The Lost Puppy (A Happy Story)

This little happy story is a great adventure to read as a family or by yourself.
Have fun reading!

Charlie ;)


2. Chapter 2

The doors swung open to reveal a small room with a slightly dirty kiosk and a brilliant display of Christmas decorations lining the walls.

"Can I help you?" asked the woman at the counter, who eyed them wearily,

"Yes please. We are looking for a dog, preferably a small one that is house-trained and suitable for a family." said Dad,

"Come this way then please." murmured the woman and she trudged away into a small door at the side of the room. As she opened it, George could already hear the barking, the squeaking, the chirping and all the other mixed sounds of the many animals in the room. All of them gasped and squealed when they passed the small baby animals and agreed that the bigger animals looked handsome and strong. They walked a little longer until they met a sign saying 'Aisle 24B: Dogs'. They then turned round the corner and saw lots and lots of all kinds of breeds, left, right and centre! There were puppies, grown-up dogs, dachshunds, spaniels, greyhounds, pugs and many various others. They kept on walking past all the growling, whining, barking dogs until they came to a stop at the Terrier breeds. The woman stopped too and asked them if they would like to have a look at the different types and left them to choose.

"Ooh! Look at that one! He looks great!",

"Awww! That one's cute!",

"Now this one looks like it needs a family to care for it!" they all exclaimed.

They had stopped at a small, brown puppy wagging its big, brown, fluffy tail with an ecstatic expression imprinted on its adorable small face. It was a Yorkshire Terrier!

"Please, please! Please can we get it Dad! Please!",

"Go on then, go tell the lady we chose the dog."

George bounded back past all the other animals, almost like a dog himself! When he got there he blurted out the news and bounded back again, this time with the lady. She got a huge bunch of keys out of her pocket, found the right one and unlocked the cage, making sure that the dog didn't escape. She put it into an animal cage and told them to follow her back to the kiosk. Once all of the payments were done and the papers signed, they all left the shop in a bustle. Dad quickly put his head back through the shop door and granted the shopkeeper a "Merry Christmas!" and left again leaving the woman a newfound happiness on her face.

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