Luring Jim out with the ozh'esta

Four times Spock started the ozh'esta when he lost track of Jim and the one time McCoy called him out on it


4. Party

I had to under go three variations of this chapter to keep in Pavel and McCoy in the same chapter not split up from Jim. 1, underwater but split up with Spock with Pavel and McCoy accidentally getting lost. The idea became too grand to do. 2, McCoy and Pavel stranded in a cave. 3, McCoy and Pavel abducted by Romulans.  

This wrestling was well worth it.

Nemiayo na' telvan.

Thank you for reading.


Before McCoy knew it, Spock and Jim had weaseled the man into their union. They ramped up their flirting and complimenting him since the incident on the planet. Just to show how much they cared for him. Spock and Jim waited for the doctor to recover in sick bay. They gave him the right amount of personal space. They were nice to him. They made him feel like a prince. And they showered him with love whenever they got the chance. He didn't know at what point they entered boyfriend stage, then to engagement state, and to husbands state. It all felt natural and organic but highly surreal.  The stardate was 2275. The final year together in space as a family aboard the Enterprise. McCoy hadn't thought of what to do with himself after the mission concluded.

"Bones, it will be fun," Jim said.

"The last time you said that, I nearly lost a leg," McCoy said.

"This is not dangerous," Jim said

"Spock, tell him," McCoy  said.

"It was a entertaining day for the two of you," Spock said.

"Yes!" Jim said.

"No, it was not!" McCoy argued back. "You ended up facin' off against an alien civilization that worshipped a machine that was holding me hostage in its big, tight cold servos," the doctor shuddered at the memory coming back while rubbing his shoulders. "and I had scars for weeks afterwards."

"Your scars were beauty marks," Spock said.

"They were not bad," Jim agreed.

"I don't know what universe y'all livin' in but it wasn't," McCoy said, as Jim went over to Pavel.

The feel of the metal against his ribcage. Restraining his breathing. Nearly crushing his ribs as the grip came tighter and tighter. His diaphragm being constricted. His breath becoming short.  It was more of a 'I am going to kill this human if you do not comply' rather than a hostage kind of situation. It was all too vivid. Spock reached his two fingers out to the doctor's hands and lightly touched it sending a image of Spock pinning McCoy against the wall on a a full on make out kissing along his neck while his free hand was on the man's side. McCoy was sexually aroused feeling his skin grow warm and his dick harden. McCoy wanted to tear off the man's clothes and---McCoy's eyes bolted in the direction of Spock. This was different. If anything, he sent back comfort through their bond.  Pavel was talking to the head of security. McCoy had a look of realization.

Spock had revealed he was on the onset of Pon Farr.

"Good god man," McCoy said. "you could have told me that earlier."

"You were busy," Spock said.

"In a pigs eye, I was!" McCoy said. "I was not busy."

"You were filing out paperwork," Spock said.

"It was a crossword puzzle," McCoy said, as his eyebrow twitched and he bounced on his toes angerly.

"Pardon me, but I hear one of the scientists would like to speak with me," Spock said, walking off.

"Pointy eared green hobgoblin thinks a crossword puzzle is paperwork," McCoy grumbled to himself. "I will show him what paperwork is."

McCoy's attention was diverted to a young, pleasant attractive and tall man with spikes covering his dark skinned body. The man was humanoid in nature with six fingers instead of five that held a plate holding several glasses. McCoy was in a black suit that outlined his female like figure.  He had a blue shirt that was part of the outfit while Jim's shirt variation was gold and Spock had a deeper shade of blue. The doctor smiled as our view turned to the small group that had Jim and Pavel.

"And getting the culprit out will be easy," Pavel finished.  "don't you agree, kaptain?" Jim nodded.

"Easy," Jim said, with a nod.

The Contastian, Mrs Elric, frowned.

"This. . . destructive. . . person has been thwarting our attempts to send a person out there into space and test. . . the very important. . .crucial . . . part of warp drive," Elric said. She had curled thorns dotting the parts of her body that were revealed in the long red dress that fit her tank figure.  We notice Spock wearing a black beanie that covered the tips of his pointy green ears.  "are you sure the federal government is funding for this lure?"

"Ve are sure," Pavel said, then he took a sip from the glass.

"It won't be long until you fulfill the mission of this undertaking," Jim said.

"And then, you won't need us once that is accomplished," Pavel said.

"Are you sure, Mr Admiral?" Elric asked.

"Pretty sure," Pavel said. "because then. . . well. . . the federal government can get down to business with the outsiders."

"You'll have a footnote in history," Jim said.

"Denny Crane, and The Admiral," Elrics said. "you will be remembered."

