The Forgotten

On their way home from a mercy mission, a spacecraft containing Princess Zara of Pandora is attacked by an alien race known as the Lovans. Desperate to save the captured princess, the Galactic Council must form an unlikely group of soldiers to rescue her, however these soldiers must find a way to put their differences aside if they are to overcome the trails ahead.


2. Message Received

New Earth; home to the human race, could be found within the Delta Ceta system far beyond the Milky Way and Corvus. Finding a home for the Humans had been hard, as many planets had become inhospitable after all the battles that had taken place over the years, but with the Humans safe on multiple space stations they had plenty of time.

However, as the years passed a planet was found and foundations had been built before allowing them to arrive. They’d done a good job at recreating many old structures by using Holovids, no one would complain, but to many of people they’d become too comfortable on the space stations and many people opted to stay on the stations throughout the systems.


The people of New Earth were celebrating Earth Day, a day to commemorate the relocation of the human race on the planet which happened every year. This was their fourth century on New Earth and even though he had been of planet for ten years, he'd never felt more like a stranger then he did in the bar. 

Jason Sanders, a former soldier who fought in the battle of Datune, was currently nursing a bottle of liquor as he sat in the corner of the local bar. He was an attractive man with long brown hair and blue eyes that once would have made any man or woman swoon but now is a hollow shell of sadness and pain. He glanced over at the occupants of the bar, trying to spot the familiar face who had invited him out on this day but at this point everyone had blurred to look the same, whether it was the alcohol or if it was the fact he had spent far too long being surrounded by people wearing similar clothes.

"Jason," A voice called to him as a familiar face sitting down next to him, Jason had never been more glad to see someone look so different before in his life. "Sorry I'm late, you'd think that even in our day and age traffic would be a thing of the past." The man joked, pulling off his coat. 

Daniel Parker had been friends with Jason since he before he joined the academy, the two had hit it a close friendship when Jason had punched one of his fellow recruits for his sexual orientation. It never bothered him, Jason had come from an open family and few of his siblings had come out as gay, but Daniel seemed to think Jason was his guardian angel as after that no one ever dared to taunt him again. 

"It’s alright," Jason handed him a glass of blue liquid. "I got you a drink already; I didn't know what you'd like so I guessed." He informed, taking a sip of his own drink.

Daniel just downed the glass in one go and pulled a face at the funny aftertaste, Jason raised his eyebrows is surprise. Something must have happened in the council today, seeing as Daniel wasn't that much of a drinker. "Bad day at work or something?" Jason asked, signalling the bartender over. 

Daniel let out a short groan, looking at Jason with a deadpan look. "Trust me, you'd never want to be part of the council," Daniel replied, quickly placing his order before continuing. "Look I know we're not supposed to tell anyone these types of things but I trust you," He paid the bartender and downed his drink again. "And I'm assuming you're only having one drink and is going to drive me home because oh my god this drink kicks in fast.”

Jason let out a small laugh, patting Daniel on the arm. Daniel smiled slightly; glad to see his friend laugh. Ever since Datune Jason had never been the same, any reports for Datune had been restricted and Daniel never asked Jason in fear of him having a psychological break down. He knew Jason would tell him when the time is right and whenever that was he’d be ready, tissues and all. “I never understand how you could talk so fast when under the influence,” Jason stated, pushing his drink away. “But yeah that would be fine, I’m not really in the mood for drinks.”


Jason stayed true to his word and after a couple of hours of watching Daniel down countless drinks after drinks took his drunken friend to his own home, physically carrying him into the house. “You’re too good for me,” Daniel slurred as he was carried into the house, his arms wrapped around Jason’s neck. “Like way too good for me, why can’t all guys be like you?”

Jason rolled his eyes, placing him down of the couch. He’d prepared himself for this, having experienced this side of Daniel in the past, the side of Daniel where he tried to pull some moves on him all the while failing miserably to woo him… it never worked of course, Jason would never allow anyone to try and hook up with him while that intoxicated, it wasn’t right to either of them. “Because I’m your friend and not some creep who only wants you for what in your pants,” Jason called over his shoulder as he entered the kitchen to grab Daniel some water. “Besides, you still haven’t told me what happened at work.”

