Raised by Wolves

Howl was tossed out by his mother and father when born and put up to adoption. Many family's adopted him, but but Howl back when they saw the terrible wolf ears and tail the boy had. At 5 Howl had enough of being owned and disowned and ran into the woods where he found where he belonged. But when humans start to cut down the woods Howl lives in, what will he do?


2. Chapter One: Adoption

The day I was adopted was the exact opposite of being happy. I never liked the other kids or adults, they told me what to do and hurt me. I don't like being hurt. I'm broken enough. I was picked on by younger and older kids because of what they called my 'deformed' body parts. I didn't have normal ears on the side of my head, I had large, furry ears on top of my head. I also had a long, fluffy tail coming from my lower back and unnatural sharp canines. Well, it was like all my teeth were canines. All my teeth were long and sharp, most people said it was like a dogs teeth or something along that line. Right now, i'm being adopted again only because I had my tail and ears hidden in my over-sized jacket and my brown hair.

"Oh honey! Isn't he the cutest thing!" My new 'mother' squealed loudly. My so called 'Father' just crossed his arms and muttered a small 'yeah, sure.' I already didn't like them. From Dorthy's bright pink dress and heels to Josh's black suit and tie.

"Oh sweetie, what's your name?" She bent down in front of me and asked in a baby voice. I huffed and crossed my arms over my jacket. "Don't be shy dear!" She tried to make me talk but I didn't. As I said, I don't like her.

"I know you can talk brat, so talk." Mr. Kono hissed and smacked the back of my head, making me let out a small 'oof' as I stumbled forward a step. Good thing I didn't bump into Dorthy.

"Howl.." I muttered out. I could feel my ears twitching in anger. I was not coming back, nor did I want to go with the new 'family'. Maybe i'll run away. Yeah, that'll do it. But not so soon. I want to see how this family is first.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice Dorthy and Josh already leaving the building.

"Come on dear! Time to go home!" Dorthy called out. Home... I had no home. She was not my home. That house it not my home. I live on my own. Alone.

"Coming.." I whisper dragging my black backpack behind me as I walked to what humans call 'cars' and hopped in. Soon after me, Dorthy and Josh had made it to the house. It was a simple pale blue house with white shutters, pink white and blue flowers littered the bright green grass protected with a pure white fence. I signed.

"You okay dear?" Dorthy asked me. I almost signed at her voice but held back and nodded my head.

"You don't talk much do you, Dear?" asked Dorthy. I only shook my head. "Well that wont do!'' Dorthy declared. Josh nodded in agreement. I tilted my head in what they saw as confusion but was annoyance. Why do they talk so much? Just shut up already.

"Oh No it wont! It wont! We are a very talkative and kind family! We can't have a emo mute child! Now dear, lets get you settled in and go stopping." Dorthy daydreamed. She was so happy about having a kid, but wanted to be the perfect family with a kid that's always playing pretend outside and wearing the brightest clothing, but not a dark emo kid who never talks, and wears a long sleeved black and gray shirt, a 'jacket' that ended at their ribs and jeans. Great.

"Come on dear!" Dorthy smiled grabbing my hand and dragging me inside the house, Josh trailing behind slowly. "Hurry Honey!" She called over her shoulder to her husband. Josh gave out a small 'Hm' and picked up the pace. Inside was a pale pink walls with white flowers and white couches, TV, stairs, table and chairs with a pure white and pink kitchen. Yuck.

Dorthy led me up the stairs and dragged me (And my suitcase) up the stairs into a baby blue room. I hate this room and family already. 

"This is your room dear!" Dorthy smiled and pushed me in. "Now unpack and come downstairs, we are going shopping!" Dorthy exclaimed and ran back down the white stair case. I signed at look around the room.

Baby blue walls, white curtains, blue bed, white dresser and mirror, a toy chest and a bookcase. Eh, it's to bright for my style, I would prefer black, grey and red but alright..I'm leaving this place soon enough. I dragged the suitcase to the center of the room and sat on the white carpet and pulled out my clothing. Soon enough I put all my dark colored clothes into the dresser and walked downstairs. Dorthy was on the couch and Josh on a armchair watching the news.

"Oh dear your down. Josh, honey, we are going shopping now!" She yelled to her husband, grabbed my hand again, and ran out the door. She threw me into the back and sat in the front then started driving to the store, singing 'Somewhere over the rainbow' or something like that. We soon arrived at the store and I gulped. I hate this. 

 Dorthy grabbed me out the car and I glared at her. Dorthy pouted. "Don't make that face at me dear!" She said. 

"I do what I want, when I want, how I want Lady. You are now my mother.'' I growled at her, my glare hardening. "Fine, be that was you ungrateful brat.'' Dorthy hissed and walked inside, me following because I don't know where the hell I was.

"Now dear, lets find some clothes for you!" Dorthy said, back to her normal annoying self. I growled again, baring my teeth at her, but followed her angerly. Dorthy ran over to a rack of clothes and pulled one off and looked at it.

"How about this?" She asked, smiling. It was a light blue shirt with a green dinosaur on it. I shook my head and Dorthy pouted and hung it back up, only to pull down another shirt.

"This?" Dorthy asked hopefully. I shook my head glaring at her again. That was a freaking pink dress! What the hell?! 

"Fine.'' Dorthy pulled down another shirt, this one pink with lighter pink flowers. "Hm?" She asked. "No." I growled. "Okay!" Dorthy put the shirt on her arm with the dress.

Four hours later we left the store, Dorthy had spent over 1,000 dollars on girly clothing. I was sick of this already. When we gt home, I ran up to my room and locked the door behind me. I grabbed a black book bag/Camping bag from under the bed and packed up two outfits I would wear, leaving the rest in the dresser. I could hear Dorthy knocking on the door, trying to get me to open it.

"Howl?" She yelled. "Open this door!" She sounded mad. All well.

One of the outfits I will bring was a black shirt, black pants with a black belt, back shoes, A white rubber bracelet that said in black letters 'KILL' and a Black rubber bracelet with white letter saying 'LONER', 12 black and white thin rubber bracelets, a black beanie, and black and white finger-less gloves made of cotton.

The second outfit was a Black jacket with the sleeves black and red strips and a back hood, gray baggy pants, a rubber bracelet saying 'RESPECT' and a black and red skate board that I strapped on the book bag that I now just put on my back. I hear Josh start yelling with Dorthy to open the door, but I ignored them and opened the window, jumping on the seal and looking down at the jump. Easy enough.

I shook my head roughly and my ears popped out. I reached in my pants and pulled out some scissors and cut a hole in the back of my pants, then pulled my tail through the hole. I heard the door slam open and glanced behind me to see Dorthy wide eyed and Josh standing in shock, I smirked and jumped out the window landing on the grass the seemed to glow in the dark and took off towards the forest quickly.

"HOOOOOOWWL!" I hear Dorthy scream to me. I smirked, showing my sharp teeth that gleamed in the moonlight, and stopped running, slowing to a walk when I was far enough in the woods. I was now alone. Nobody to tell me what to do, how to look or talk. I was free from Mr. Kono, Dorthy and Josh. I was just..



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