Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


13. A New Enemy

Beverly and Sherry stepped out into the hallway outside the Chief's office, with Beverly aiming down the sight of the magnum. Sherry closely hugged Beverly's rear, as they crept through the long dark hallway that connected into a furthur l-shaped hallway. Sherry remarked to Beverly, "Man, the Chief sure did like his dimly lit places." "You're not kidding, Sherry." When they reached the end, Beverly jumped out into the l-shaped hallway, aiming her gun first to the left than the right. Sherry kind of smiled at how ridiculous she looked. "How long have you been practicing that move, Beverly?" Beverly looked back at Sherry disapprovingly. "Well, it felt cool anyway." They continued to creep the halls, carefully rounding the corner. "Two doors, Sherry, you're pick." "Let's do the furthest one, on the right." "Alright, you're the boss." When they reached the door, Beverly swung it open. "Oh great, more wooden hallways." The floors were extra creaky, and a few of the boards were cracked and seemingly rotten.

They rounded yet another corner, and Beverly gasped. "Sherry maybe you better stay back." Just in front of her, a singular crow feasted on the corpse of a police officer, plucking bits of skin and flesh from the body. Beverly wanted to vomit. Sherry had peaked around the corner, and covered her mouth in disgust. Beverly reassured Sherry and told her to follow carefully. However, a piece of wood suddenly splintered underneath her and her foot fell through. She screamed, and startled the crow. "Sherry, help please, I'm stuck and it hurts!" The crow flew around madly, cawing loudly. The whole situation panicked Sherry, and she was frozen with fear. "Sherry come on, please! Pull me out! Hurry!" Sherry looked down at Beverly, and thought of what Claire would do in that situation. "Alright Beverly, but you got to help me too! Push yourself!" Sherry pulled Beverly up as she pushed, and she was set free. Her leg was bleeding and Beverly was crying. "Fuck, Sherry, help me bandage this up." Beverly tore off a piece of her dress, and gave it to Sherry wrap around. "Don't be squeamish now, please, Sherry it hurts like hell. We're gonna have to find a first aid spray soon." The crow had rested on a window sill and watched Sherry bandage up Beverly. "That should hold, I think." "Thanks Sherry, you're a brave girl, braver than me." Beverly winced as she got back up, standing. "Damn, it hurts to stand on. I'll try to soldier through it. Sherry, why don't you grab the gun?" Sherry saw the magnum laying on the floor, and picked it up carefully. "Lead on Ms. Birkin." 

They continued down the creaky hallway, past the dead policeman and the cawing crow, watching their step carefully. Beverly limped but their pace was slow. Finally, they reached the end, and Sherry opened the door to reveal a rooftop helipad, with a breath of wind washing over Sherry and Beverly with a sense of relief and calmness. Beverly nearly forgot about her leg pain. "Damn, I almost kind of forget what it was like being out here, I was cooped up in that dungeon for longer than I thought." Sherry ran out to the edge of the helipad. She was able to look out over the city, and her happiness was almost instantly watched away. She saw her hometown up in flames, crawling with the undead, and it hit her that she might never have a normal life again. Beverly limped over to hug Sherry. "I know exactly what you're thinking Sherry. All I want in the world right now is to see my daddy one more time. We're not going to be okay, not for awhile anyway. I don't know what I'll do without my daddy." "You're going to see him again! And I'll see my mom again too. It's a promise!" Beverly smiled. "You're too good for this world, Sherry."

Above the two girls, they heard the sound of a whirring helicopter. They looked up to see it coming in fast. "Beverly, could that be rescue?" Beverly's eyes widened in horror. "No, Sherry, that thing is going to crash. RUN!" Beverly took Sherry by the hand and tried running towards the hallway door. The helicopter hit the edge of the helipad and crashed upwards before crashing down behind the girls hard as they dived out of the way. One of the blades of the helicopter broke off and shot towards the wall just above them. Beverly looked behind them to noticed a water tower coming down over the helicopter as the chopper exploded into a fiery ball of metal sending debris everywhere. Sherry and Beverly stared at everything dumbfounded and enveloped by intense heat and smoke. In the wreckage of the chopper, however, was a sight even more horrifying than the crash. "Sherry, is that a person? How the hell did someone survive that?" As the smoke cleared, a huge tall, bald man in a brown trenchcoat stood stiff and proud. "Something tells me that's not a man, Beverly."

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