Burning lies

"I learned two things that night... one, never trust anyone ever and number two stay hidden"
"A Witch! She's a Witch!" The commander claimed
The night of princess Clary Bell's sixteenth birthday lied tragedy ahead she couldn't escape.
"Is it normal for a princess to have such hair that resembles the very flames that burn and destroy or perhaps those glowing poisonous green eyes?"
Clary felt her world falling apart but he wasn't wrong she knew she wasn't normal even she knew that. A princess was not to be a witch people chanted soon after everyone turned against her, sentencing her to death Clary had no choice but to run and hide away from everyone she ever loved because they betrayed her too. With no one to trust Clary spends her day now training to become stronger, clever, braver the truth to her past would be revealed but only if she took those steps. Who is she really and where did she come from if not from her kingdom?


1. Prologue


         " She's here, love."  He said. He placed the young child into her shaking weak arms.

          " It's a girl?"  Emily asked. More tears came to her eyes. "Oh... She's so beautiful Eric our baby is so beautiful"  Eric sat beside her on the bed his fingers ran through her long crimson hair. 

     "What's her name going to be Eric?" 

          "Eric.jr" He gave a teasing smile

     She batted a fist at his shoulder rolling her eyes "I'm serious Eric."

       "Alice? Serah, Merideth?" He kept on until she stopped him.

 No, no. She took a minute to think she wanted something more unique and beautiful for her well-created child. "Oh! How about Arina?"  Eric's glance turned to Emily he was utterly confused like all the names he had tried made no sense to Emily at all.

      "Arina? It's such a strange and unknown name... why pick such a name love?"   Really he just didn't know at all.

     She shrugged. "Because our baby is beautiful and unique, she deserves an uncommon and captivating name, she is our peace in this world our little Arina, del Averina" He couldn't make any sense of it at all but he always trusted his smart beautiful wife she had always been right and he had never doubted her.

     "Arina it is then" They both smiled gazing down at Arenas little plump red face. A few more long moments he still sat caressing the two. Putting off goodbye was always such an easy task but still, he couldn't do that anymore not if he wanted to protect his family and leaving Emily and Arina was the only way to do just that. No matter how much he wanted to stay he couldn't, his selfish desires would kill everyone he knew that and he didn't want that.


   "Emily", he said in a deep voice.  Her body pulsed with fear. His hand cupped both of her cheeks.  No, she didn't want to hear it she already knew it was coming but still she want to hear any of those words. "We cannot let anyone find out about this we have to keep her a secret and us, of course, I fear the worst if they were to find out. I will always protect you and our child but I cannot hold against so manny... I have to go now but I will definitely be back because my love for you and our child will never die" His lips curved down into a frown she saw. He was pained, he didn't want to say those words as much as she didn't want to hear them.

       "Eric, my love. Do not worry we will keep our love secret and of course our child but do promise me one thing" Her face closed in. " Do not forget about me or our beautiful little girl. Return to us safely and with open arms. He gave her a reassuring smile. Emily remembered one other thing. Her eyes became cold. "And if you ever encounter "Her" Behead her without a second thought." 

      "Of course. Do not forget me, Emily, tell our sweet child many stories of me until I return do not let her forget who I am"

    "She will always know about her father there will never be a day she doesn't think or dream about you"

     Her smile reassured him before leaving they both exchanged kisses such compassionate kisses that would never leave their hearts. "I will never leave you, I will return and fate cannot stop me" He murmured under the kisses. "I know yo will, you always do," she said. He mounted his horse and then departed before her eyes she watched as the horse galloped away until she could see no more of Eric, he was now gone.


       Several years had passed since the day Emily had given birth and departed from Eric. Arina had been four years old now and as Emily had promised she always told her dear daughter stories about her brave and heroic father. He hadn't returned to her yet but she knew he would someday he had never lied to her before and she never even for a second doubted their love. 

       Tossing hay into the stalls Emily felt weary and she could thank her own troublesome child for that. "Hey, Arina come help mama feed the horses?" Arina's eyes popped open she stopped whatever she was doing and darted to the stalls beside Emily. Emily knew Arina loved the animals so she enjoyed watching her feed them and care for them. " Like this mama?" Arina's little arms were filled with as much as hay she could carry it had practically covered her little body. Emily's finger trailed down Arina's long braid. "Yes that's fine, you know how to do it now go ahead and toss it inside" Arina did but as she did chunks of hay fell to the ground as well. Arina's cheeks turned red she looked up at Emily who gave a long sigh Arina just laughed and started to throw the hay from the ground into the stall. "I sorry mama the hay just bwoosh!" She motioned with her hands. 

    "Yeah, I know" Emily brushed strands of red from her face. "Well, that's enough for one day darling, lets, head inside and make something yummy"


        Arina jumped for joy she loved her mother's sweet bread the best. "Can we have meat today too?" Arina asked. 

     "Sure why not?" Emily pulled her close and the both of them strolled along the peaceful field. 

    "Grab the basket in the back before coming in honey"

        "Okay mama"  

       Emily went inside first to place the milk down. She had done a lot of hard work farming to make a living she got by but barely but even so she clenched onto her hope for her and for her innocent little Arina she had to stay strong.


   Emily ignored Arina the first time she'd probably just ask to go bathe, just to play in the water but she didn't have time for that she needed to sell some vegetables soon she needed money to buy meat and possibly some more bread. When Adrina called out to her the second time Emily placed down her her dough and went outside.

