Be Better To You

After being Hanji's guinea pig for a crucial experiment that could effect all of the remaining human population, Mikasa experiences some rapid mood swings and...transformations. When Eren, who's known for treating her a bit too rashly sometimes, finds out that this experiment may have dramatically shortened her life, if not completely ruined it, he reconsiders his actions and emotions toward her. I DON'T OWN ANY IMAGES IN THIS FANFIC OR AoT! Enjoy!


1. Be Better To You

A/N: Hey, everyone! This isn't my fav ship because I feel like Eren and Mikasa have a more sibling-like relationship, but I think the pairing is sorta cute so why not write about it? And about Levihan... I was just writing this, then somehow the ship got involved idk XD I honestly wouldn't mind if these ships became canon! Anyway, if this fanfic gets enough attention, maybe I'll add more??? Hehehehehehe... >:) Like, fav, comment, share, follow me, and all that jazz! Enjoy!


    The young Ackerman girl sat patiently on the still, brown wooden bed inside of the examination room as Hanji carefully inserted a needle inside of her arm. She was very tolerant of the pain as expected, not flinching flinching even once as the needle stuck her. Hanji gently pressed down on the plunger of the small, plastic syringe, pushing the light green liquid from the barrel to the needle, and into the raven-haired girl's arm. When she was done she slowly slid the needle out, leaving a small throbbing sensation there. She then rummaged around in the small, first aid kit next to her and Mikasa, pulling out a two tiny cloths, rubbing alcohol, and tape. She poured a bit of the chemical on one of the cloths, cleaned the spot on Mikasa's pale white arm where a bit of blood was starting to bubble up, and taped the other cloth to the same spot, firmly pressing on it to ensure that it was secure.

  "Thank you for volunteering to help me with this experiment, Mikasa," the questionable scientist gratuitously said, her signature disturbing grin forming on her lips as the sun glared down on her glasses through the clean window on the other side of the room. Mikasa calmly nodded in a simple response. "If my calculations are correct, you should be able to transform into a titan like Eren if need be. Then," her eyebrows deviously narrowed, a nerve wracking kind of pleasure from the many theories brewing in her screwy mind. The young Asian girl remained indifferent as usual, "I can finally confirm what kind of genetic makeup titans have and find their weak spot!" She turned away from Mikasa, throwing her arms up dramatically to the heavens in ecstasy. "Then, I will be deemed the "Queen of Titans"!"

    Mikasa simply rose from the table and left the room, asking no questions. Hanji immediately snapped out of her twisted fantasies and began to briskly follow her.

  "Mikasa! Mikasa, wait! We still have to run s'more tests!" she cried, frantically whipping her head around in all directions to search for the mysterious girl in the empty halls. "Mika-Umph!" Her calls were abruptly silenced as she accidentally bumped heads with a short, stern man.

  "Agh!" Levi clutched his head as it began to painfully throb from the impact with Hanji's head. Hanji whimpered and held her head as she now lied on the floor. He firmly pressed his strapped boot into her chest so she couldn't squirm. "What's got you running around and yelling like a moron this time, you excitable idiot?" he snarled.

  "Your daughter-" she paused and awkwardly corrected herself, "er-I mean-Mikasa, ran off before I could finish my experimentation with her for the day. This is a crucial study, Captain!" she reasoned.

    He lifted his foot from her chest and helped her back up.

  "Then, it's best that she gets a break in between tests before you start mercilessly probing her and involving her in your sick fantasies again."

  "They're not sick!" she defensively squealed as he walked in the other direction. "They're prophecies!..." Then, she angrily mumbled, quite butt-hurt by his insensitive comments. "Shortie."

    He rolled his eyes at her insult and kept walking. "In terms of height, I may fall short, but in reading between the lines you fall shorter."

  "Wha-! How did you-?!" she gasped, surprised by his amazing sense of hearing. "What am I supposed to understand that's not directly being told to me, then, smartypants?! That you treat me so badly because you love me and don't know how to express it in a healthy way like a bratty kid?!" she devilishly grinned, feeling pretty proud of her clever comeback.

