Water & Fire

How could someone so breathtaking be so fatal.

Dusk is an 18-year-old girl who loves her dragon whole-heartedly. She meets Hiccup when escaping the captured of a psychopath who is a common enemy to most. Romance glistens and friendship flourishes as they tackle enemies and protect ‘Dragons Edge’, but is all as it seems?


2. E M O T I O N S

Astrid’s P.O.V


I awoke in my soft cushioned bed to a bright, shining morning. The air was crisp and the birds were chirping. I decided that I would take Stormfly out for an early morning flight. I opened my cupboard and picked out an outfit for the day. I wore what I usually wore. My blue shirt with my shoulder pads and my leggings with my spiked skirt and my brown boots.


I decided to check up on Dusk. It must be hard being new but I’m sure she will fit in great! I walked down stairs to see if she was still sleeping on the couch but she had disappeared.


“Where could she have gone?” I said to myself.


I grabbed a quick breakfast of perch, taking some chicken for Stormfly and headed for the stables. I walked in and I saw Dusk sitting with Moonstar.


“Hey, when did you get here?” I questioned.


“I came during the night, I woke up to Moonstar’s cries so I came to sit with her until she fell asleep, but I guess I fell asleep. Sorry if I worried you.” She replied in a hushed voice so she wouldn’t wake the dragons.


“That’s okay, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. How about when Moonstar wakes up we go for a fly?” I whispered.


“Sure, that would be great.” She replied.


We spoke for a while about our dragons and what they liked and hated. She was a really funny person. I thought we were going to be really good friends. After a while of talking about dragons and how annoying Snotlout was she brought up an interesting topic.


“So what about Hiccup?” She asked curiously.


I thought it was odd that all of a sudden she brought him up.


“What about him?” I asked.


“Well, is he seeing someone?”. She asked.


“Ah, we were a ‘Thing’ once, along time ago but it didn’t really work out.” I replied.


“Oh. Do you mind if I ask what happened?” she enquired.


“Our emotions just became more friendly than romantic. It was mutual so there were no hurt feelings.” I told her, even though my heart broke to say the words.


“Why are you so interested in Hiccup?” I questioned, as it was my turn to ask questions.


“I’m not. I’m just a curious person and wanted to know.” She responded.


I giggled and we laughed about the situation. A loud grunt startled the tranquil morning air, Moonstar and Stormfly’s eyes flickered open. Moonstar looked up at Dusk with happiness. I had never seen a connection like Moonstar and Dusk before. I gave Stormfly her chicken and she munched away happily. I went to give Moonstar her fish but she growled.


“Sorry, she is a little skittish.” Dusk said.  


“That’s okay, I understand.”


I handed Dusk the fish and she gave it to Moonstar who started gnawing on it.


“Should we head off?” I suggested.


She nodded in agreement. We mounted our dragons and flew off into the cool morning sky.


“So what can you guys do?” I asked inquisitively.


“Just wait and see!” She declared.


“Ready Moonstar?” She whispered, I could just faintly hear her.


They flew up into the vast azure, leaving wind flowing behind them blowing my long blonde hair into my face. They flew up until we couldn’t see them anymore. Out of nowhere they came diving down and plunged into the water, sending a spray of slat into the sky, it looked like fireworks, but made from water.


“What in the name of Thor?” I said to myself.


After nail biting minutes of waiting they burst out of the water. Some water sprinkled Stormfly and I. I wiped it off.


Dusk’s P.O.V


“WHOO HOO!” I howled as we pulled off our signature move perfectly. I loved the adrenaline of flying with Moonstar. I had flown with many dragons but it was nothing like flying with Moonstar. She flew so fast and gracefully. The wind would blow in my face as we dove through clouds. I imagined all the great flights and adventures Moonstar and I had to come. I was soon snapped out of dreaming by Hiccup and Toothless zooming past.


“Dusk, we have been looking for you everywhere.” He said.


“Well I guess you didn’t look here.” I laughed.


He laughed too. I found his laugh appealing. It was like a ray of light shining through dark clouds.


Dusk stop it. You’re not suppose to be interested in anyone, romantically or not.


“I was wondering if we could work with Moonstar today? Just to get her settled in, she might trust us a bit more.” He said.


