Water & Fire

How could someone so breathtaking be so fatal.

Dusk is an 18-year-old girl who loves her dragon whole-heartedly. She meets Hiccup when escaping the captured of a psychopath who is a common enemy to most. Romance glistens and friendship flourishes as they tackle enemies and protect ‘Dragons Edge’, but is all as it seems?


1. S T R A N G E R

Hiccup's P.O.V

I woke up to birds chirping. It was beautiful... for five-seconds. I was greeted by a huge whack in the face. It was Toothless, he was rearing for our morning flight.  

“All right Bud let me get some breakfast first!" Toothless grunted obligingly.

 I walked downstairs and grabbed some fish. I grabbed two salmons for the morning flight. One perch for my breakfast and two brown trout for Toothless. I cooked my perch over the fire. After a couple minutes it was done and I munched away at it. Toothless devoured his in three-seconds. After I had finished breakfast I packed the fish and the water canteens for the morning flight. Toothless was ready to go so I mounted him and off we flew. I left a note on the door of my hut incase anyone was wondering where I had gone.

Toothless and I were flying rapidly through the air. We swooped and twirled through the cloudless sky.

 "Good job Bud." Toothless gave me his famous toothless smile.

We continued gliding for a while until my attention was caught on something in the near distance. It was a ship. Not just any ship, a Berserker ship. 

Dusk's P.O.V

I awoke in a dark, damp, intimidating cell in a monstrous ship. I didn’t know how long I had been unconscious for, my head was in excruciating pain, dry blood cracked from the wound on the back of my head. It was Dagur's ship. I don't know what he had done with my dragon, I need to find her, but I have no idea how. IIf he lays a finger on her I will destroy him. I could not live without Moonstar she is my everything, she has been there when others haven’t. I need to free her.

Moonstar is unique, not just because of our how connected we are, but because she is an extremely rare dragon, she is a Diamond Dragon. Diamond dragons are alphas but they only lead their own species and can not manipulate or control other dragons. No one, expect me knows of their existence. Each species has their leader but, Diamond Dragons are the ultimate sovereign of their species. Each Diamond dragon posses an element. My dragon is water. She can spit ice from her tail and ice spines from her wings, create snow storms and thunder storms that can last for centuries. She can breathe underwater and shoot freezing cold water to stun her enemies. She can create whirl pools and tidal waves with her wings, and she has this cool move where she dives into the water and blusters out, elevating into the sky. Water explodes around her like a volcano of salt, creating waves as big as a tsunami, protecting her from all kinds of enemy fire.

She is also part Skrill so she can further control lightning and send volts of electricity through the water, electrocuting anyone that dare challenges her. She is a Diamond Night Fury. The most powerful of all dragons. I named her Moonstar because she is a bright cyan blue, but, she can change to black to camouflage with the royal sky. She has piercing ice blue eyes.

If he lays a finger on her, my wrath will be felt.


I have been staring at the ceiling for hours, contemplating how I can escape and save my beloved dragon. Suddenly an unbearable sounding blast shatters through the roof of the ship.

"Oh my Gods!” I yell.

My attention was drawn to the fact that the blast had shaped and remolded pieces of wood into razor-edged fragments of wreckage that protruded into my cell. I stumbled over to the key of my escape. I hacked away at the rope binding my arms behind my back. The wood worked smoothly to free my arms. That idiot Dagur didn't search me for weapons. I grappled for my knives, hidden in my boots. The concentration of the two guards originally placed on either side of my cell, had been purloined due to the unfathomable blast.

 I crept towards the section of the ship where dragons were held hostage. I noticed a highly guarded dragon proof cage. Guards surrounded Moonstar on all sides, I snuck up to the inattentive guards, none of them were concentrating on the task at hand. They were instead, joking and chatting, laughing at each other’s foolish actions. I navigated my way around them stealthy, pick pocketing the sacred key to the prison.

I was motioning for Moonstar to remain still just until their attention was captivated on something else, anything else. I stepped forward, an antique sounding creak shook the comedic air. I stepped on the broken plank! How could I forget?

“Oi!” One of the guards shouted.