"You don't have to put our full name," Pavel said. It was Jim's idea for his name and Pavel specifically picked The Admiral because he looked forward to be one. A dream that would take a lot of hard work to reach.  

"But I must!" Elric said.

"You don't," Jim said.

"The Admiral makes a terrible name to put down," Pavel added.

"You look like a Tavel Luzerike'eich ," Elric said, looking toward the Russian.

"Mr Crane," McCoy said, taking the man by the arm away from the conversation. "I have somethin' to talk about with you." Jim flashed a radiating smile back at the man.

"Mr Kelley.. . ." Jim started to say

"This can't be talked with a engineer," McCoy said, glaring at the captain.   Jim turned toward the two.

"We will be right back," Jim said.

The pair went out to the balcony away from the crowd. There were beautiful sounds made by the crickets. There were two moons in the night sky. The Enterprise was one of the moving stars in the distance. There were several houses in the distance. Powerlines dangling from pole to pole. It looked like Earth from the 21st century. There were cars that had fronts that resembled cats. Trucks that had dog like characteristics highly reminiscent of the trucks back on Earth. Nothing was very different except physically. Jim leaned against the rail enjoying the cool, warm air. There were a few clouds in the sky.

"Look at it," Jim said. He looked back toward the doctor. "beautiful, is it?"

"It is," McCoy said, by the man's side.

"We never stay this long, willingly, to enjoy the surroundings," Jim thought out loud.

"Oh yes, you do," McCoy said. "Need I remind you the plants you bring back for Hikaru?"

"You don't need to, Bones," Jim said.

"Jim," McCoy said. "I think Spock's. . er. . ." Jim straightened up, appearing concerned.

"What about Spock?" Jim said.

"He,  is in, how do I . . .  put this delicately?" McCoy said. "oh wait, I can't."

"Don't put it delicately," Jim said.

"It's been seven years since our first five year mission," McCoy said.

"Eight, actually,"  Jim said, with a smile as he held the glass to his lips.

"Seven years, Jim," McCoy said. "take a hint." Jim spat out what he had drank.

"Mr Spock?" Jim said, feigning disbelief. "on a away mission knowingly compromised?"  He was bewildered. "Why would he not tell me?"

"Because he thought one of us was busy," McCoy said.

"That does sound like something Spock would do," Jim said.

"Get Spock and go to the nearest room. I don't care, closet, janitors closet, guest room," McCoy said. "Spock needs you."

"But Bones---" Jim started, placing his drink on the flat concrete rail.

"Someone is goin' to get hurt and they need me more than you do satisfyin' the man," McCoy interjected. "There is always next time, plumb." Jim placed his hands on the doctors slender shoulder.

"This conversation is not over," Jim said. "Doctor."

"Yes, it is," McCoy said, as Jim let go and picked up the glass then headed his way back inside.

McCoy looked in the distance observing the beautiful scenery. The scene panned over to Pavel. Young and bright, his hair brown, as a thirty year old. He was watching his friends age from graceful, bright people before his eyes and it was happening slowly enough day by day that it wasn't noticable. But this was their golden years. Everyone was enjoying their lives and their careers. Pavel was shaking hands with Elric's wife complimenting on how well she had taken care of the scientist. The Contasian smiled, nodding her head back, Jim came to Spock's side holding his two fingers out and Spock returned the gesture. Everything was going smoothly to plan.

"Mr Crane and Mr Crane," The reporter asked. "can you tell me how monumental this is?"

"It is great, historically the greatest event in the Contasian history," Spock said. His thoughts were all ready on getting Jim rid of the clothes. His sexual fantasy was unraveling in his minds eye to satisfy himself. Even before the ozh'esta was shared between the two men. "if there is life outside then they must be logical, sound beings who come in peace," the reporter jotted down on a large notepad. "life changing for everyone involved."

"It won't change for us," Jim said.

"What is your jobs again?" The reporter asked.
"Federal agents," Jim said.

"Very special federal agents," Spock added, as their fingers intertwined together standing side by side. The squeeze of Jim's figures against Spock's palm made the sweat come down the Vulcan's green skin. Spock's cheeks turned a dark shade of green. Spock restrained himself physically using his Vulcan strength. Warmth transpired through the bond between the two men.

We should get a room, k'diwa t'nash-veh, Jim told Spock.

"I didn't know they made a department for agents," The reporter said.

After the culprit is caught, Spock replied. 

"Under special," Jim said, nodding.

Pavel can take care of this, Jim said as the reporter rattled on about several departments. Bones does not need you pushing Pon Farr to the side.

Will he join us?,  Spock raised his eyebrow.

