A unique love story.


4. 4

On the Dussehra day Rajesh was at his home in Jhansi. His house was situated at a place called Pachkuiyan, which was near the fort of the queen of Jhansi. In the afternoon Rajesh and one of his friends Rajendra went to the castle ground to view the burning of the Demon King Ravana in effigy. A vast crowd had assembled there to witness the rite. Both the friends moved through the crowd in search of a place from where they could see the enactment of the final battle between Lord Rama and Ravana and thereafter torching of Ravan’s effigy properly.

Rajendra said, "We sit up on the hilly base of the fort. From there, we will have a better view of all the action on the ground.”

Rajesh said, "Come."

There were many people on the hill also. Both advanced on the hill through the crowd. They climbed  higher up on the hill and got perched on a rock. From there one could see the entire field  easily. It was about six o'clock in the evening. They were on the northwestern part of the hill. The rampart of the fort started a few feet above and behind them. As the sun was going down to the western horizon, its rays were moving up the  wall of the fort towards the top of it. The effigies of the demon king Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna and son Meghnada looked large enough. But the people away on the ground looked dwarfed from that height. Still, they clearly heard the dialogues and commentaries of the Ram-Leela through the loudspeaker system. At last Lord Rama killed Ravana and the Three effigies burned along with fireworks. The people returned to their homes.

Rajesh and Rajendra  also got up. It was rather late in the evening. They both cautiously climbed down the hill and walked towards their houses.




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