Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


8. Escapes and Traps`

In the basement of the RPD, Kevin Ryman was conversing with the man who wouldn't leave his cell. "So tell me this Ben, just so I have this straight, you're saying rats did all this crap?" Ben sat up on his bed. "That's right, for the fiftieth time. I mean, over-simplifying for sure, but S.T.A.R.S. was right. We should've evacuated the city while we still had the time." Kevin took a swig of beer. "S.T.A.R.S., bah! They were too good for me, what the hell do they know?"


"What the fuck you mean, 'find our own way out of here?'" Nathan directed at Marvin. "Exactly what I just said! Rita said the roads are blocked, along with suspicious military personal locking down all city road escapes. So we're gonna need another option, which means it's time to stop sitting on our asses and get going. Rookie, radio Kevin and tell him to get his ass up here, reporter or not, frankly I don't give a damn about him." "Yes, sir."

Leon took his radio out. "Kevin, do you read me?" In the basement, Kevin's radio crackled to life. "Loud and clear Kennedy. What's up?" "We're heading out, Rita said escape routes are all blocked. The sergeant wants you up here asap, reporter or not." Kevin looked at Ben, who shook his head. "Copy, Leon, I'll be up there in a few minutes. Kevin out." Kevin banged on Ben's bars. "Come on dude, come with us. Do you really want to rot in here?" Ben threw his hands up. "Fuck it then, let me out. I'm probably dead either way." Kevin unlocked Ben's cell, and gestured him to come out. "Be more optimistic dude. If I can try for the S.T.A.R.S. team 5 times, we can survive this. I know it!"

Back in the office, Claire was thinking about the station and her brother Chris. She wanted a way to get to the S.T.A.R.S. room and had a thought, speaking up to Marvin. "Before we go, we should get some firepower." Nathan and Tony both agreed. "She's right, there's plenty of guns in ammo in the S.T.A.R.S. office." Bingo. Claire smiled to herself, and volunteered to go. "Okay, Leon, go with her. We'll wait here for you and Kevin. It's upstairs past the Apollo statue, you can't miss the sign. Be careful though, we haven't been up there since our first clearing of the station." Sherry grabbed Claire's hand. "Can I go with you, I don't want to leave your side Claire." Leon tried to say that it wasn't a good idea, but Claire nodded her head. "She'll be fine with us Leon." "Okay..." Marvin tossed them a duffel bag. Claire caught it, and with a smirk, said, "Any requests?" "A shotgun, like you have girl," Nathan chimed in. "We'll do our best Nate. We'll back in a jiff." Marvin nodded.

Claire, Sherry, and Leon cut through the evidence lock-up. She unlock the only other door in the room, and stepped into a well-furnished hallway that resembled the main hall. Their footsteps echoed out loud, Sherry hugging Claire's rear closely as she led. Things were way too quiet. Up a flight of wooden stairs, Claire spotted the Apollo stature. "Beautiful..." she muttered under her breath. "You say something, Claire?" Leon asked. "Oh nothing, I just love the art in this place." "Yeah, would've been a nice place to work, huh? I am really sorry about that incident in the main hall. First day on the job and I scare a pair of innocent girls. Great start!" Claire shook her head. "I wasn't scared! For the record, you handled the situation just fine. My brother would've been proud." "Oh, you have a brother too?" Claire realized she made a mistake. "Uhhh yeah... he's not in this city anymore." Claire closed her eyes and let out a breath. They moved past the statue, entering a door, that led into a hallway with wooden floors, quickly spotting the S.T.A.R.S. office. "We're here."

Claire grew anxious and nervous. Would she find the answers she needed through that door? She almost didn't want to go in now. Claire's breaths grew short and hurried. "You okay, Claire?" "Y...yeah, yes, let's just get into the room." Leon took out the key to the office, unlocking and opening the plain wooden door. Inside the S.T.A.R.S. office, desks lined the wall opposite the door; to Claire's right, a radio station and weapons locker, to her left, the desk of S.T.A.R.S. captain Albert Wesker, plus some trophies and pictures. Leon opened the locker, and asked for the duffel bag. "Let me load this bad boy up."

Claire could barely hear Leon over her pounding heart and thoughts. Claire knew Chris' desk lay right in front of her. She approached it, picking up a diary that lay on the desk. The inside read, "to Claire, my amazing sis Made in Heaven." Claire chuckled to herself. Claire read each page carefully, becoming engulfed in her own little world. Entries flew by in seconds. Mansion incident. Chief doesn't care. Raccoon City is falling. Jill is talking about going to Umbrella's European headquarters. I wish I could tell Claire, she deserves that much. But I can't. I know she'll come here looking for me. Please don't follow me, Claire. I'm sorry, and I love you." Claire was crying full on, as Sherry and Leon looked on. She felt sad and angry at the same time. "FUCK!" Claire launched the diary across the room, hitting the trophy case and making one of the trophies fall and break. Leon approached Claire, "Claire, is everything..." Claire pushed Leon away and ran outside into the hallway. She continued to sob uncontrollably, and she felt a tap. It was Sherry. "Claire, it's your brother isn't it. He's not here." Claire looked at Sherry with a scowl. "No, he's not. And now I'm trapped in this hellhole escorting a little twerp around who has about as much guts as a jellyfish with some serious mommy issues." Sherry started to tear up, and Claire immediately regretted her words. "Sherry, I don't mean..." "I thought you were different Claire. But you're just like everyone else who always abandons me!" Sherry ran down the hallway away from Claire and Claire gave chase. "Sherry, wait, please, I'm sorry! Don't go alone, please! I'm so sorry Sherry, come back!" Sherry crawled through a vent big enough for only her. She shouted back, "Screw you Claire!"

Leon came out into the hallway, sporting a bag fall of weapons plus the thrown diary. "I don't know what the hell is going on, but you're going to start explaining right now Claire."

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