Luring Jim out with the ozh'esta

Four times Spock started the ozh'esta when he lost track of Jim and the one time McCoy called him out on it


3. Mountain

The stardate was 2273. McCoy and Spock were fleeing from the large beast. The beast was a unusual lifeform that the Enterprise crew had ever came across. One that never of its like had been seen before. The planet was capable of sustaining life but this kind of lifeform threatened the very life of those who could call it home. McCoy and Spock hid behind the boulder. McCoy was pinned to the ground by the Vulcan who were towering over him. It was hilarious. They never ended up this way before. McCoy frowned. It was Jim and Spock who usually got separated from the doctor not Spock and McCoy. Jim and Pavel were somewhere else hiding from the beast. Helene DeMaster had been killed by the beast while serving as distraction to let the two men escape.

"Well, that's a compromising position we landed in," McCoy wistfully whistled.

"Be silent, doctor," Spock ordered. 

McCoy glared back at the Vulcan.

"I will be quiet when---" McCoy stopped once he heard the ground tremble beneath his body.

The beasts large tusks drifted above Spock's back then it raised up. McCoy could see the massive scales set along the beasts body. The large elephant like trunk felt around on his back. How was he doing it? Preventing himself from moving at the touch of another being. The beast was a blind creature that relied on sound and feeling with its trunk. It felt around Spock's thigh. Now he should have moved then uncomfortably. Suddenly, the beast turned away running away from the two. McCoy heard the ground shaking beneath him, loudly, and powerfully.  McCoy's eyes widened as the space beneath him fell. The ground giving a loud, obnoxious roar. Instantly his life flashed before him as his body started to fall from the Vulcan. Spock reached out grabbing McCoy by the hand, squeezing it, tightly then yanked him back landing in mirrored compromising position between the two men. McCoy's heart was racing. He could have died. Right before the Vulcan's eyes. The doctor moved himself to the side. 

"Why you just saved my life," McCoy said.

"I am expandable, and you are not," Spock replied. McCoy rolled an eye.

"Uh huh, enough of that rankin' bull shit," McCoy said, propping himself up.  He stood up noticing that there was a wide gap, a valley of the sorts, far from where they had been originally. McCoy was about to take his communicator out when a thought occurred to the man. "Say. . . ." the doctor paused earning a eyebrow raise. "can you feel Jim?"

"He is irked and anxious," Spock said.

"That's our Jim," McCoy said.

"Mr Chekov is trying his best to comfort him," Spock said.

"When is that ion storm supposed to go away?" McCoy asked.

"Nine hours," Spock said.

"Unstable planet with terrible storms," McCoy said. "just our luck."

"It is very rare we find ourselves alone on away missions," Spock said.

"Rare?" McCoy said. "I have you know I orchestrate the greatest split ups since the last time we were split together."

"I do not believe so," Spock said.

"Believe so," McCoy said. "with the right wordin', I can have myself partnered up with a security officer instead than with Jimothy," McCoy and Spock made their climb down the valley. It was unsafe to be on the surface during a storm. "and yes, I do manipulate him. Just for my sake only."

"Doctor, that is quite unfair of you," Spock acknowledged.

"Hey!" McCoy said. "At least it comes to your advantage."

"May I note the chances of security officers dying on away missions and you being killed with them?" Spock inquired.

"Nope," McCoy said. McCoy started to fall forward as his hand slipped. Spock reached one hand forward stopping him from falling. "You are a science officer, Spock, not a security officer and ya don't count at all."

"Statically, you will not die around officers in blue and golden shirts," Spock said.

"Oh come on," McCoy gained his footing in the rock once leaning forward grabbing into the nearest holes. "you are tellin' me that people just join the security track to die?" he looked over his shoulder in the direction of the Vulcan. "Because Pavel has not died yet."

"That is because he is important in the life of the command crew," Spock said. "they know what they were getting to."

"What if I became a security officer instead of a doctor?" McCoy asked.

"Doctor, doctor," Spock said. "that thinking will get you no where."

"I would never have met you or Jim," McCoy said. "imagine those kids, all of them, meeting people like you two and thrivin' under it,"  the doctor was right, the Enterprise was a family friendly place with a atmosphere that promoted personal growth and carrying on duties as normal. "or servin' on away missions with you more than once."

"So you have thrived under the captain's command?" Spock inquired.

"You have," McCoy said.

"This is not about me," Spock said. "it is about you."

"The person who has benefited the most has been Jim and you," McCoy said. "I have not benefited."

