The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


13. The Prophecy


It was dark and cold in hell Brittany walked to Crowley's domain allowed passage to see Lucifer her boyfriend she was a demon of Crowley and would be rewarded to see him if she did something in return. Acting all evil for him to buy that she saddened seeing Lucifer sitting there in the cage.

"Hey Lucifer." She said quietly half a heart break left in her seeing him like this.

Lucifer glanced up and smiled getting up heading to the cage touching her hands.

"Don't look at me with that heartbreak Britt, I'm almost out of here." He smiled weak hating to see her like this.


Lucifer thought of her and wondered what happened to her as he was once again in the cage back in hell due to whatever happened to Nakhti their mother.

Back at the bunker high heels clicked against the hard floor as a young girl with brunette hair looked down then headed downstairs as they were unaware of her.

"Well I can always return her." Brittany one of Crowley's demons came in smirking "but I want to know where is Lucifer."


Later on Michael was glaring at Brittany about to smite her heading towards her as she pushed him back.

Rachel went up and pushed him back as Castiel and gabriel held him back.

"Don't Michael it'll just create a war," She stepped up and looked at Brittany. "Look we have no idea what happened he was supposed to be not in the cage as he was turning nice not a while ago." Rachel explained to the demon trying to do this the civilized way.

"What a good archangel." Brittany smirked.

In the cage Lucifer could sense Brittany and heard heels coming it had to be her, he walked to the bar of the cage and let his hands lean on the railings happy to see his beloved once more.

Though something didn't look right next to her came Crowley he transported them to his domain as she was hurt and bruised.

He glared at Crowley and ran over to him when he moved his hand making a bone Crack.

"No!" She let out a yelp "Please he doesn't deserve this..." her eyes watered.

"Oh, he does now will see who's the top dog." Crowley said. "You're little boyfriend is now my little bitch."

Crowley saw the looks Lucifer and Brittany were giving he does love so with that he restored Lucifer.

"I'll make you a proposition, you become my bitch or..." he twisted his hand as screams from Brittany echoed the throne room to where she fell, her bone cracked on the shoulder blade. "I'll do that and she dies."

Lucifer looked to her he did love her, so much it was nick helping his emotions nick inside loved her too Brittany was more to Lucifer her vessel was nicks wife.

Crowley looked between the two and smiled looking as he had his advantage a leverage.

Back at the bunker Nakhti woke up in Chucks arms as he hugged her close to him.

"Oh, you're safe." He sighed relieved.

Suddenly it's like a domino affect as castiel was dragged out leaving Jimmy fall to the ground Rachel ran over to him as she held him he wasn't breathing.

"No, no Jimmy please." Rachel held him her head to his forehead sobbing "Castiel come back." Her voice broke.

"I know what's happening, it's the timeline Nakhti and I made Rachel for both Jimmy and Castiel due to his marriage with Amelia when babysitting little Rachel the prophecy is not happening like it should."

"English Chuck." Dean said.

"It means that Rachel was suppose to be married to jimmy have Claire just like Brittany is with Lucifer." Sam said for Dean "but since it was prophesied for them it's getting destroyed cause it never happened."

"So how do we fix it?" Dean asked.

"You two go back in time to where you first met Jimmy back at that warehouse. Then my wife and I will create a alternate timeline giving you guys time to get both Jimmy and Rachel how they were made to be." Chuck told him.

"Okay we will do it." Sam agreed.

Nodding Chuck with Nakhti by his side waved their hands putting Sam and Dean to sleep into a dream like when really it's Astral projection to make it look easy for them to watch the two from here and but they can move in the sleep, Sam and Dean woke up in a strange place both getting up this was the warehouse where the angel-angel violence took place.

Sam figured it out as he looked to dean.

"We have to relive this all over again but the change is we have to get him to realize our sister is for him not Amelia."

Chuck watched with his wife looking at the timeline creating an alternative world to where Jimmy has only dated Amelia but never married or had Claire, changing the scenario for them the two brothers were now at the A.M Radio studio where their sister and Jimmy worked.

Time after time it finally worked so the final step was to get out of the past and back into reality as Nakhti stopped it with god seeing Sam and Dean wake up as Castiel was slowly waking as well wondering what has happened.

"What... happened to me?" He looked around then glanced at Rachel to who he noticed was holding him.

Rachel turned to look in his blue ocean eyes and laughed lightly through the sobs she had.

"I thought I lost you." She could only tell him hugging him as he just sat there confused and only wrapping two arms around her waist hugging back.

"Oh goody were all back," Brittany said with a smirk "Now who to eliminate first?"

"Don't even dare demon!" A voice said stood a blonde woman pretty young for her age twentys to thirtys.

Gabriel didn't see at first until his eyes widened surprised realizing who it is "isabella...?"

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