Last Breath

"I'll be sure to put your name on the bullet, so when they find me they'll know that you were the last thing to go through my mind."

(Cover made by me, however, the background pic is an edit off of an Instagram account called @Biersacks_Squad please follow that account okay)


3. Chapter One

Rain hammered against the roof, raindrops thudded tediously on the window panes. Andy Biersack sat quietly alone, bored as hell, as per usual. He had been alone since she left him, there had always been something about her he couldn't pin down. Something indeterminable.

At first, he hid his heartbreak in a bottle of brandy or whiskey, sometimes both. But as time passed, he pretended not to care, but deep down the wounds were still fresh. He never understood why Avalon had left him. He swore he would never fall in love again. There had been women after her of course, a series of one night stands really. Never love, just lust. Not a single one ever meant a damn thing to him.

He had always thought Avalon was happy, that they were happy. He gave her everything, would have done anything for her. Hell, if she asked him to he would have burned the whole town for her. Then one night he came home to find she had left him. It had been a whirlwind romance, faster than a freight train. It was a burning desire between them, three months of what he had thought to be perfect bliss. They never fought or argued in any way. He hadn't talked to her since she left him those two years ago, nor had she ever even make an attempt to contact him.

But all that was about to change. Old demons would be resurrected, and old ghosts would be awoken once again.


Heavy pounding on Andy's front door awoke him. He had fallen asleep with a half-full glass of whiskey still cupped in his hand. The light was extremely cruel to his eyes, he squinted and making a fist rubbed his eyes before standing.

As he opened the door a familiar scent hit his nose. Rose, and vanilla, with just a trace of jasmine. It was faint, but he smelled it. It was a scent he had come to know all too well.


There she stood on his doorstep. Dripping wet with rain, after two years she just showed up out of the blue. A slight rise in anger was Andy's first reaction. Then he noticed the blood on her clothing.

"What the fuck happened to you?!" Andy shouted.

"Can I come in?" she asks timidly, her voice all but silent.

He stepped to the side, that was his answer. He refused to actually say that she could come in. Despite her looks and the blood, he couldn't just be expected to say 'Hi, how ya doin, come in old pal'.

He removed her coat revealing more blood, and bad bruising down her arms and legs. Even one of her eyes was black, she had a cut over her left eye and one towards the right side of her upper lip.

He looked at her injuries, "What fucker did this to you."

She turned, "He never did anything like this before. He's never hit me before."

Andy grabbed her shoulders roughly, "Who Avalon? Tell me."

"Richard Carson, he's my...

"Lover" Andy interjected, finishing her sentence begrudgingly.

She nodded, "He said he'd kill me. And he meant it." She had a far away look in her eyes.

"Hold on" he instructed. He turned away from her, he left the room momentarily. He returned with bandages, and some ice to take the swelling down.

He started working on her wounds, "Why are you telling me all this?"

"Please help me, Andy," came her hushed voice.

He looked at her, "Why me? Why did you come to me of all people?"

"I haven't got anyone else. I have no one I can trust." She took his hand in her's, "Please I need you. Please, please help me."

What was it about Avalon that made Andy want to help her? Maybe it was the condition she was in, seeing her so beaten? Perhaps it was even the desperation in her hazel eyes? Or maybe it was the quiver of fear in her voice. No matter, he was once again under her spell. In a different way now, but he was under her spell once more.

Her oval eyes pricked with tears, "He's such a cruel man."

Andy touched her face gently, "It'd take a heartless bastard to hit you."

He sat down next to her on the couch. She leaned over, propping her head on his shoulder.

"Don't let him hurt me anymore," an almost silent plea. "Please, you're all I have. You did care for me once, didn't you?"

She fell asleep on his shoulder. Andy was left with many questions. He still held onto a certain amount of resentment for her. But he wasn't going to stand by and watch her get hurt, he wouldn't stand by and watch any women get beat like this. Still, this left him in a difficult position, he had to help the woman who had already hurt him once before.

He stroked her hair for a second, then he pulled away. What am I doing, I'm not that fucked in the head yet. He laid her over on the couch easily, as not to wake her. He left the room and he returned with a blanket. He covered her gently.

What secrets did she hold? Was she telling him the truth? What ghosts lay in her past? Questions swarmed his head, he was torn between two worlds.


"You have to go. I can't offer you any more help, I've done all I can."

"What?" she asked flatly.

"I'll give you all the money I have. It's not much, but as I said it's all I have."

"No Andy, you don't understand." Fear welled up in her eyes, "If I leave here now, I will be dead within a weeks time. He will kill me, and he'll not think twice about it." Tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"What do you fucking want of me? I don't know what to do, Avalon."

"Are you still mad because I left you?" she spat.

He grabbed her arm, "You listen to me well. I don't care about you anymore, that ship has done sailed sweetheart." A lie.

She stood defiant, "Then help me."

For the first time, he noticed how different she looked. She used to dye her hair crazy colors, like blue or purple. Now her hair was a deep, shiny black. Her face was drawn, she had been skinny already, but she had lost quite a bit of weight as well. She looked like a half-starved concentration camp victim.

"Look" she retreated away from him, "Forget it. I thought you'd help me, but I don't need you. Just fucking forget it. I knew I should have never come to you."

She turned away, with her hand on the doorknob he grabbed her.

"Wait" he whispered.

He had no other choice, he had to help her.

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