McCoy was being illogical, going off the walls.

"I thought you have," Spock said.

"Bite me!" McCoy retorted.

"Highly illogical," Spock commented. "admit it, doctor, you are more likely to die if surrounded by security officers."

"Over my dead body," McCoy replied.

"You are alive," Spock said. "logically, that means you have thrived in the captain's environment."

"Shut up," McCoy said.

Which was unusual for the doctor to think about the other security officers and the statistics that they are more likely to die than anyone else on starships. But it was only because Spock had spelled it out for him. Spock looked over his shoulder toward the ground to see how far they had left. He was thankful that  the doctor hadn't opted out on becoming a security officer because that would not have been his cup of tea.  Sweet tea, to be exact.  It would have been him drinking coffee. McCoy would not have liked the field as there was constant danger. It was admitting a terrible existence but one well spent protecting the lives of others. McCoy saved lives not protected them.

The numbers regarding the loss of star fleet personnel said it  to Spock: security officers are 1701% more likely than anyone else to die on a away mission.  Scotty had been injured on their last away mission that resulted in the loss of three security officers. McCoy was part of the team while Jim and Spock were not. The bridge had been tense while waiting for word from one of them to hear if they lost one of them. Jim was round up and tight regarding the idea of losing one of them or both of them. It visibly broke his adun's heart. Internally, more so, than externally. The two continued their climb down. Suddenly, Spock realized that he didn't have another hole to kick his feet in. The ground was too hard. He had the strength of three men but this was tougher. Like. . . This used to be part of a building. It was too late when his hand let go. McCoy looked over, his eyes widening. Spock noticed the broken glass as he fell. It was a fascinating observation. Spock closed his eyes hearing McCoy shouting his name. T'hy'la, taluhk nash-veh k'du, Spock communicated through their bond. He experienced confusion return followed by Jim's voice calling his name out in their bond. He felt arms wrap around his waist.

And then there was a loud, bone cracking crash.

McCoy landing first suffering most of the injuries first then his arms let go of the Vulcan landing to his side. Spock landed across from the human getting his uniform torn. McCoy's eyes struggled to open. His body was working overtime. He felt around for the Vulcan to feel him laid to his side. His eyes opened feeling no pain. He took out a wrap of gauze then wrapped around his legs to stop the bleeding. The body was capable of many things such as not allowing the body to feel pain until it was in safe hands. He didn't notice the cuts and scars on his torn sleeves. He didn't notice that he had long cuts along his back. Normally no one would survive that fall but a miracle was on McCoy's side. He felt a bead of blood coming down the side of his head.

McCoy took out his ticorder then scanned for injuries while checking a heart beat.

"Good," McCoy said. He looked up to see the clouds were gathering. He moved the tricorder back into his knapsack "It seems using myself as your pillow worked," McCoy wrapped gauze around his head in a steady circle highly aware that he may be the victim of some fractures and to keep himself from bleeding out. "Why, Spock, it seems there is hope for you, yet."

McCoy looked over to see that across was what appeared to be a door.

One that was covered in weeds.

Tree branches were hooked along it.

McCoy closed his eyes then reopened them. The last storm earlier was nerve wrecking. Spock and Jim had each other other to cling to. McCoy and Pavel just sat side by side under the large tree waiting out the storm. He crawled to the side of the Vulcan then slid him forward. Spock's eyes were closed. He was entirely focused on bringing Spock into the inside of the building. He finally realized that they were in the middle of a street. He saw a bridge up ahead that was cracked in half with rails dangling underneath it that were small and thin to the human eye from the distance. Several shapes of crushed cars. What appeared to be a motorcycle let in the middle of the road. A tipped over well persevered bus that had crashed in through a store building. Fire hydrants in a dotted line along what was the pavement.  

He grabbed the Vulcan by the shoulders then lifted him up.  

Damn, Spock was heavy.

No wonder Jim hit the gym often.

He had to be prepared for instances like this---McCoy should start building muscle.

But getting stuck with Spock only happened rarely.

And besides, he was a doctor not a athlete.  

"Damn it, Spock,"  McCoy said.  