    And that was when he finally stopped and turned back around, walking slowly yet ominously back towards her. Each step made her heart beat seconds faster with fear. He knelt down before her and took her hand, lightly grasping the fingertip of her rubber glove with his pearly whites. Her breathing came to a halt as her cheeks became extremely pale. He ripped the glove from her hand and gently pressed his angelically soft, pink lips on her warm, plush skin. She uncontrollably let out the beginning of a high pitched squeal, but managed to hold the rest of it back. He ended the kiss and looked into her eyes, right through her. Icy chills ran up her spine, yet her body was hotter than a desert.

"Now, you're getting it, sweetheart," he sarcastically said to her before he rose back up and left once again.

    Hanji happily squealed and bounced around like a toddler in a candy store, until she had a big realization.

  "No!" she wailed. "There isn't room for a "King of Titans"!"


    She found Eren sitting quietly in his room, his head buried in between his knees.

  "Eren!" She ran to him concerned and knelt down beside him, comfortingly rubbing his back. "Is everything alright?"

    He swiftly looked up, a nasty fire blazing in his emerald eyes. Then, he slapped her hand away.

  "I'm tired of you acting like you're my mom, Mikasa!" he snapped, slapping her hand away. "Will you leave me alone for once?! Geez!"

    Her expression returned to its usual blankness as she solemnly nodded and rose back up, turning to leave.

  "Wait, Mikasa..." his tone of voice softened, showed remorse even. This wasn't like the regular, overprotective girl he always knew; no matter how much he yelled at her and pushed her away she usually would never listen and would just keep overwhelming him!

  Did she just...give up? he wondered, guilt rising quickly inside him. Did I go too far this time?!

    Her eyes twitched as a sharp pain continuously struck her jaws and the top of her head. The sound of his voice now irked her horribly as she stood in the doorway of the room.

  "You're dead to me, Yeager," she spat, not even turning her head back to see his distraught wide eyes and fallen jaw. "And so is the promise that I made to your mother. You can burn for all I care." Her voice became progressively deeper and more monstrous as she continued. "I go through Hell and back just to make sure your bratty, undeserving *ss gets to see another sunrise, and I get nothing but your sh*tty attitude in return!"

    He swallowed hard and tried to hold back his gasp as two, large horns grew from her scalp atop her head! She swiftly turned around, revealing two, long fangs (like that of an extinct tiger) extruding from her mouth.

  "I'm done, Eren Yeager!"

  "Mikas-" He didn't have time to try and calm her down before she lunged right for him. He rolled out of her reach and instinctively snatched a machete from a nearby table. He managed to get to his feet and point the end of the sharp, rusty weapon at her before she could aggressively strike again. "Mikasa, what the h*ll happened to you?!"

  "Go on, stab me!" she taunted him, psychotically smirking and ignoring his question. "Destroy all of the memories of us collecting sticks as kids and walking through town we made together!" She chuckled, "Remember that day you saved me from those human traffickers, Eren?" He was so shocked by her sudden transformation that he was at a loss for words. "You can't stand to lose all that, can you? You don't have the guts!" she barked. He reeled the knife back, threatening to stab her.

  "Mikasa, please snap out of it!" he pleaded.

  "I don't have to snap out of it!" she yelled. "Why don't you just transform into a Titan and kill me that way?! Hmmm?..." She rose an eyebrow for extra effect. "Or are you still not feeling man enough to end me right here and now?!"

    She saw this as an opportune time to strike again and clamped her long and powerful fangs down into his arm that held the knife. He howled and fell to his knees, his whole body paralyzed by unbearable pain. Seconds later, her jaws' vice grip on his arm loosened, allowing the pain to set in and spiral throughout his body even worse than before. A shocked Hanji and Captain Levi stood behind the fallen girl as her newly grown fangs and horns retracted back into her body. Hanji placed her syringe, that had the sedative she'd injected into Mikasa just a moment earlier, down on the table next to her and was furiously scribbling notes down into her notebook. The inquisitive woman then knelt down next to Mikasa and began poking and closely examining the girl. Mikasa looked as if she were in a total daze, unaware of what had just happened as she gazed up aimlessly at the ceiling.

    Eren, whom was still in shock from Mikasa's recent bestial actions, could only keep his eyes on her as Captain Levi quickly escorted him out of the room before he lost too much blood.

  Mikasa... I'm so sorry...

One Hour Later...

  "Awwww, she has your murderous, vindictive glare, Levi!" 

    He flicked the scientist on her nose, earning a high-pitched whimper and slowly approached the unstable, yet completely still Asian girl, who sat on her knees in the dirt as the sun beamed down on all three of them. Her petrifying black eyes wouldn't leave Hanji or Levi as they studied her intently.