“Alright, I think it would be of some use.” I answered.


“Let’s go!” He said enthusiastically.


“I will catch up with you later Astrid.” I said.


“Okay, have fun.” She said winking at me.


What was that supposed to mean?


We followed Hiccup to a place they called ‘The Dome’.


“When our friend Heather was staying with us we found that swapping riders worked with her dragon.” He explained.


Heather. That name brings back memories. My thoughts must have been plastid all over my face because Hiccup put his arm around me.


He said, “Hey, what’s wrong? I’m sure we will work this out. Moonstar will get use to us eventually.”


Even though I hated the idea that I liked having his arm around me, I really did. I felt like I could trust him. I have never been able to actually trust anyone but Moonstar and my brother.


“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just thinking of something else.” I said as a tear started to slip away from my eye.


I wiped it away, I couldn’t cry during this mission. Hiccup noticed the tear and pulled me in for a hug. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop myself from hugging back. I told myself before this whole thing started that I couldn’t make friends or have feelings for anyone, and now that it has began I have broken both my rules. Astrid is turning out to be a great friend already and I am emotionally perplexed about Hiccup. Betrayal destroys bonds more deeply than anything else. I can not deny that my personal emotions are getting mixed up with my business, this isn’t good.


We stayed there hugging for a few minutes, and we probably would have stayed there all day if Moonstar hadn’t had push Hiccup away growling.


Moonstar’s P.O.V


I could see that the hugging was something that was being enjoyed by both, but I wasn’t enjoying it. I love Dusk too much, to let her be distracted. I pushed Hiccup out the way.




I turned to Dusk and she gave me a cuddle and made sure Hiccup was alright. While her and Hiccup were talking, Toothface came up to me.


“Hello Moonstar!” he said cheerily.


“What is it Toothface?” I grunted.


“I just wanted to know how you were, and it’s Toothless.” He said happily.


“I am fine and I don’t care!” I hissed.


“I think we could be really good friends.” He said.


I looked at him. I was ready to bite him until he mentioned something else.


“I have never had a friend of my species ever. It is so nice to finally meet another Night Fury after searching for so long.” He said.


When he said this he looked like he was on the verge of tears. I could relate because I have never had a friend of my own species before. I have never even had a dragon friend. I only have Dusk, but maybe that could change. I mean, I could have a temporary friend. That’s something that could happen, right?  


“Hmmm, alright.” I purred.


I swear I have never seen a dragon’s emotion change so fast. He went from severe sadness to joy and happiness in the blink of an eye.


Hiccup’s P.O.V


Dusk and I were trying to figure out ways of getting Moonstar to trust us. I was still taken aback after the emotion that had just been displayed. I hope she will stay with us long enough for me to get to know her.


Dusk and I finally came up with a plan. Dusk was going to show Moonstar that she could trust me, as we turned around we saw Moonstar and Toothless playing.


“I wonder how Toothless earned her trust?” Dusk enquired.


“Well if he can do it I am sure I can.” I smiled at her.


Dusk called Moonstar over. I could tell she was still wary of me. She crept up bearing her teeth.


“No girl, it’s okay. Hiccup is a friend.” Dusk said putting her hand on my shoulder which made me blush.


She looked at me and smiled, which made me blush even more. Her smile was so enchanting. I smiled back which strangely enough made her blush.


Why did she blush?


Moonstar crept up to me, looked me in the eye, she grunted and she back to play with toothless.


“Well at least she didn’t growl.” I said.


“Yeah, I guess so.” Dusk said.


“Maybe we could try again tomorrow?” I suggested.


Dusk nodded and we both sat down and watched our two dragons play with one another as the sun began to set. The colours in the sky mesmerised me and I could see Dusk was taken aback by them too. I put my arm around her again.


Dusk’s P.O.V


Hiccup put his arm around me which made me feel tingly inside. I knew things were going to be extremely difficult if anything was to come about this, especially if my brother found out. I didn’t want to move, it was so comforting, although I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this and it is not part of the plan I couldn’t just get up and walk away. I instead sat with Hiccup and we watched our dragons play as the sky turned to dusk and the stars came out to perform. 

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