A unique love story.


1. 1

Agra 1993

When Rajesh reached Agra College gate, he found Salim standing there.

 Salim said, "Rajesh you are just a minute late.”

Rajesh said, "I've come at my usual time. What is strange today? "

Salim, "Madhu just went inside."

Rajesh, "Who is Madhu?"

Salim, "The girl, who has driven the college boys crazy.”

Rajesh, "How is your madness?

Salim, "Man, I have already laid down my arms. Such a beautiful and intelligent girl will not even look at me. "

Rajesh, "Anyway, let's go to class."

Both went to  the classroom  and sat down.

In the interval, Salim said, "Come, let us go and see her."

Rajesh- "Where?"

"Biology department, her class is there." Salim said.

 Rajesh said, "If you say, come on."

They walked past the chemistry wing and came in front of the Biology Department. His luck was good. Madhu and a few other girls were sitting on the steps leading to the building.

Salim said softly, "Look at the stairway. "

Rajesh looked that way.

 Salim said softly, "pink scarf.”

Rajesh  had already lost in the charm of the girl wearing pink scarf.

Her sharp features, bob cut hair, white Salwar suit and  pink scarf  showed her somewhat different from the girls sitting  around.

Rajesh gazed at Madhu. When the girls looked at him, he took his eyes off her and walked  away.

Rajesh and Salim went a little further and returned. But the girls had gone away.

Rajesh and Salim  headed for their Maths department. They went to  their classroom and sat down.

After college  time Rajesh went back to his hostel room.  For quite a while he continued to think about Madhu.

Salim arrived there in the evening. Both went for a walk along the street.

While walking Rajesh said to Salim, "Madhu, is really beautiful."

Salim, "She is not just beautiful, but intelligent as well. "

Rajesh - "Intelligent? How do you know?" Pretty girls need not necessarily be clever. "

Salim- "I've heard her talk to the principal. What a fluent English! "

Rajesh, "A fool of England also speaks English. "

Salim, "No, man. She is a topper. "

Rajesh, "Is she?

Salim - "She has come from Kanpur. She was topper of her school there. Her father is an Air Force officer. Her father was transferred here. "

Rajesh-"You have gathered great information! How?"

Salim - "My cousin Ayesha  is studying in her class. She told me so.”

Both came walking far away from the hostel.

Rajesh said, "Let's go back. "

The two walked  back to the hostel.

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