A unique love story.


2. 2

Rajesh was a good  badminton player and used to play at the nearby indoor stadium. Salim could not play so well, but he also accompanied Rajesh and played for fitness sake.

One day Rajesh saw a notice on the board requesting willing students to register their names for selection to the various sports teams of the college.

The willing students had to give their names to the sports officer Professor Varma.

Rajesh Salim both enlisted for badminton.

Salim had known many things except that Madhu was a badminton player.

Rajesh was excited on seeing Madhu at the selection- venue.

Incidentally, for the men’s badminton team Rajesh and Salim and for the women’s team Madhu and Seema were selected. The selected players shook hands and complimented each other.

Rajesh and Madhu also shook hands and greeted each other,

"Congrats. "


They only exchanged greetings that day..

 The next day Rajesh happened to meet Madhu outside the Library.

Rajesh said, "Hello. "

Madhu smiled and said, "Hello. "

"Had come to pick up a book?" He asked.

"Yes, but not found." Madhu replied.

Rajesh - "Do you urgently need that book? Can I help in any way? "

Madhu - "The Book will be available tomorrow in the library. Today I shall borrow it from a friend"

Rajesh - "How is badminton practice?"

Madhu - " Going on well. Where do you practice it?”

Rajesh - "Indoor stadium, and you?

Madhu - "I'm playing at my father’s club.

It was time for classes so both said ‘bye’ to each other and went to their classes

Prof. Asthana had already reached the class and  was writing on the blackboard. Rajesh sat quietly in his seat next to Salim. Salim whispered, "Where were you left?"

Rajesh, placing a finger on his lips, pointed Salim to remain silent.

Prof. Asthana did not tolerate conversation during the class lecture.

Mr Asthana’s lecture on quantum physics continued. Rajesh and Salim felt it boring. As Mr Asthana finished the lecture and left the class. Salim turned to Rajesh.

Salim - "Now tell me what happened?"

Rajesh - "Today I met Madhu outside of the library.

Salim - "talked?"

Rajesh - "Yes. "

"Bravo, what did she say?" Salim asked animatedly.

Rajesh told Salim about the brief conversation he had with Madhu.

Salim said, "Great.”

The next period was of mathematics. They saw Prof. Pandey  coming so they went to the classroom and sat down.





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