Raised by Wolves

Howl was tossed out by his mother and father when born and put up to adoption. Many family's adopted him, but but Howl back when they saw the terrible wolf ears and tail the boy had. At 5 Howl had enough of being owned and disowned and ran into the woods where he found where he belonged. But when humans start to cut down the woods Howl lives in, what will he do?


1. Prologue

"Here you go! A healthy little boy!" A nurse exclaimed happily then frowned slightly. "oh my.." She muttered staring down at the newborn baby boy. What the nurse had noticed is a small tail towards the boys tailbone. She shook her head softly and thought it was a little deformed like a teenage boy who had a tail of skin and bones.

"Can i see her?" A soft voice asked and the nurse looked up from the infant to see the mother smiling with her hands out. "Oh yes dear." the nurse said and grabbed a baby blue blanket after wiping the blood from the babies face and giving him to his mother.

"And it's a boy, ma'm." The nurse repeated and the mother looked horrified and looked down at the newborn in horror. "I wanted a girl!" She exclaimed loudly making the baby wail out from his mother's loud voice. The mother looked over to her husband and pointed a pink fingernail at him. "This is your fault!" she accused. The father shook his head softly and looked at their baby in confusion. He looked up to the nurse who was looking at the mother in shock.

"Why are his ears so small?" The father asked. The nurse shrugged her shoulders, "He must be deformed." she said simply. The father nodded but signed. Great, a angry wife and now a unwanted, deformed child. What could make this worse? The father thought bitterly.

"I don't want it." The mother hissed, "I hate it." She held out the baby to the nurse. "Put it for adoption." She commanded and the father and nurse looked shocked. Why would she want her first child up for adoption just for being a little deformed and a boy? The child couldn't control his gender!

"B-But ma'm! Are you sure? I mean, it was just born!" She nurse cried out. "Give it a second thought, please." To be honest, she nurse just didn't want it in the hospital with the other babies. Not one bit.

''No, i do not want this, this.....Thing in my life! Take it!" The woman screamed shoving the crying baby in her arms roughly, making the nurse stumble. The nurse finally nodded and held the baby with false care.

"If you wish, ma'm.'' She muttered and stalked out of the pure white room and into the hallway where she dropped the baby off in the section where the other small infants were put and wrapped in a pink or blue blanket. The nurse took off the baby blue blanket and put a midnight black blanket around the child, who had fallen asleep during the walk and put him in an empty bed with plastic sides with holes.

The nurse looked at the so called 'deformed' baby once more and left the room.  

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