Call of the siren lily: book one: winter destiny

(description not added for creativity is low, i ask that you simply use your curiosity and read this.)


1. chapter one

Alice sat on the boat dock ledge, her toes dipping in the clear ocean water ever so slightly as the wind wafted salty scents through the small breeze.

That was all she could smell for weeks was rotting wood from the boat's floors and the salty sea water, making her head hurt and stomach turn so badly that she slept through most of the two-week journey.

Now you might be asking yourself what a fourteen-year-old girl is doing out in the ocean on a boat, but there's a perfect explanation.

Alice's father is a botanist, he mainly researches exotic plants and flowers for the rich to buy and others to glance at in catalogs.

For the past few years though he has been searching for new, yet to be discovered, plants that he could research and study and perhaps make them less of a low population plant.

Three months before their trip out on the ocean, he had been told about an island of indigenous people who actually worship flowers as goddesses seemingly do to they're nearly everlasting beauty and alluring air they give off.

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime Alice! We can't let it slip through our fingers!" her father said, Alice thinking back to before they set off on they're little expedition.

The ship horn wailed through the vast ocean air surrounding it, making Alice jump and almost fall off the deck if it weren't for the old railing keeping that from happening. Her father stepped out of the ships below deck area and stretched his limbs out.

"Brace yourself for adventure Alice! We'll be docking soon!" he said with a big goofy grin, that which she was a little happy for the fact she smile like that too sometimes.

Alice had always shared the appearance of both her parents in a way.

She had light brownish blonde hair that sort of curled and big blue eyes, like her father, but other than that she looked like her mother.

Her parents used to joke that she had her father's color pallet and her mother's free-hand style.

"Oh, I suppose that's good...father, what is the name of this place again?" Alice asked, standing up from the deck.

"Oh! It's named after the most respected leader they had back when the island was first discovered, it's called *Lada island."

(*Lada is the eastern European goddess of spring and love.)

"Lada? Sounds rather strange but then again this is an all new territory."

"That's the spirit Alice! Now, go get some food before we dock to seek out the Lada village!"

Alice simply nodded to her father and rushed to the door leading to below deck with the two other ship passengers who tagged along.

One was Alice's cousin Constance, the second was the man who owned the ship and worked with alice's father, Jeffrey Collins.

Like alice, constance was reluctant to go on this trip but she was interested in the plant life, having the same obsession with plants as her uncle.

She also looked very different from alice with long golden hair and light brown eyes to go along with them.

Jeffrey however was the opposite of anyone on board, with a tall muscular build, messy red hair with stubble on his face with the same color and green eyes that were brighter than ever.

He was very childish and though it doesn't look like it, he was younger than alice's father and got along great with everyone except constance who was a very serious woman, the same age as alice's father.

She didn't seem to like anyone, she always treated alice kind of coldly and said that she had to grow up to become a very esteemed woman with a well paying job and proper manners unlike her father and late mother.

But either way, alice loved her mostly because she knew she wasn't like this before.

When constance was younger she had married a man and had a child with him, but a few years after the child was born he had come down with an illness that his body was too weak to fight off and died at age five, her husband then soon left her for another woman saying that he couldn't stay with her after losing their son, it had hurt her so bad that she wanted to make sure alice didn't wind up the same way, being the only other female person she actually got to talk to anymore.

Constance sat at the small circular table, eating some biscuits they had brought during the trip with tea in her tall metal cannister while jeffrey worked on cleaning the mold that had started to grown in the small corners of the room.

Alice sat down at the table with her cousin and picked up a biscuit, nibbling it as the sick feeling from seawater smell began to fade and started taking bigger bites.

As soon as she had finished her third biscuit, constance reached over and dragged the plate towards herself.

"You don't want to eat too much dear, lest you gain a few pounds."

"They're just some biscuits constance, besides i haven't eaten in two days."

"I don't care if they're rocks, slow down on eating."

Alice sighed and quickly grabbed one more biscuit, running up to the dock with constance not far behind trying to take it back.

"Alice! Constance! Go get jeffrey, tell him the islands in view!" alice's father called from the other side of the dock, making both girls look over to where he was and what he was looking at.

Not too far ahead was the island in all it's glory as they slowly edged towards it.

Alice got excited and rushed up to where her father was to get a better look at this new land, marveling at how tall the tree's were, getting taller and taller the closer they got to them until they had reached a small beach with black sand to see the trees standing at least two hundred feet tall.

"well ladies, we've finally made it...lada island." alice's father said, taking a deep breath and sighing.

the events soon to follow were unpredictable, something no one could have seen coming.

and no matter how cheesy or stupid it sounded....

what was to come would change the lives of many soon enough...


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