Daniel turned to look at Jason over his shoulder with a shrug, pulling a pillow into his chest. “There’s not much too say, other then the fact some Pandorian vessel let out a distress call a couple of hours ago but when they answered all they found was an empty ship.” Daniel informed, taking the glass of water from Jason. “Rumour has it that a member of the royal family had been on that ship, maybe it was one of the princes’, maker knows that I wouldn’t mind finding out what hides under that uniform,” Jason snorted as Daniel let out a small giggler, face going red. “But I think it was Princess Zara, after all she was to pass through there to get back to Pandora.”

Jason frowned at that, he had met Princess Zara a few times but that had been five years ago when she and her family made a personal appearance on Datune to keep the spirits high but somehow the pair had become good acquaintances and during the war she’d write to him. She had also expressed very vocally, much to the disproval of her mother and father, that if she was Queen she would have spoken the High Council on Datune and tried to settle with peace not war, which as one would suspect made the High Council very angry at the proposition.  She had been captured during her time and Jason could recall that even when they brought her back, she appeared unchanged by her experience and pushed her father to send the fighters some resources.

But he hadn’t spoken to Zara in a couple of months, his last physical conversation with her had been months ago

 all guys be like you?", why can'nto the house, his arms e, pratically dragging him hell of  but to many of people they' place when she had visited New Earth for a charity event, and she hadn’t mentioned any on going diplomatic missions or mercy missions. “That’s odd,” Jason mumbled, taking a seat next to Daniel on the couch. “Everyone knows it would be unwise to attack a Pandorian vessel, especially one with a member of the Royal Family onboard.”

Daniel nodded along, frowning slightly as he watched him. “It is only a rumour after all,” Daniel said softly, placing a hand on his arm. “Like you said it would be unwise for anyone to attack a Pandorian vessel especially if Princess Zara was onboard.”

Maybe he was right, rumours were just that weren’t they, but he couldn’t help but shake off the idea of Zara going missing and King Caesar not putting out a galactic bounty on her head for someone to bring her back alive. He’d try and contact an old friend in Pandora in the morning if she had anything she could tell, hopefully nothing serious had happened.

Jason turned to say something to Daniel when a blinking light near his holo-communicator caught his eye. Not many people had his communicator number, no one outside his family or Daniel at least, but he would often get the occasional automated call about any accidents he’s had in the last five years and on very rare occasions something serious. He decided to investigate, quietly getting up off the couch and away from the half asleep Daniel. “Computer,” He whispered, watching the console light up. “What’s causing the blinking light?”

One new message from: Unknown ID

He frowned before pressing the play button. The table lit up as a projector near the console began to run the message. The message in front of him made his eyes widen as the image of Princess Zara was displayed before him, looking like she had only hours ago.

“Commander Sanders, I don’t know when this message will get to you but I hope it will be soon,” Zara began. “As you are unaware, my crew and I are homebound for Pandora after a mission to the Kevlar System had gone wrong. At the moment of this recording, my ship is under attack by an unknown threat, attached to this message you will find a scan of the ship once it had come into orbit above Corvus,” Jason watched as a scan of a ship was projected nearby, Daniel at this point had woken up and was watching the message with a concerned look. “I beg of you, Commander, send this data to the galactic council with the utmost secrecy as I fear for the amount of people who learn of this, let the Maker be with you in these moments Commander.”

The projector turned off but kept the scan of the ship on display as Jason studied the hologram. He had never seen any ship like this; he’d make sure to contact any of his contacts if they knew what species could have developed such a ship. It was silent until Daniel cleared his throat, swaying over to Jason side. “You need to go now,” Daniel stated, his eyes becoming hard as he recalled the message. “If the Princess is in danger as she says the council needs to know this.”

Jason frowned, looking at the clock. Surely no one would be present at the Council at this time and how would he get inside without being arrested immediately? These were all the questions that raced through his head as he looked at his friend. “No one would be there Daniel, beside the public aren’t really allowed inside the Council building unless they’ve been called their personally,” Jason switched off the holo communicator, walking over to Daniel. “I will go to the council first thing in the morning while you get some rest.”

Daniel rolled his eyes, handing Jason something. “Take this clearance key and promise me you’ll go first thing in the morning, with or without me, okay?” Daniel questioned, looking into Jason’s blue eyes.

Jason sighed and nodded, knowing if he did anything otherwise he would get an earful from the man in front of him. “I promise.”

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