McCoy grabbed the Vulcan by the shirt collar then dragged him with. McCoy had to pause and give him self rest. He finally reached the door after what felt like half an hour. He yanked the door open.  He slid himself in yanking Spock with. McCoy had to give it all he had. Spock's boot got caught in between the two doors. McCoy yanked the Vulcan further into the building sliding him out of the tight boot. There was a loud, ear splitting boom. McCoy dragged the  Vulcan further until they reached a desk.  McCoy collapsed to the floor looking up to see  perfectly preserved ceiling. He needed to rest. That he had to. McCoy's eyes slowly closed. He could take a nap for a minute or two. When his eyes opened again, he could only hear rain gently landing outside. McCoy propped himself up against the wooden surface.

"You know how people admit to their feelin's in cliche end-of-the-world ordeals?" McCoy asked. "I have nothin' to admit."

The doctor looked around.

"Maybe one thin' I can admit," McCoy said. "just seein' the two of you . . .  together  . . . makes me happy."

The  doctor smiled.

"I was wron' . . . when I said  . . . you didn't have love in your book," McCoy said.  It was painful to speak let alone breath. How many ribs did he break? Or bones for that matter? "I know that. . . but it was said to appease  . . . your logical half," he gently pat on the Vulcan's knee. "Remember when . . . we were stranded . . .  in the forest?" The doctor had a pause gaining his breath. It was a long pase.  "Look at us," McCoy had a painful laugh. "I am repayin' the favor!"

McCoy glared over toward the  Vulcan.

"You better start  . . . . askin' to be slapped . . ." McCoy painfully said.  "or god help me . .   yankin' ya . . .  out of your heaven."

Minutes trickled by.

McCoy watched the Vulcan's chest rise up and down.

Any moment it could stop in motion resting down

"Slap me,"  Spock finally requested.

McCoy slapped the Vulcan at the face.

"That is . . . for fallin' . . . off the cliff!" McCoy said.

The Vulcan's eyes remained shut.








McCoy gave a hard slap. Spock's brown eyes slowly opened and there was a flicker of recognition in the Vulcan's normally emotional eyes. McCoy was sat beside the Vulcan then sighed in relief that he didn't suffer any memory loss. He leaned away. He took out the small tricorder scanning the man for any abnormal diseases or bacterial infection. He looked back at the small device to see that it indicated he was perfectly healthy save for the scars. He put it back into his knapsack.  

"Doctor?" Spock said. "What did you do?"

"I saved your green ass," McCoy said. He gave a tired, painful smile. "that is what I did." McCoy briefly closed his eyes then reopened them.

"You did not have to do that," Spock said.

"For Jim's sake, I had to," McCoy said. "imagine . . . . what he  . . . would do  . . . without you."

"Are you on painkillers?"  Spock asked.

"No, Spock," McCoy said. "it is . . .  a natural . . . miracle of the. . . human body."

"You are not in pain," Spock said.

"Not yet . . .  for. . .  the moment," McCoy's eyes winced.

"Fascinating," Spock said, sounding intrigued.

"And don't you start purrin'," McCoy said. Spock's eyebrows raised.

"But they would help your bones," Spock said.

"Illogical or not," McCoy said. "your boot is in the doorway," Spock's eyes went to the direction that McCoy's went. Light was pouring in. "Jim and the rescue team will find us."

Spock noticed several wheelchairs at the other doorway across from them.

"This used to be a hospital," Spock said.

"Yes," McCoy said.

"You need to be lyin' down and recovering, doctor," Spock said.

"No, no,no," McCoy said. "we are not . . .  havin' a repeat  . . . of last time."

"Doctor, it is logical to increase the healing process in a safe manner," Spock said.

"I am healin'," McCoy said.

"Jim does not believe that is appropriate," Spock said.  McCoy winced.

"I believe my pain's comin'," McCoy took the Vulcan's forearm. "if I don't make it . . ."

"You will make it," Spock said.

"Not thinkin' . . .  of the inevitable  . . ."  McCoy said.  "is how you get past a man plausibly on his death bed?"

"It is logical as you are not," Spock said. He took out a hypospray then read the name out loud. He applied it to the man's neck. Spock paused, his hands brushing against the skin of the doctor seeing the long cuts. ". . . You need extensive medical attention, doctor."

"I am fine," McCoy said, as the hypo hissed against his neck. "if you were with a security officer with little to no medical training then you would be dead," he pointed at the Vulcan's chest with his index finger. "Not me. Because I, frankly, am too busy makin' no one dies on my watch while you go out explorin' into the unknown."

Spock nodded.

"Following after the captain," Spock said.

