her little sister;zayn♡

''God,all I think about is your tight little c*nt''Zayn growled in my ear.I whimpered,sexually frustrated,not even thinking about Gigi,my step sister,anymore.


7. 7.

Rafaella's POV.

I was in our bamboo bed,sadly the last night that we are here.I was scrolling down on my gallery to see what pic I am gonna post on instagram.Of course,I wouldn't even dare to post these ones with Zayn.I smiled as I found the perfect one and pressed on it.I typed my caption and pressed 'share'.

rafaellahadid:in the dreamland💜✨

(a/n:if u don't know,that's claudia tihan aka 'rafaella' and yeah that's the pic she posted)

I smiled as Zayn came out of the bathroom and I let my phone on the small,bamboo nightstand.He smirked and came over me.Oh I know what's up.He let his towel drop and I bit my lip as I saw his hard length covered with a condom.He hovered me and I spread my legs;I sleep naked,so I wasn't wearing a thing.We both let a loud moan as his cock entered me.''Oh Z''I moaned;it sounded more like a cry.He started thrusting in and out quickly and I let my long nails go down his back,as I let my scratches;I wasn't even thinking in the moment and neither did he.''Shit,your pussy is so tight,like always''He moaned loudly as he went faster.I bit my lip and moaned loudly,as one of his hands went down to where we were connected and he started rubbing my clit fast.My pussy clenched around his cock and he let out a groan as he felt it.''Shit,shit,shit''He groaned loudly as he stilled inside me and came,me following after him.I let out a moan,and he pulled out.''Amazing''He whispered as he kissed my lips.

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