I’m caught! I closed my eyes preparing for the impact of their annoyance at my interruption. I waited. Nothing. I opened one eye and saw the guards bolting towards someone on the other side of the ship. I could make out that it was a male but I couldn’t see any distinguishing features and thus I couldn’t tell who it was but it was the perfect distraction. I moved towards the cage, unlocking it and freed Moonstar, signaling for her to be quiet.

I turned back towards where I last saw the mysterious figure, he had knocked out all the guards. Next to him was his dragon which fused with the deepness of the night sky.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, thanks for helping me free my dragon.” I said, as his presence was my much needed distraction.

“No problem.” He smiled, his face dusted with a blush.

He walked towards the hatch, signally for me to follow. He strolled out onto the deck, motioning for me to stop behind him. Dagur spoke to him in a hostile tone.  

"Brother you came! I was waiting for you!"

"What do you want Dagur?"

"Can't brothers spend quality time together?"

Their conversation continued on, I crept onto the deck. The wooden floor was creaky so I had to be extra careful. I made Moonstar stay down the hatch. The unknown boy saw me crouching behind Dagur. I put my finger to my lips, motioning for him to remain silent. I swooped my leg under Dagur and he fell with a hard thud on the ground.

"Run!" I shouted.

Moonstar jumped out from the hatch ready for battle. It was at that moment I realized this peculiar boy rode a Night Fury. Moonstar is the only Night Fury that I knew existed.

He must have noticed Moonstar because he started stuttering, " I-I-Is that a N-Night Fu..." 

"Yes, but there is not time for talking! We need to leave now!" I demanded, as I took off from the elderly planks of the deck.

He caught up to me eventually, our night furies dancing among the stars in the sky.

“So, I’m Hiccup and this is Toothless. What exactly is your dragon and who are you?” he questioned.

“I’m Dusk and this is Moonstar.” I replied.

I explained the details of Moonstar’s species. He was taken a back. I found myself staring into his forest green eyes. They were like giant emeralds. He continued talking but I was lost.

I thought to myself, “Dusk what is wrong with you? You need to focus on the mission at hand! This is no time for romance or friendship!!

I face palmed at the thought of distraction. He looked surprised at my sudden act of severity.  

"What?" I smiled as Moonstar dashed ahead.

Hiccup's P.O.V 

She told me all about her astonishing dragon. I had never heard of, nor come across a Diamond dragon before. I was thrilled at this discovery of a new species, particularly because it involved a Night Fury. She finished explaining her great adventures with Moonstar, I contemplated if there are more Night Furies. I took in her appearance, looking at her hair, it was bright cyan. It was intriguing. I wondered how her hair was such an electric, captivating color. I focused my attention on her eyes which matched her hair, searching past the surface. They were so enchanting and charming.

“She is beautiful. Where did she come from?” I thought.

My thoughts were broken as Dusk intensely face palmed. I wondered if it was because of something I had said or my lack of knowledge regarding her dragon.

“What?” She smiled. Her smile made me blush.

What is wrong with me?


Dusk's P.O.V

We landed on an island called ‘Dragon's Edge’. It was breathtaking. There were huts on perches connected with bridges and zip lines. Hiccup introduced everyone to me

"This is Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs, Astrid and Snotlout.” He motioned.

“And Guys this is..." He cutely blushed

No Dusk no.

 "…Dusk, and this is her dragon Moonstar.” He said.

“Hey Dusk, so you me forest date.” Snotlout winked.

Hiccup glared at him. I ignored him and kicked him in the gut. A small tear crept from his eye.

"I like this girl." Astrid said high fiving me.

Everyone crowed around Moonstar. I explained to them what she was and how she was mistreated when she was young, they were all flabbergasted.

Moonstar growled as they edged closer to her. They were in awe of her majestic power. She created barrier of ice spikes around her and I.

"Sorry. She is not use to other people,” I said.

"That’s okay, we will work with her.  She looks tired, maybe we should take her to the stables.” Hiccup commented.

"I don't know she usually stays with me." I said.

"It’s getting late. You can stay with me. I’m sure Moonstar and Stormfly can share a stable." Astrid said.

Toothless looked disappointed. They split up and went to their own huts. I followed Astrid to hers where I would be sleeping on the couch for the night.


I woke up to the cries of Moonstar, I left the hut to go see what was wrong.

This. This was going to be a challenge…



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