showed off traces of a lacy thong, a red motorcycle jacket, and a black t-shirt, completed with cowgirl boots. She looked like quite the character. Claire noticed Sherry was bleeding on her knee, and that she had wet herself. "Please, come here little girl, I can help you! And maybe you can help me too..." Sherry thought she seemed nice, so she approached, despite her mother always saying to stay away from strangers. "Hi... I'm Sherry." Claire continued her warm smile and replied back, "I'm Claire. Claire Redfield. I'm looking for my brother here in Raccoon City. He's a police officer, well... kind of. You're probably so scared, with what's going on. You should stick with me, I'm brave and I've gotten a little training from my brother."

"Thank Claire. I'm looking for someone too, my mother. She's a scientist, she was wearing her white lab coat and khaki pants." "Okay, Sherry, let's go look for her together. Hold my hand." Sherry grabbed Claire's hand, and felt safe for the first time in a while. They wandered the streets of Raccoon City for a while, in silence for the most part. Sherry thought back to the few times she would walk with her mother on these streets. Sherry's pleasant daydreaming was interrupted by a command from Claire. "Stay back, Sherry! I hear something." Claire drew her Beretta, aiming down the sights like a pro. Sherry thought she looked so badass. Claire wandered down an alley where the sound came from; littered with trash from an overflowing dumpster and having very little light, things were hard to see for Claire. Claire drew closer to a fence that cut off the alley, when out of nowhere a cat jumped out at the young woman! Claire screamed, fell backwards, and dropped her gun. "Fuck..." Sherry was laughing at Claire. Not so badass, she thought. Claire picked herself up along with her gun, dusting off herself and walking back out towards Sherry, still laughing. "Funny, huh?" Sherry nodded. "I'll admit, not my proudest moment. Let's press on shall we?"

Claire took Sherry's hand again. and dragged her along. "Claire... I'm getting a little tired." "We can rest, Sherry. Let's duck into this store." The store was Kendo's Gun Shop, a store Sherry always passed by but never went in for obvious reasons. "Sherry, stay at the front, I'm gonna check out the back. I'll lock the front door." Claire locked the door, and drew her handgun. Claire moved down the first aisle of the three-aisle store. She passed by boxes of ammo for various firearms, and did a sly smile to herself as she pocketed some 9mm ammo for herself. "Hopefully nobody will miss this. I should probably take one of these guns too..." At the back of the store, a row of Winchester shotguns were calling her name. Claire took one down off the shelf, and pumped it, empty of course. Claire went back for the ammo. She smiled at Sherry in front of the store and she smiled back. "I'm gonna go check the back now sweetie." Claire holstered her pistol and drew the shotgun. She had never shot one before, but how hard could it be? There was a room behind the counter, blocked by a curtain. Claire took a deep breath and went in. A shotgun blast sounded out through the room.

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