Small as a flower

Just another song about sad love.

I am currently working with my friend to record and make video for the first verse of this song, but I thought I would share the whole song with you guys.

And yeah- I sometimes wish to be as small as a flower.


1. Small as a flower, song by Karoline Hundrup

I went down to the moat around the tower
Said: I wish to be as small as a flower
So that I would be very hard to see
And the biggest thing around would be the tower and the trees


And you would come and sing me to sleep
I wouldn't notice the spiders that will creep
Nor the feeling of falling to deep
To deep in love with you


I went out to the birdcage in the garden
Remembered where it all once started
With you kissing my lips so gently
And me falling in love with you so deeply


Now each night my dreams have turned to nightmares
About the betrayal and filled with my salty tears
You let me down even though you were my best friend
This was long ago, but the nightmares never end


I went down to the moat around the tower


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