Someone has to be on the look out others do not get hurt, Jim replied looking over toward the Vulcan flirtatiously. His words, not mine. He smiled at the Vulcan.

"Oh look!" The reporter said.

All the Contasians in the room faced in the direction of the drifting down like shuttle craft. McCoy entered back with a empty glass. He thanked the waiter putting his glass on the silver platter. He looked up to see the gray wide machine that resembled more of a van without wheels. There were gasps in the room as Spock and Jim started to make their way out of the ballroom. The crystal line material decorated the machine. The windows were translucent not  at all sturdy. McCoy recognized the windows as the same glass that he had sipped out of because one, the glass appeared to be thin. Two, the glass could easily be broken. And third, it didn't appear as though they had added a third layer of protective shield. The mission would be doomed without a protector.

"This is the Sonic Pod modeled after my wife's vehicle," Elric explained. Her wife was in a pretty pink, flowery dress that reached down to her shoes with flowers that were soft and fluffy. She wore white jewelry around her neck.  "It is large enough for a soccer mother to sneak her children in and head into space given that it does not experience counterbalance." There was a roar of laughter around the woman. "It may also revolutionize the transportation industry as we know it. Which historically will change everyone's lives just like the invention of electricity, cars, and electronics!"

The spotlight turned in the direction of a group of men and women who had different shades of black.

"My colleagues, soley responsible for the creation of this sonic pod, are: Andrew'iech, Heleiv Vokornen, Jessieve Pottolen, Tomalov  Luzerike'eich, Britnie Lehoptilen, and  Korinstho Luzerike'eich!" Pavel noticed a woman taking a small device out of the dark purple purse strapped to her shoulder. He started to make his way away. "I would also like to thank Denny Crane, Nimoy Crane, De Kelley, and Tavel Luzerike'eich for the round of support!" There was a round of applause as the short woman in the crowd took her gun like device.  McCoy noticed the Russian speeding through the crowd.

"Pardon me, go by me me, love from Mother Russia passing through!" Pavel said, as all eyes laid on the running figure.

"GLAH HEIO DUE GLAVEN GLAVELL!" The woman shouted.

That roughly translated to "THEY WILL KILL US ALL" in another language native to the planet Constas. She fired at the window setting the machine ablaze. People hurdled their way toward the doors as she fired at the support beams. Pavel pounced on the woman setting her down to the floor. Parts of the ceiling fell landing on the visitors. McCoy ran to the aid of the fallen civilian then lifted the wall material off and helped the man up to his feet. Elric screamed in horror seeing her lives work falling apart before her very eyes. The sonic Pod crashed to the floor as support beams were coming down. Elric was taken by the shoulder by her wife who lead her out. First contact would not happen.  The large sea of people went past the restroom doors where Jim was about to go in to the men's room. He didn't have a say.

Pavel turned the woman over swearing in Russian. He slipped the cuffs on to the thorny woman.

"You are under arrest for promoting isolation, terrorism, and vandalism," Pavel said.

"Mr Chekov!" McCoy shouted. "Get out of here!"

"YHOCHI DEKODI LEWOIE DEO GLA DEE!" The woman screamed, as Pavel tossed her over his shoulder.  

That was also a series of expletive save for glaa stood for 'you'. Pavel went past the doctor. McCoy made sure the other occupants were getting out of the ball room. He saw a Constasian underneath moving, visibly, among the flames. McCoy speeded over in the direction of the stuck  Constasian. Spock came through the doorway appearing not at all surprised.  McCoy was soothing the Constasian down as he tried to lift the support beam up from the man's lower half. The Constasian screamed in agony. Spock quickly walked over lifting up the support beam. McCoy slid the Constasian out from underneath the support beam.

"Thank you," The Constasian said, in a low voice.

Spock dropped the support beam  then helped McCoy with the unusually heavy alien like man. McCoy looked over scanning for any more sights of injured or traumatized people. His head turned away toward the doorway where the three went through. The trio fled out of the building joining the crowd of people lurking outside the building watching the flames flicker out of the windows. McCoy and Spock laid the Constasian onto the bench.

Elric looked back determined at the blaze.

"I have a spare," Elric said, leaned onto the shoulder of her silent wife.  "thank the stars for  making a back up."

McCoy turned in the direction of the crowd looking around for Jim.

Pavel joined the group appearing to be concerned.

"Did the kaptain join you?" Pavel asked.

"He is around here, somewhere," McCoy said. "just wait for it."

Pavel raised his eyebrows.

"Vait for vhat, doctor?" Pavel asked.

Spock raised his two fingers out and then a black and golden light went past the two men returning the gesture. A small smile curled on the edge of the Vulcan's face to see the captain, again.

"That," McCoy said. 

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