A unique love story.


7. 7

When Rajesh landed at the Rajamandi railway station of Agra Salim was already on the platform.

Rajesh was carrying a VIP suitcase.

 Salim asked Rajesh, "Is your suitcase heavy?  Shall I help? "

"Why? Are you stronger than I?"

"Hey, I have simply asked, " Salim said.

"If you did not intend to help, then why asked?," Rajesh joked.

“You have grown quite clever. Haven’t you? Salim said.

Rajesh - "When did you return from home?"

Salim - "I arrived this morning"

So far they had come out of the station.

They sat on the first cycle rickshaw, they found empty. Rajesh placed his suitcase near his feet.

The rickshaw puller was a lanky middle-aged man. He had grown a beard and had his head wrapped with a thin cotton towel. Sometimes Rajesh used to inquire fare of rickshaw or auto rickshaw before the journey, but he did not ask about fare this time. He felt sympathy with the poor cycle rickshaw puller  and decided he would give him whatever fare he wound charge.

The rickshaw wala asked, "Where to go, sir?”

Rajesh said, “ SP hostel.”

The rickshaw driver mounted his seat and pedalled down. His calf muscles bulged with every contraction while cycling the rickshaw.

It was about four o'clock in the evening. The rickshaw moved slowly through  the crowded marketplace.

The hostel was not far. In less than half an hour they reached there.

The Rickshaw-man demanded Rs 25. Rajesh gave 30 Rupees. He fished for 5 Rupee coin to return. Rajesh said, "Brother, no matter, you keep that."

The rickshaw-man touched the coin with his forehead and put it into his shirt pocket  He thanked Rajesh and went forward in search of a new passenger.

Rajesh and Salim entered the hostel with the suitcase.

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