"And I won't always be there for you two," McCoy said, while the Vulcan put the hypospray away. "one day you will go out at once," he cleared his throat. "Some nights I have vivid dreams of you two goin' on  a away mission without me,  never comin' back, and waitin' weeks. . . and wishin'. . . just hopin' that you two come back. And then I wake up." the doctors voice was shaky and emotional. The doctor wiped a tear off. "But  I know, puttin' you two together, you can get out of any situation the universe puts you in."

Spock stared at the doctor, in the silence as the rain had lightened up, almost through his soul. McCoy waited for the Vulcan to say something, anything, about his illogical and irrational nightmares. To tell him that it was a illogical thought.  Spock placed his two fingers on the doctor's wrist while wearing the emotionless mask. Spock's emotions betrayed that demeanor. McCoy felt emotions that were not his feelings such as gratitude and sympathy. The feelings were pure and sincere. Taluhk etek du, Spock's deep, rich voice carried through the doctor's mind.

Then he could hear Jim's voice clear as day even though he wasn't there, I love you, Bones.

McCoy heard a purring sound coming from the Vulcan.

McCoy's eyes slowly started to close.  

"Rest," Spock said.

"I am glad that I met you, hobgoblin," McCoy's vision turned dark as the last thing he saw was Spock's face.

"As do I," Spock replied, as the deep soothing purring lured him to sleep.

 McCoy saw his life passing him as though it were through a film. From the beginning, to the middle, and then to the best parts. It went fast as it went through his life complete with background music that had lyrics. A upbeat, fitting song. Everyone's lives that he had touched and saved. There was even a moving picture of Spock and Jim dancing. A memory that he loved to replay. Perhaps, it wasn't a bad life after all. Loving Spock and Jim. It wasn't a bad life. It was a odd dream that he experienced. He drifted forward toward the bright life in his dream to see what that part of his dream was heading toward. A firm hand grabbed his wrist yanking him away from the light. His eyes opened to see Spock sitting in front of the doctor with a hand on the side of his face. The dream faded from his mind. Everything was foggy and the exact details were no longer vivid.

"Ya can not stand bein' awake without me," McCoy said.

"Indeed," Spock said, taking his hand away.  "you were having a disturbing dream." Oh, great, it was a nightmare.

"What kind of dream was it?" McCoy asked.

"If nightmares could talk, then this one would talk a lot," Spock replied as he sat down alongside the human. "I prefer not to say."

"Saw my worst fear come true," McCoy said. He noticed daylight was entering as his vision was cloudy and dark. He felt weak. His body was screaming in pain. It was as though his entire body was on fire. McCoy realized that he wasn't leaned against the wall but on a hard surface laid on his back. He could see the light pouring into the dark room through the window. The damn hobgoblin had moved his body. Spock was not wearing his blue jacket. "I understand."

"Vulcans do not dream," Spock said.

"I always thought Vulcans did," McCoy said.

"Negative," Spock said. "when I close my eyes all I see is darkness and feel cold."

"But now, that you are sleepin' with Jim," McCoy said.

"I feel warm," Spock said. "there is an unknown factor missing. . . And it bothers Jim."

McCoy's eyes were heavy.

"You will find out what that is," McCoy said.

"We are considering leaving Star Fleet and beginning a family after the five year mission," Spock said.  McCoy had a short laugh.

"I will throw a party for you two," McCoy said, then he coughed. "but I do not think Jim can accept bein' earth bound."

"We will not be planet side," Spock said.

"Huh?" McCoy asked, raising an eyebrow.

"There is a assignment from Star Fleet," Spock explained. "They offered it to us around three months and eighteen days ago," Spock looked over in the direction of the doctor. "it is . . . unfortunately. . . classified."

"Well, looks like I am retirin' in  few years," McCoy said. "we will probably cross paths again."

"There is a chance, Leonard," Spock said.

McCoy coughed, feeling the Vulcan's warm hand placed onto his shoulder. He felt sick. He just wanted to curl up and die there. But he had a feeling that Spock would not allow that to happen. Jim wouldn't allow that to happen. Not even Christine Chapel. Not even the nurses in sick bay who were different from the ones that he served with so long ago. It felt like yesterday that there were familiar faces. Christine was the only familiar face who worked in sick bay.

"Thank you, Spock," McCoy said, tiredly and painfully. Never in a million years did he think that he would thank for a Vulcan for anything but their bed side manner. Only for their positive thoughts.

"Negative," Spock said. Spock held his two fingers to his side and a familiar golden sleeve came forward completing the gesture. "thank you."

"Doctor!" McCoy heard Pavel's voice as he returned into the dark void.

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