her little sister;zayn♡

''God,all I think about is your tight little c*nt''Zayn growled in my ear.I whimpered,sexually frustrated,not even thinking about Gigi,my step sister,anymore.


11. 11.

Rafaella's POV.

Four months later*

I bit my lip as I entered Gigi's and Zayn's engagement party.Yeah,engagement.Zayn proposed to her a month earlier,while I am carrying his babies.Babies.I am carrying twins.I told my family about the pregnancy,but I never told them who got me pregnant.At first they were a bit disappointed,but now they are supportive.Of course,I was sad about this engagement thing.I love Zayn.I put on a fake smile once I spotted Gigi.''Congrats''I whispered and hugged her as much as I could.Oh yeah,my belly is swollen already,since I am carrying two and I am almost on the fifth month.She smiled and thanked me,her hand going to my belly,rubbing it.''They got bigger''She smiled wide and leaned down to place a light kiss on my belly.She was so excited about her nephew and niece.She said she would be the best aunt,oh hell what if she knew that Zayn is the dad.Zayn appeared beside Gigi and kissed her shoulder softly,making my blood boil.He smiled a bit once he saw me and I hugged him.''Gongrats''I said to his ear with clenched teeth.He shivered at my tone and said a thank you,pulling away.I smiled a bit and went over my friend once I spotted her.I sat down,since my back was starting to hurt and smiled a bit as I started the conversation.Now it was around 1 am,and that's when we heard arguing.What the hell.This was Gigi's voice,screaming.I got up slowly and we all went to see what happened.Gigi was screaming at Zayn,and that's when I gasped.Gigi caught him with a girl in their room while she was over here,being happy about the engagement.And that's when I felt it.Zayn was cheating on Gigi with me and he was cheating on me and Gigi with someone else.My head started hurting.Zayn was biting his lip as the girl beside him took the sheet with her in the bathroom to get dressed.What the actual fuck was this.

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