Last Breath

"I'll be sure to put your name on the bullet, so when they find me they'll know that you were the last thing to go through my mind."

(Cover made by me, however, the background pic is an edit off of an Instagram account called @Biersacks_Squad please follow that account okay)


1. Note

Okay, so I'll update whenever I can, as you may know I'm an extremely busy person, I'm working on several books here on my Movellas accounts & my Wattpad accounts, I'm also part of several different Wattpad accounts, sometimes I review books, I edit other people's stories and make graphics.

This story is pretty much "make it up as I go along", but I'm really gonna try really hard to make it an enjoyable/interesting read.

It will contain the following
~Sexual themes/Scenes and or implications. (FYI, There will be no straight up smut scenes)
~Adult Dark Themes

Soon I'll make a playlist for this on Spotify. My username is HayleyRoseCrimsonWrites

If you have any song suggestions let me know.

There may be a few grammar/punctuation mistakes since I'm not gonna focus on editing this story right now, but I'll be sure to correct them later.

Do not steal my story or copy it in any way, that's disrespectful and it makes me very angry.


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