The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


18. The Rise of Michael & Lucifer

In the woods, very far from the city, Michael had flown Adam somewhere to be alone he was not himself and with his wings clipped due to Metatron's spell falling down here not making it almost, he would have flashbacks of when times were happier.

The angels of God and his wife flew around doing their jobs, she was about to have a baby as two teens flew causing mayhem by running into other angels all of them yelling at the two as they laughed.

"Come on Michael hurry up slow boat," Lucifer called out as he flew to go see the new baby.

Michael the oldest flapped his wings going faster above the air and laughed hearing Lucifer get mad he went ahead, stopping he let his wings flap to have himself hover the air.

"As you were saying?" He grinned.

The two of them fly swiftly through the air and arrived finally.

"What have you two been up to?" God asked looking at the two he wore a white long robe his light shined on the sides of his body so that his appearance still showed.

"Sorry, dad Michael was a bit slow."

"Was not, Lucifer."

Janelle was flying around the sky when she landed, walking around the forest a sound came. She perked her ears and ran to the help call she heard, to her surprise after arriving out into the open.

Once arriving there she looked to see a young man standing there, it was someone she knew no impossible this hurt the young angel as she smiled a bit to see him.


Tears fell down as John young like he was back in 1978 saw her she went quickly to him in a hug as he hugged back.

"Ho--how am I alive, I died?" They pulled away as he looked her in the eyes.

"I-- don't know, Amara I guess?"

Giving a smile she hugged him tight.


Lucifer walked the woods of the bunker wanting to be alone for a while as memories started to come back, he sensed his brother in trouble running to him, the more he didn't have his wings the more he'd become nick his vessel.

Seeing Michael, he quickly ran over to him on his knees now holding onto his vessel "I got you, brother, it's alright."


"Okay, so you want us to change the clock for you to have Adam with Dean?" Chuck asked looking at his daughter.

"Yes please, daddy."

He looked to Nakhti who had looped her arm around her husband's arm sighing softly.

"Alright, hunny we will give you that luxury," Chuck said as the two tapped her head.

It was then that she got what she wanted the fast pace of the past making her the mother of Adam and Dean still with Janelle only a small bit that changed as she opened her eyes and looked around.

"Okay, now Adam is your son." She gave a smile hearing that from her father.


Lucifer flapped his wings lightly heading over to see his new baby brother, his mother Nakhti was exhausted but fine as Michael came by.

"Hello, my children welcome your new baby brother, Castiel."


Castiel was back in heaven for a short while looking at something, his baby mobile he had, around it was angels hanging down a resemblance to him and his siblings, he gently touched them with a small smile. Sensing someone come he tensed.

Turning around he saw it was just his mom.

"Oh, sorry mother, didn't see you," Castiel said to his mother.

She smiled coming beside him as her eyes glanced up towards the mobile of his crib he had, he looked down what was inside it baby stuff angels gave him as gifts to play with, memories went through his mind like an old cinema camera to play movies humanity would use in the old days.

He shook it off.

"You okay?" Nakhti asked looking towards him now.

Castiel didn't know what to make of it, he didn't say a word in response to her; just flying off without a single thing she sighed and knew where he was headed – the beach of course one of the most relaxing places to think, arriving there after a few hours he was sitting in a log where the entrance of the woods showed a small tiny portion of the beach where humans and their kids played. She would put her arms around her sons' arms and lean her head on his shoulder taking the small time she has with him before he flies off somewhere.

"Does... Lucifer hate me?" he asked.

At that question, she looked at him and quirks and eyebrow curiously.

"No, Castiel it is not you."

He looked down


Back in the woods, Lucifer held onto his brother taking him back to his vessel's Nick's old house Brittany very much due soon showed up and helped Michael in Adam's body lie him down, after a few hours of watching Lucifer paced around.

"Lucifer, Hunny please relax."

He shook his head no in response once he turned Brittany grabbed his hands as his eyes softened, like he was about to cry, Michael and he were close... what happened.


"dad no, please don't do this!"

Young Lucifer begged his tears showed ever since the mark of Cain came and corrupted him, Michael dealt with him now, Nakhti was there held by her husband, her face covered with her own hands not wanting to see, she has already begged him not to but he would not listen.

Michael looked sadly towards his brother and he didn't want to do it, but then turning his back on his brother the mark sealed Amara their aunt away and it also sealed Lucifer in that cage.

"Sorry, brother." Michael with a serious look on his face as the cage was locked.


This memory haunted Lucifer, it always did as he hugged Brittany burying his face onto her neck holding her close what has he done, a single thought came as the two stood there while Michael passed out lied on the bed.

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