The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


19. What if God was One of Us


About: God/Chuck Shurley & Nakhti

Song: What if God is one of us & Only you 

Nakhti has been strolling the park it was calm and gentle in heaven it has been a millennia but on earth it's only been a couple years two or four since the events of changing time for Janelle to have Adam and Brittany had Damien, God fled with the angels to talk about a recent issue with time travel as some have been noticing earth is dying.

She arrived at the bunker seeing Sam and Dean help out with the babies she decided to take Damien for a bit.

"Rachel needs to get here fast, Olivia is driving me crazy," Dean said giving the baby to his grandmother.

"No kidding." She sighed sitting down with him.

On the other side of town, Chuck had come back talk of the city has gone out that 'god walks among us' as loved ones were healed, some brought back, miracles he looked around his creation and gave a smile secretly healing the wounded. Heading towards his safest place the bar looking up he saw Nakhti holding guitar sitting on the stool.

"Now my divine beauty, you know not to touch my stuff especially my guitar." Told her taking off his vest laying it beside him as he sat down.

She didn't speak but boy her eyes were iced anger all over on why he left again she questioned herself, nakhti slowly made her way down after setting the guitar down meeting with him half way of the bar.

His wife scoffed with a laugh "n--not touch your stuff? Like your guitar?"

He got closer to her and nodded pulling her close, however, the fact she wrapped her arms around him a show of anger was in her eyes using her knee kick him as he fell down groaning in pain.

"You fool, really asshole for four years you do this... AGAIN"

"Mm, I don't know what you mean?"

Looking down at him this time she glared "ah for once now you're kneeling to ME, don't pretend anymore Chuck we already went down that road when our son visited you." She told him.

"W--who, Castiel?"

Rolling her eyes he was definitely playing stupid again acting out like he did the first time he ran.

"No Zachariah, oh wait a minute he is dead and this is all your fault."

"What?" He muttered to himself then looked to her "he can be easily brought back." Chuck spoke aloud as she walked around the bar leaving him on the floor in pain.

"Oh yeah? Tell me was letting Lucifer kill Gabriel part of it?" She swiftly turned to face him as he finally got up. "Ugh nevermind you're just like everyone else, husband never changes."

As she was about to leave he zapped them into the bar their safest place a place for them, snapping his fingers again music appeared and a disco ball, he wanted to prove his worth like she did to him.

"Is this some kind of... dance?" She asked.

He walked close to her with a smile

She walked close to him as well.

"You tell me," Chuck said looking at her with a smile and held his hand out.

As they danced one hand on the other his hand on her waist.

As Chuck began to turn her around gently the dance floor showing how much she is worth to him, once the song ended slowly they got closer together beginning to lean in.

The two kissed passionately as it brought back memories of their love and had them stop fighting for once she was hiding something from Chuck and didn't want to tell him, with Brittany's baby coming, it was then out of nowhere a sound went off Chuck felt the weight of his wife fall on him.

"No, no..." his tears fell down his eyes which are weird for god to cry as he held his dying wife.

"Whoops..." ketch smirked and started walking out.

As he left it was very hurting the pain in her back felt like a thousand knives as she bled, forgetting to have her powers but staying here only weakened her as he stroked his wives hair gently, looking up hoping his children could hear the call for help as the tables have turned when god is asking for help this time.

Up in heaven everyone was going crazy up there, Michael held his shoulder where his wings were clipped and heard his mother is dead, then it happened he couldn't feel anything the shattered heart of his vessel wanted to die but now he had to fight as he let his wings out and flew down to earth going to get Lucifer knowing or thinking it was him.

Chuck was ok the floor as Sam and Dean came in shocked to see her there and him sobbing that his wife his dead, without her he can't resurrect, not even his own dead wife.

"Chuck, wha--what happened?" Sam asked kneeling down to see.

Dean knelt down behind him and looked stunned if Castiel was to see this he'd go with her.

"I--I don't know we-- we were dancing and then... He came and shot her in the back."

The two brothers glanced at another looking down at her again.

So is god one of us? Is he a human a shape of an angel above the clouds? We never know but what we do know is to believe in Faith, the truth that he lives among us, so the answer? I believe yes he is one of us with feelings, roaming in a vessel the whole gist. But that's, where it ends here, does it?

Endings are hard,

Janelle looked up her window with a smile knowing her brother Michael is back as he flew down with the sun behind him holding his sword with him.

Or are they?

Lucifer as well flew down to follow his brother making parallel flights around each other like a skydive flapping their wings ready for battle with the British men of letters so it all comes down to this as Janelle looked with a smile up at the sky dropping herself as she flew to join the brothers in this fight.

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