She wants him. He wants her but they cant be together


4. new friends

I got to my first class. Maths. As i came in, all eyes were on me. I looked around and the WHOLE of one direction were in my class. Sweet!

'Hi. You must be the new student, Jada Sedgewick. I am mr.Martin your new math teacher. You can go sit there between zimi and Harry.'

Sweet. I took my place.

Zimi: hi

Me: hey

Zimi: what hobby are you trying out for?

Me: erm.... None

Zimi: but you simply have to try out for one at least. You should actually try out for the ones amber is doing then you can beat her in that hobby.

Me: who's amber

Zimi: the one you almost beat up this morning. I saw the whole thing.

Me: oh, her. So what hobbies does she then do?

Zimi: hockey, dancing and drama

Me: okay... I will try in dancing.

Without trying to think of my parents

Zimi: so do you wanna sit with me at lunch.

Me: sure

We continued with our work.

Harry: hey love

Me: hi

Harry: you wont mind sitting by me and my band at lunch, would you?

Me: erm... Well i promised my friend i would sit by her sooo...

Harry: wow. You're the first one to actually reject us. But can we at least be friends.

Me: i am not rejecting you. I just promised my friend .

Harry: ok. But heres my no.

He gave me his no. And we continued with our maths.

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