The Lost Puppy (A Happy Story)

This little happy story is a great adventure to read as a family or by yourself.
Have fun reading!

Charlie ;)


1. Chapter 1

'Rrrring, rrrring!' the bedside alarm goes off at 7:00, early in the morning, urging George to wake up. He twitches a bit, rolls over, then opens his eyes, sits up and then yells,

"Mum, Dad! It's Christmas!!" He gets up, jumps out of bed with a thump and races out of the room. He slides along the newly polished wooden floor and bursts into his parents' bedroom, still shouting.

"Mum, Dad, wake up! It's Chris-"

"Yes we know. We heard you from your room!" said his mum,

"If you want, you can go downstairs and see what's under the tree!" said Dad,

"Yes please!" cried George and he rushed downstairs in a flurry, two steps at a time. As he got to the sitting-room he gasped in astonishment at the mound of presents waiting there for him!

"That's not all of your presents yet!" laughed dad,

"What do you mean?" asked George,

"There is still one more big surprise for you! But! You need to eat breakfast first to see it."

They all went into the dining-room and had a great breakfast which was nicely cooked English meal. After that, they got into the car (all dressed of course) and drove off. As they passed the rows and rows of shops, George wondered what kind of special treat it would be. Then suddenly, they parked in a small parking lot near the end of the street and got out to see a, small but astonishingly packed, pet store!

"No!" breathed George, "No way!" His parents looked at him, then at each other and smiled.

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