The Forgotten

On their way home from a mercy mission, a spacecraft containing Princess Zara of Pandora is attacked by an alien race known as the Lovans. Desperate to save the captured princess, the Galactic Council must form an unlikely group of soldiers to rescue her, however these soldiers must find a way to put their differences aside if they are to overcome the trails ahead.


1. The Attack above Corvus

Corvus; home to the Halflings, a race of dwarf like creatures whose planet had once become a mineral source for the Galactic Council in their attempts to build many stations for those who were forced to flee the planets of the Milky Way system, was now an unknowing witness of a Galactic Crime as above the planet a small black and blue spacecraft was currently under heavy fire from a large and battle damaged ship.

The small black and blue craft was trying its hardest to dodge the laser fire, using its size to its advantage all the while firing back at the large worn ship but any damage they were doing wasn't obvious to their scanners. However it wasn't long before the ship was rocked by a explosion just above the turbines of the ship.


An explosion rocked their interior of the ship as a nineteen year old woman ran through the bouncing, shaky passageway. Dressed in a white silk dress with sleeves that fell to her wrists and a hood that fell loosely on her shoulders, which was covered by the dark brown hair that fell down her back.

It was unclear to the soldiers that ran around her why she was running to the commutations room, whether it was to inform her family of the attack and request reinforcements or if it was to say one final goodbye encase she never made it home they wouldn't know. Glancing around the passageway, she nodded at the soldiers before entering the room pulling her hood up.

A few soldiers turned to each other, confusion written on their faces. "What do you think she's doing?" One soldier asked, fear in his eyes as he looked at the communication room then back at his fellow squad mates. "Do you think she's going to request reinforcements?"

Another soldier laughed, clapping him on the shoulder with its three fingers. "Do not worry brother," It let out a laugh, despite the worried soldiers that surrounded it. "This is going to be a battle zone; we should worry about ourselves other than her highness."

The final soldier scoffed, rolling her emerald eyes at the door. "The most dirty work she's done was probably shaking the hands of some alien," Bitterness seethed from her every word. "She probably wouldn't give a rat's ass about any of us if we lived or died for her." Her words did not help the soldier, whose wide eyes turned to her.

They hadn't signed up for this. They hadn't signed up to attacked while on the way back from a charity event on New Earth, they signed up to be an escort to ensure that the event wasn't interfered with by any xenophobes that wanted New Earth to become a sovereign nation that doesn't require the assistance of extra-terrestrials. "Don't listen to Rani, brother," The second soldier informed, its eyes staring down at her. "These attackers won't know what hit them, messing with a Pandorian vessel."

Rani just sighed, reading her plasma rifle before following the rest of the soldiers. "Don't know why your trying to calm him down Trile, people like him don't make it home." Rani called over her shoulder.

Trile glared at the woman's back, pitying the boy beside him. How could someone show no sympathy in a time like, even he knew that this situation wouldn't end well for anyone but that wouldn't stop him from trying to calm him. "Don't worry about her," Trile also readied its weapon, designed especially to be used with its three fingers. "You'll see, we'll all be fine."

The solider nodded, reading his weapon also. He had a bad feeling about this.

The trio joined the other soldiers, each taking a position behind anything that could be used as a barrier. Tensions mounted as a loud metallic clank and the screams of heavy equipment could be heard outside the ships hull. Just in this very moment did the woman emerge from the communication room with her white hood raised, in her hand she tightly gripped a small plasma handgun, before making her way from the soldiers.


The attacking ship was above them, with a large claw like device attached to the ship. It slowly began to pull the ship into the underside dock.


The soldiers aimed their weapons towards the docking station door, each and every soldier's fingers twitching as they prepared for the worst. Suddenly a tremendous blast opened a hole in the passageway and a squadron of unidentifiable aliens entered the smoke-filled corridor.

In only a matter of seconds the entire passageway was ablaze with plasma fire. The bolts ricocheted in wild and random patterns creating huge explosions, the aliens scattered and duck behind anything they could as they slowly pushed forward. The soldiers, continued to fire as they made their way away from the aliens, in an attempt to find more cover.

However, not everyone managed to join them as the young frightened soldier laid dead with a smoking hole in his chest along with many others who laid dead.

