A unique love story.


5. 5

At night at dinner table father asked Rajesh, "How is your study going on?. "

"Good," Rajesh replied.

Rajesh's father Ramesh Chandra was an Ayurvedic doctor. He ran a clinic at Seepri, a suburb slightly away from the city. His only son, Rajesh, was studying BSc from Agra.

Rajesh had passed 12th class from a local Inter College. He could do further studies also in a local degree college, but his father wanted to teach him at Delhi or Allahabad for better career prospects. But Rajesh, despite having 75% marks in 12th did not get admission in a reputed college or university of Allahabad or Delhi. Ramesh Chandra sent him to Agra. He wished Rajesh to pass BSc with an excellent grade and go to  the University of Allahabad for further studies.

He repeated again today, "Rajesh, you should do further studies at the University of Allahabad."

"Yes, papa," Rajesh replied. But the way the well-known colleges and universities raising cut off marks every year for admission Rajesh was afraid that he was going to be able to fulfill the dream of his father or not.

"Are you for for two or three days?"  father asked Rajesh.

"Yes, a week's holiday," Rajesh answered.

"Tomorrow evening, Bhaisab  is coming from Jalaun by  bus. You go to receive him, "Papa said to Rajesh.

"Is uncle coming alone?" Rajesh asked.

Papa said, "Yes."

"Well, I'll receive him."


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