       "What Adrina? Mama's very busy just go pla-"  When Emily turned around her heart stopped beating for a second. She, couldn't believe her eyes was she dreaming? Or maybe still half asleep?  It couldn't be. She pulled Adrina close her hands trembled on top of Arina's little frail shoulders. His eyes, his hair, his strong figure, his tall body, his beautiful face and the little nose he had that had matched the very nose of little Adrina. It was him Eric had returned to her and Arina.  

    "E...E-E-Eric"  She stumbled over her words.

       He dismounted his horse and towered over her. "I told you I would return because you are my love" His hand cupped her cheek. Oh, how she had missed the warmth of his touch so much. " I knew you would return," She said. When they exchanged kisses Adrina was confused and didn't understand at all what the strange man was doing to her mother but she had felt something familiar about his voice she seemed to know that musky voice she had heard it before.


   Erics face lit up he crouched down at her level to gaze at her tiny face. " Oh, my little girl you've grown so tall. He pinched her nose she giggled. "Hey, where did you get such a cute little nose?" 

   "She got that from you," Emily said.

  " Well she got her beautiful eyes from you"

          "I know that"    

     It felt great for the family to be back together again even Adrina felt it had belonged this way she was happy and so were Emily and Eric but little did they know it would only last for such a short time.

        Fwoosh the sound of flames caught Emily's attention fast. Her eyes widened and mouth dropped. The house her house had been engulfed in sudden flames. Eric handed Adrina to Emily gesturing her to back away.

      "Damn! How did this?"  Eric pulled out some water from the well the bucket was small and it wouldn't be enough to put out the flames but he had to try. " Emily! Get on the horse with Adrina if I can't put this fire out ride into town!"  Emly's face seemed puzzled " You want me to leave you here? What if the flames get out of control and engulf the field?! I can't leave you no I won't!" Eric felt troubled he didn't want them in any kind of danger but Emily was really stubborn he knew that so if he couldn't put the flames out in time he'd have to jump on the back of the horse also. Pain, pure pain shot up from Erics back knocking him to the ground.

      "Urahhhg!!" Erics scream sent Emily flying off the horse.

    "Eric?!" She screamed. Emily demanded,  "Adrina stay on the horse!" So she didn't move no matter how much she wanted. "Eric! What's wrong what happened?"

     "M...m-my back..."

 "You're back? Okay. Emily peered at Eric's back. Her heart dropped and tears immediately fell from her eyes. " A-..a-a arrows..." Her voice trembled. "What ar we going to do?! We need to get you to some kind of doc-"

     "Now.now Emily we are just getting started why are leaving so soon?" A man's voice from behind caused Emily to jolt she knew that voice. 

   " Dammit, Mathew!" Eric gritted his teeth.

        " Heh. Did you miss me Eric boy?"  He smiled exposing disgusting yellow teeth Emily had prayed she'd never see again. His steps inched closer Emily covered Eric's body with her own shielding him from whatever may come she lost him once she wasn't going to lose him again. Behind Mathew, tall broad men in armor appeared from behind. The soldiers they had hoped would never find them finally did.

    One soldier pulled out his sword. "Miss, Emily Averina you have sinned that is not to be forgiven in this land, making forbidden love to a banished prince birthing a forbidden child full of destruction is unforgivabl-" Emily cut him off viciously "She is not full of "destruction" You bastard!" He took a hand swapped it clean across her cheek. She felt the pain rush in her burning cheek. "You insolent wench! How dare you speak back to me!?"

      "You bastard don't you dare lay another hand on her!" Eric demanded. The man smirked "Don't worry it won't be a hand next time It'll be my sword thrusting into her heart" He said slowly then chuckled. Eric's blood boiled.

        "So where is it?"  Mathew asked. Emily and Eric just looked up at him puzzled. Mathew chuckled and shook his head." Oh, no, no don't tell me you forgot the whole reason why my great self is here? Where is the destruction child?" 

   "Come within a radius of my child and I'll kill you bastard!!" Eric bit down on his lip drawing blood. Mathew looked amused.

     The flames swept closer the house had been burned to the ground nothing but charcoal was left behind. The minute the field began to burn the horse hidden in the bushes with Adrina started to wig out. Adrina patted the horse saying "It's okay" To calm it down just as her mother had taught her.

     A scream broke out startling Adrina and the horse. The horse rose into the air on two feet Adrina clenched onto the halter as tight as she could then the horse galloped out of control. Adrina screamed. The horse jumped from out of the bushes and there for a split second, Adrina saw red everywhere red had covered her father's back and then again she saw red all over her mother as well. Scary men towered over them with evil smiles. Adrina knew what it meant she knew because she had seen pictures in her dreams about the people who didn't move, who didn't speak or even open their eyes because they were dead. Trembling tears fell from Adrina's eyes she couldn't seem to get anything out from her voice she couldn't stop the horse and she couldn't stop the tears her sight was blurry she wanted her mother and her father to stop the horse to get up and save her. Her thoughts came to halt as did the crazy horse that knocked her clean off and down a cliff. Her body scuffed against the hard rock and trees. Spiraling out of control she screamed and cried trying to grab hold of something anything she could but it was too late she fell off into the river her head had hit a rock knocking more pain into her, the water caressed her lungs mercilessly. She couldn't breathe, couldn't swim and soon after couldn't see...    












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