A unique love story.


6. 6

Rajesh reached the bus station early. He looked around to find something to kill time. There appeared on the far side a bookstall. He thought of ​​buying a magazine.

"Brother Rajesh!" Someone called out to him from behind. The voice was familiar. He turned back and found Ruchi, and a beautiful but strange girl  coming forward.

Ruchi was almost two years younger to him. Before moving from Jhansi to Lalitpur Ruchi had lived on the first floor of Rajesh’s house as a tenant. He always treated  her as his sister.

"You guys are here?" Rajesh asked with a surprise.

Ruchi replied, "We came to visit the fort of Rani Lakshmi Bai. "

She introduced the other girl, "Brother, this is my friend, Geeta."

" Geeta, he is my brother Rajesh."

 Geeta folder her both hands in Namaste. Rajesh said,” hello” and added with a smile, "My crazy sister's such a good friend."

He said it to tease Ruchi.

"What is this Bro?" She gently pinched Rajesh’s arm and everybody laughed.

 Geeta blushed and remained silent.

Ruchi " You said it right brother. My friend is really good. "

Rajesh asked Geeta about her home and studies. She shyly answered his questions.

In a short while the bus to Lalitpur arrived. Rajesh helped load their luggage onto the bus and stood there until the bus started to move. Ruchi and  Geeta waved their hands, bidding goodbye. Rajesh also bade them adieu. Before long the bus left Rajesh far behind.

The next moment the bus from Jalaun arrived there. Rajesh boarded the bus and reached to his uncle before he could get off his seat. He touched his feet and took his bag on his shoulder, and helped him to disembark the bus.

Just after getting off the bus uncle and asked Rajesh, "Aren’t you staying in Agra?"

Rajesh said, "Yes, I came for Dussehra vacation.

While talking, they arrived at the autorickshaw stand. They hired an auto rickshaw up to Rajesh’s house.



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