Her family betrayed us, she can never be forgiven


1. arora

The moon glowed dimly, a silver-like disc hanging in the tar black sky. The young elves pariah walked through the eerie silent forest. She lifted her face, letting the light and shadows dance across her face as her misty grey eyes gleamed in happiness. She had returned back home where the rivers flew and the air smelt of honey and grass unlike the rotting smell of dead bodies she was used to back at the Orcs lair. She knew no one wanted her back but the enchanted forest beckoned her back into its pulsing heart. How could anyone resist such thriving Garden of the Elves and the merry song they sang? The deep, unforgettable ballad of their ancient song called from inside the trees. With a light heart, she plunged into the chorus singing quietly, letting the words fly through her heart and lighten up her mood. She thought she was singly quietly but they heard. The merry notes and the harmonious tones came to the halt and they peered out suspiciously from between trees, glared, and whispered as they recognise who it was.

“The witch is back “She heard one of the ladies shout

“Why does she always come back, doesn’t she know she’s not wanted” A man bellowed menacingly

“Her family betrayed us, she cannot be forgiven .if it was not from Galadriel i would have killed that scum and her family personally “Yelled a drunken warrior

She felt like her heart had been ripped apart. Suddenly there was an aura of depression around her. A state of despair that she could not see herself through that will never stop and which ripped her soul and ruined her happiness. A giant storm of loneliness and despair thundered in her heart and she knew nothing would ever be the same, since the day her parents betrayed the elves community and sided up with the Orcs. She will never be welcomed not with her own kin’s and apparently, not with the Orcs that would always be suspicious and hateful towards her.

She plastered a sly smile on her face and took out her knife from her belt swaying it menacingly around which panicked the elves and sent them into frenzy. She laughed at their foolishness then all of a sudden; she could not hold back her tears. Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in a constant stream. She held back the seething avalanche of tears and washed away her anger.

Her name is “adora” the beloved one and she will find a way to become just that.


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