The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


17. The Start of a bad time

Brittany with Castiel screamed in pain as it hurt but a bright light showed making the demon get out of Brittany away from hell and the light it was then they appeared on earth, Castiel looked around and noticed all fine Brittany was once again pregnant as Castiel turned to the person in front of him.

"Kevin?" He asked.

Kevin stood before him his purplish colored with white full wings tucked behind him, not inside his back but out, the new angel looked and smiled at his new brother.

"Mom." Both said in unison as Castiel knew it was his mother that told him to get out of perdition.

"Yes, mom sent me here and you must be Brittany, I must return to home, see you soon Castiel." His wings fluttered going back in heaven.


Back in heaven Chuck came once again finding his wife in the throne room again he knelt down placing a hand on her as she fell to the side leaning against the throne, she had her head down looking at the floor.

"Hey, you okay my queen?" Chuck spoke softly looking at her.

She was about to lose it and if her sons were not okay she didn't know what she'd do.

"I don't know anymore." She sniffed as he used his index finger having her look up at him.

"I heard your prayers, they'll be fine." he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand as she leaned into it.

He took her close and held her as she buried her head in his shoulder.


Castiel looked around and then at Brittany "still got to do what I came here for."

"B--but you wouldn't, I know you wouldn't." She said looking at the angel.

"I-- have to I failed at everything else, plus with that baby of yours, it could be the end of us." He sighed.


"What do you mean she was chained in hell?!" Lucifer yelled at Dean looking at the gang not happy.

"Sorry but she is,"

Coming in Castiel appeared with Brittany, Rachel was with Claire looking up she lit up and felt like crying not sad but happily.


"Daddy?" Claire whispered.

The two ran to him as Rachel hugged him tightly, Lucifer was on the brink of tears and sighed softly.

"Hello, Lucifer." She appeared in front of him now as he didn't say anything but held her tight resting his chin on her shoulder being gentle with her cause of their baby "Shh, Shh I'm here now."

Lucifer couldn't hold his tears he held his hand to the back of her head and kissed her temple peppering her with kisses, just so glad the baby was safe and her.


Amara was outside wanting to be alone for a while it was dark and cold she was fine and dark hit course it did she was the darkness that brings the night to our universe, doesn't it? Anyway, she was walking until a slight whimper caught her attention, she twirled around as it continued.

Going to the back of the dumpster she furrowed her eyebrows saddened and saw a small puppy probably one-year-old it was alone, scared this is what she acted about the universe always them who trashes something so precious, picking him up she held him close to her shushing him gently


In the air, Rachel flew around after saying hello to Castiel to help Gabriel look for his horn as Gabriel and Isabella were on the other end of the sky he held her below him under her chest as he flew.

"So, what is it were looking for?"

"My horn I know it's got to be here somewhere, here my arms are hurting climb back up."

Isabella nodded and climbed back on him hearing ow's from him as she settled back on him, he flew them down the playground and thought maybe going to heaven to see where it was at first if it's there.

Landing down on the ground he walked to the sandbox he sighs and looked to her.

"You can't come with me, it'll burn you into a million souls..."

It was then the light from the sandbox appeared as an older angel showed up.

"Sister... you are here."

"Hello there Gabriel loved meeting you."

"Uhh, who is this?" Isabella asked looking awkwardly.

"This is Seraphina, my sister," Gabriel told her of his angel sister.

"No time for introductions Gabriel, I took the horn, but for safe keeping, Crowley wants to use it. But brother Metatron is turning his back on mother, he's going to make the angels fall from heaven." Seraphina told him

But then it did and that's what happened Seraphina fell down unconscious as Castiel was watching, Nakhti at night watched all her children die, survive all of them fall from heaven tears in her eyes showed as she watched them, not able to protect them all


She went to find Metatron and deal with him once and for all, as Chuck was in his house he always lived in watching his children fall unable to do anything in his power he sighed and knew Metatron was behind this.

Back at the bunker Lucifer was with Brittany but he screamed in pain it was his wings cut off, Michaels as Kevin had appeared and held his shoulder as his wings were cut off in pain after the fall he walked all the way to the bunker but sat at the back of the dumpster due to the pain, his mother came as she kneeled looking at him with a smile.

Once Kevin was dealt with, she went to chucks house and as he was watching the window seeing all of them fall he sensed her here.

"Nakhti... I see you're here."

"We need to talk." Her tone was angered she looked at him with a fiery look as though someone murdered a child a protective mother who does right instead of hiding.

God looked his wife in the face, this was a battle between them now between three gods, Amara, Nakhti, and Metatron but right now the two stood still as God's eyes narrowed at her since he didn't have to hide anymore she knew him already a showdown about to go badly between a husband and a wife of heaven.

"Come on Nakhti we all know even I know you love me enough to not hurt me." ChucksChuck'swas quiet enough lowered and gentle.

Nakhti's eyes fell from anger to sadness she couldn't hurt him she loved him even if she let her children fall.

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