The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


7. They're gone

A/N: Episode took from "we happy few" part 2 of "Fare thee well"

Amara was closer than they thought to get what she always wanted was her brother dead but first, they needed to formulate a plan and they I mean Janelle Castiel (Lucifer in his vessel), Sam, Dean, Chuck or known as 'God' Metatron, Crowley and non-the-least the redhead witch Rowena. In the men of letters, bunker stood the most recent ones needed talking out a plan to take out Amara, even if God didn't want to kill his sister this was a choice before when he locked her away with his archangels a long time ago.

"This is what we will do," instructed Dean "we have to gather everyone."

"I can get Crowley easily," Liv said smiling her wings were small and tucked half an inch as her uncles and fathers.

"Okay good," Dean said looking at everyone.

"I can try and talk to Rowena with Sam." Rachel said but Lucifer who has his brother's vessel spoke up. "I'll go with her." He protested.

"Uhh excuse me I can watch over myself thanks." Rachel said looking at Lucifer.

"Oh, don't worry your whittle boyfriend is safe and sound here." Lucifer mocked her.

"Oh, god." Crowley rolled his eyes here "If I have to hear more from this I wouldn't have heard."

Dean looked up to see Crowley then looked to his team.

"Okay, you guys already know what to do."


Rowena's den:

After arriving the ladies were listing the things they needed and he came up but after getting her the three returned no four who got Rowena a bright light from the amulet came as Janelle looked.

"Dads back." She said as he said off screen with a smile down at his daughter.

"So, we're ready?"

However, up in the rooms, they heard echoes from Amara.

"Try and kill me I'll kill your precious angel, Janelle doesn't even bother and Rachel doesn't get over here unless you want Liv to be without her daddy."

She taunted them and chuckled darkly.

"Come find me all you want but you'll never get me and if you try the archangel dies."

This angered Rachel as she glared "Janelle transport me there, now."

"No not a good idea," Chuck said and stood up in his spot looking down at everyone. "We must stay here."

The fight begins as Amara had come Janelle was outside facing her as aunt and niece faced each other it was going to be a hell of a blood bath much to Crowley's happiness she looked to her aunt then smirked and as she looked up the light of archangels and angels beam of light poured down on her causing a big explosion, then the demons came wrapping around her she struggled to get away.

"Huh not so tough are we now, Aunt." A slight smirk looked at her as Janelle folded her arms. "Crowley!"

On cue, he came out letting out himself to her and as he did she fell right on the car: bruised, cut and hurt Crowley took Janelle's hand and transported her back inside the bunker to which she followed them trying to catch her balance.

"Brother..." She panted walking over to him and Janelle who stood beside him Amara eyed her and held her hand out to her clutching her fists to bring Janelle to her.

"No!" God basically cried out as that was his daughter almost about to get her but she stopped him "Please leave my little girl alone."

"Touching family..." Amara grinned looking between the two, she saw him run to her but then she grabbed his neck lifting him up "No more!" She yelled.

"Aunt Amara no please, let our father go he may have locked you in a cage for billions of years." begged Janelle as God looked down to seeing her "he's sorry."

Amara watched Dean beg for Amara to stop she also looked at her niece and sneered having enough of this, he was hit twice as she had her niece binded next to him as Janelle stood there a huge light appeared on both Janelle and Chuck or god until they both fell to the ground he wasn't moving as Janelle lied right next to him her wing covered her body all broken up no feathers left.

"The--they're gone." Sam stammered.

"He's dead," Dean said looking in shock.

"Not dead, dying." Amara corrected them "soon there won't be nothing left of them, my stupid niece used a spell to bind her with my brother -- her father."

"A linking spell?"

It was then Amara was gone leaving the group with lifeless bodies of God and his angel unconscious, once she left Sam went to wake up the two.

"Hey, come on wake up you two."

Lucifer ran up to her and knelt down "No, no come on wake up Janelle." He said shaking her gently to wake her up.

"Thought you didn't care," Dean asked looking at him.

"I do she's family." He turned to face him then gazed back down at her who was waking up "Come on." While helping her up she held onto him not able to stand on her own.

Once fully up she was able to sit down on her brother's lap, everyone went to get drinks Rachel followed her brother as he got beer bottles taking it to the main part of the bunker setting it down on the table as everyone had given up just sitting there not knowing what else to do with Janelle and Chuck weak everything they worked for gone and no one with no idea what else to do as they had given up.

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