A unique love story.


3. 3

In the evening while returning from badminton practice Salim asked, "Will you go to Jhansi on Dussehra?" Rajesh belonged to Jhansi.

"Yes, I will. Why? " Rajesh informed and asked.

"I'm also thinking of going to my native place Etawah."

"Oh, missing Shabnam?." Rajesh joked.

Shabnam was a neighbor and distant relative of Salim. Salim secretly loved her but could not yet have the courage to declare his love.

"I will surely meet her," said Salim.

"Now's the time to get some voice," Rajesh said with a smile.

"This time definitely," Salim asserted.

Rajesh laughed and said, "Even if nothing happens bro, you come back. The University sports will be held immediately after the holidays, and study is also equally important. "

"Bro, I promise, I will come back," Salim replied and laughed.

Salim asked Rajesh, "Holidays starting from tomorrow, What is your program?"

Rajesh - "I will go to Jhansi by Jhelum Express.”

Salim - "I'll also catch a train to Aita city tomorrow morning.”

While talking they did not realize when they reached the hostel. Both went to their rooms.




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