You ruined me (re-write)

Ray, a 16 year old girl with the confidence of a mouse. Throughout high school years she becomes more and more confident, but what will happen to her progress when she meets two teenage boys who she doesn't realise will change her life for the better or thats what we all think. With two teen boys who have faces like angels you would have thought that they wouldn't harm a fly, maybe you thought wrong?


1. chapter 1

Friday, the last day of the week. This is the day I always look forward to. With exams out of the way and no more drama, I can finally stay up all night watching movies and eat what ever I want. I would probably say that from Friday to Sunday are my cheat days, it's always good to treat yourself and that's what I do every weekend.

My eyes shoot open as my alarm clock divides me from my slumber, without hesitation I slam my hand against the stupid alarm and the noise is finally gone. I could feel my eye lids begin to close once again but then as my luck disappears I could hear my mum from down stair, I could hear her and my older brother argue back and forth and I knew from that point in I had to move or else she'll have my head off as well.

I pull my warm covers off my lifeless body and that's when the cold hits my bare flesh, I instantly regret doing that. I try to pull my body to sit up on my bed but instantly fail as I fall back down, I try for the second time and I finally succeed. I then quickly stand to my feet the soft carpet wedged between my toes, I shuffle over to my wardrobe debating on what I should wear for the last day. I finally settle on a black adidas jumper and my blue ripped skinny jeans I then head over to the bathroom I glance at the mirror to look at my reflection; not a pretty sight. I quickly apply my makeup first I applied my concealer then I powdered my face then I added some bronzer and highlighter and then I finished with mascara and a nude lipstick to top it all off.

When I step off the bottom step I could see my older brother sitting on the sofa playing Fifa, I instantly knew that he won the argument with mum which means she isn't going to be in a good mood. I enter the kitchen and see mum leaning on the counter she doesn't hear me come through and I just let her be, I grab my Moschino bag and a banana for when I'm walking to school. I pass through the living room but my brother isn't anywhere to be seen I prism it off and walk over to the shoe rack and grab my adidas all stars, shoving them onto my feet.

I unlock the door and the cool air hits me, it was cold but not to cold. I start to walk down the road to school and I could hear music blasting from behind me, my head turns to see what it was and my face met with another but male (obviously) there was another male who sat right next to him, they looked similar. They sped down the road in their orange jaguar, the music faded slowly.

As I arrived at the school gates I met up with my best friend Jamie, we both walked made small talk but it was soon interrupted by the bell. We both part different ways to go to our classes, I had English. My English teacher miss hooks was a nice young lady but she was boring sometimes, and today was one of those times. She spoke about writing our assessments and how we will be presenting them when we are done, suddenly the class fell quiet as two teenage boys walked through, whispers where heard around the room "who are they?" And "they're fit".

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