My Life As Maya

In this story there is a girl called Maya, she has been best friends with a guy called Kevin and they end up falling for each other but this girl called Natasha hates Maya because Natasha likes Kevin only for looks but Maya likes Kevin because of his personality. Just read it and it will make more sense. There might be a few grammar mistakes in here so please don't like...i don't know just warning you all.

Kira xxx


1. Snowy Fun !!!

Hi, my names Maya and i live with my mom in a small but comfy house, if you are wondering my Dad has gone off to fight for our country but he was supposed to be back four years ago so i think we know what has happend.....

Anyway,  i don't have any friends but i have one best friend called Kevin, we have been friends since we where two years old and we have been inseparable since then, and i don't plan on loosing our friendship EVER! Enough of that, hears my story....


I was on my way over to Kevin's house when i noticed something strange in the snow, i couldn't help but investigate. I picked it up, a small white stone, i looked at my watch and then i realised i was late so i belted it all the way to Kevin's house. When i got there Kevin was standing outside. ''Maya your late'' he said with a grin, ''sorry i got distracted again'' I said, ''well i'm not in the least bit surprised'' he laughed,''c'mon we're gunna be late'' i laughed softly.

On the way to school (15 minutes later)

''so what did you get distracted by?'' asked Kevin, ''i'm not sure, its like a weird rock'' looking intrigued, i pulled out the stone from my pocket, ''wow your such a geek'' he laughed, ''HEY, remember who use to collect my little ponies!'' I said, ''y-you didn't tell anybody did you?'' he said nervously, ''of course not but i still can!'' i said laughing, he through a snowball at me laughing, so i threw an even bigger one at him. We ended up being late for school but it was worth it,i got to see my best friend getting

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