her little sister;zayn♡

''God,all I think about is your tight little c*nt''Zayn growled in my ear.I whimpered,sexually frustrated,not even thinking about Gigi,my step sister,anymore.


8. 8.

Zayn's POV.

Three months later*

I bit my lip and shook my head.This needs to stop.Me and Rafaella continued this affair till today,which is the day that I am going to end this.I need to do that.A favour to Gi,and me.I need to be that caring,loving boyfriend.It's so unfair to Gi.And after last night,that I made love to Gigi for the first time since the affair started,I knew that I love her way to much and care about her to continue this stupid affair.I knocked on the Hadid's door after the guards let me in;Rafaella was alone.Rafaella opened the door,and her lips turned to a wide smile as she saw me,but fell once she saw my face expression.''What's up Z?''She whispered as she let me in and closed the door.'Z'.Z is what Gigi calls me and no one else.I sat down and she bit her lip.''We need to end this.Now.''I said,and looked up at her.Her lips turned into a frown;what a selfish sister.''Why?''She whispered as she looked at her hands.''Why?Because I am with Gigi!Last night I made love to her,and that was the moment that I knew that I love her more than anyone else and care more about than anyone else.I need to be the perfect boyfriend;the boyfriend that she deserves.''I said,and took a breath after I finished.The sight of her was awful when I saw her.Tears fell down her cheeks,and she tried not to sob.My face softened as I saw her reaction;why is she so sad?It was just a fling.She nodded and turned around to make her way upstairs.''Wait,Rafaella!''I called out as she reached the third step.She turned around and looked at me.''Why are you so sad over this?''I asked.She let out a fake laugh,and wiped her tears.''Why am I so sad over this?''She repeated my question,more to herself than me.''Because,you see Zayn,I love you so much,and I never told you,knowing that you are using me.''She whispered and shook her head,as my mouth opened slightly;she has feelings about me.She loves me.''And now that I hear it from you,that you know,Gigi deserves that amazing boyfriend,when she is the one that literally has everything,and that you made love to her;something that I never experienced with you and never will,and that you know,you love her more than anyone and care about more than anyone in this world,is making it..ugh..it makes it...worse.''She finished,and sniffed as she went upstairs.I was still shocked;I never knew she felt like this.I opened my mouth to call her out,just to give her a hug and make her sure that she will find somebody that will love her as much she loves me,and that he will treat her like a princess,but I didn't let out a sound.I fucked this up,and on top of it;I broke her heart without knowing it.

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