It wasn't long before a large alien entered the passageway, slightly having to duck its head as it gazed around at the destruction. Its four eyes blinked in unison, before stalking down the passageway surrounded by its personal guards. "Find me Princess Zara of Pandora," When the alien spoke its lips did not move, but the gills on the side of its neck fluttered. "I want her alive and if I find one single scratch on her caused by any weapons you'll regret the day you were ever created."


It wasn't long before each surviving soldier and crew member had been rounded up to be interrogated by the tall unknown alien, which had many bodies scattered around itself as no soldier and crew member had relieved the whereabouts of Princess Zara. "I will ask you one last time, human," The alien glared at Rani, its clawed nails digging into her neck. "Where is the Princess?" It asked.

Rani glanced at the bodies scattered around the floor, spotting Trile with his eyes open and a look of terror forever plastered onto his face, before making a daring decision. Using whatever little strength she had Rani spat into one of the aliens eyes. "Go to hell," She spat out, feeling the nails slowly pierce her neck. "I would rather die then tell you where the Princess is."

The alien sighed, dragging its embedded nails across Rani's throat and watched in satisfaction as the life slowly disappeared from her eyes. "So be it," The alien dropped her, turning to look at the remaining survivors. "Anyone as foolish as these step forward now, it would make the search much more simpler."


Elsewhere within the ship, the hooded woman was hidden within a small alcove in a darkened corridor as the aliens continued their search throughout the ship. This was Princess Zara of Pandora, the youngest child of the royal family and temporary member of the Galactic Council while her father recovered from a serious illness. The fear in her eyes slowly faded into anger as three aliens walked into the corridor, one of them spotted her. "There she is," It whispered, hoping that Zara wouldn't be able to hear them. "Set for stun." 

Zara stepped out from her hiding spot and fired, a plasma bolt hitting the leader of the group square in the chest before making a dash away from the aliens, however she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck and crumpled to the floor. One of the aliens examined her inert body, tapping her foot with theirs. "She'll be alright, inform Commander Klagne that we found the Princess."


Commander Klagne was stood towards the destroyed entrance way of the ship, waiting patiently as the crew who had managed to escape his wrath were escorted into their ship. His mistress would be pleased with the crew, knowing that they needed slaves to help with the rebuilding of their ship and with the mining planet Corvus below they were set. 

His greatest achievement would be the capture of Princess Zara, knowing the King would pay a high price to keep Zara alive and well, but that would only be the start of their plans. He bowed deeply in respect as the princess was presented before him; with her hands bound in front of her and was glaring at him. 

"Greetings Princess," Klagne looked down at the woman, his eyes scanning her form for any visible signs of attack. "My name is Commander Klagne, I'm ever so sorry to invade your ship like this." He tried his hardest to sound sincere but to Zara it sounded Patronizing.

"Commander Klagne, the Galactic Council will not stand for this, when they hear that you attacked an innocent ship while on route from a diplomatic mission in Kevlar System." She began, however was cut off by Klagne. 

"Come now Princess, you and I both know what happened in the Kevlar system was anything but diplomatic," He laughed, watching as Zara's hands curled up into a fist. "I'm sure the Galactic Council knew of your intentions as it was them who had asked you to settle the resistance, but what would your father think if he would out the truth." He suggested with a sigh, turning his back to her. 

Zara jaw dropped open at the threat, taking a step towards his turned back. "I have no idea what you were talking about commander," She spat out, glaring at his back. "I was sent to the Kevlar system to speak with the High Council regarding the recent assassination attempt on their leaders life and if you truly knew my father then you would know he'd send an army after me." She threatened, her voice hard and her shoulders were straightened. 

Before either could speak, a officer approached them. "Commander Klagne, we've done a final sweep of the ship for any remaining crew but we found these reports on board in the communication room," He handed a datapad to Klagne, turning to briefly look at the princess. "It would appear the Princess sent out a distress call to a nearby Galactic Fleet as well as an encrypted personal communication line, what should we do?" The officer asked, looking at his commander.

"Thank you Princess for your time, my mistress would like to speak to you on Corvus, take her away," He watched as they escorted her away, frowning at the datapad. "Once our mistress has done speaking with her I want her interrogated as to who this encrypted personal line is for, while I make preparations for our attackers for when they arrive."



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