  "No daughter of mine would be lovesick over some stupid titan boy, who can't control his emotions." He squatted down to Mikasa, meeting her at eye level. "She hates my guts anyway." He rose his finger before her eyes and moved it from side to side. Her eyes wouldn't budge. "How'd that little weirdo piss her off in the first place?"

"I'll go fetch Eren, and see if he can answer that question. At least, now we know that her powers are triggered by emotional impulses," Hanji said, leaving the small gated area in the outdoors portion of HQ to go find the boy. She stopped in the doorway of the gate, not turning around. "I hope that that good little bite she gave him taught him how to treat a girl; I ran s'more tests on the serum I gave her, and it seems that she'll be dead by 20." And with that, she was gone.

  Aw, c'mon! Her bottom lip puckered as she began to pout over her failed experiment. Little Ms. Dead-Inside didn't turn into a titan, and now the process of me rising to the throne and ruling over all titan-kind will take longer to begin! I really had a good feeling about this test run. Her eyebrow rose with from the emergence of a new idea. Then again... I can use her new transformation to our advantage against the titans. She may only be a small girl, but she has intelligence that closely resembles Armin's and have the tools and resources to turn her into my very own Frankenstein! She mischievously chortled. Only better of course...

    She found Eren speaking with Armin and the others in the dining hall. He still looked very traumatized as he spoke. When he saw Hanji nearing them all, he sprung up from his seat at one of the tables and darted right over to her, totally ignoring the intense pain each vibration from his movements caused in his arm that currently rested in a sling.

  "Is Mikasa okay?! Where is she?!" he asked in a panic, tightly grasping the woman's shoulder.

    Connie, Sasha, and Reiner lightly teased the concerned young man:

  "Oooh! Look at little Loverboy!" "Kissy! Kissy! Kissy!" "Have fun makin' whoopee tonight, Eren!"

  "He's not man enough to bump uglies with her, and neither does he deserve to do so!" Jean spat with an angered smirk.

    Eren ignored them all as Hanji took him outside to the back of the cafeteria.

  "Eren," she spoke in a serious tone, her facial expression matching that of cold, hard stone. "I apologize, Eren. I believe that the serum I injected into Mikasa not only failed at what it supposed to do, but it also took approximately sixty years off her life. I suggest you begin treating her better than you have in the past, starting now. She's behind the dorms in captivity right now."

    His jaw dropped and his cheeks went completely pale as he slowly backed away from her.

  "D*MN YOU!"

    He furiously shoved past her and went sprinting in the direction the dorms.


  "Listen, Mikasa," the man spoke softly to her, so softly that you wouldn't have known it was Levi, "if you do so happen to be my daughter, I wouldn't want to have a...strained relationship with you, like we already do, and I just want to say that you would be the best, d*mn daughter anyone could have." He reached for her hands, only to snatch them back when she tried to aggressively scratch at them. "Erhm, anyway, you're an amazing soldier, and you've never disappointed me since the day you joined the Survey Corps." He looked away, attempting to fight off an intense blush. "I apologize for my absence in your life and all of the hardships you've been through." He reached for her hand again. She hesitantly snatched her hand away, but soon relaxed and allowed him to hold it after a minute of fighting against more hesitance. He looked deeply into her eyes with empathy. "A girl like you shouldn't have to go through so much for so little in return." His grip became a little tighter on her hand. "You tell me the next time that little bastard mistreats you and I'll slit his throat-"


    Eren burst through the gates of the containment area and went straight for Mikasa, completely ignoring the protective captain. He fell before her and tightly wrapped his good arm around her, tears streaming down his cheeks.

  "Mikasa! I'm sorry!" he whispered to her. "I such a f*cking idiot! I promise I'll treat you better!"

    She returned the hug, surprising all three of her comrades.

  "Eren, I'm sorry too," she whispered to him. "I..." She hid her head in his shoulder with shame. "I broke the promise I made with your mother. I deserve to die..."

  "Don't say that!" he yelled. Then, he parted the hug and took her into an aggressively sloppy, yet passionate kiss. Levi ran to get his swords as Hanji scribbled down every little detail.

    He then ended the kiss and held their foreheads together.

  "Mikasa, please don't go," he sniffled.

  "E-Eren," she shyly mumbled, "what do you mean?"


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