The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


12. The End of All

After crying to herself in her room she came out of the room looked like a mess Dean was looking down at his computer as he looked up nudging Sam who saw her, Crowley from the side turned to see as well as others.

"What happened to you?" Rowena asked in her Scottish accent.

"Mom is everything alright?" Lucifer asked concerned with Castiel by him also concerned.

"He--he left." She said looking at all of them.

They all looked at her now with the worry of the means 'he left' Metatron turned back to look down towards the table in thought knowing where he went to as it was repeating again. The two sons Lucifer and Castiel both zapped into B.Gs canteen as they saw Chuck sitting in the booth with his computer and printer.


"Mm?" He answered.

"What did you do to mom?" Lucifer asked looking at him.

"I did nothing, I left the amulet with her and came here," Chuck answered like he didn't care what they said.

"You left her upset and alone, did you think she wanted you to leave?" Castiel said.

"I just don't think it'll happen okay guys?" He told them.

"No, you're in denial," Lucifer said sitting across from his father with Castiel sitting beside him.

He sighed and glanced up at the boys from his computer taking off the glasses. "Excuse me?"

"You're in denial, why are you doing this?" Castiel asked.

"Why do you guys care?"

"Because she's our mother and your our father."

"I just don't want anyone I'm fine by myself." He continues typing.

Lucifer grew angry and sighed zapping his stuff away to get his attention, as Castiel looked surprised at this.

"Lucifer... what the heck?"

"You listen to us if this keeps up this is going to be the end of reality end of all," Lucifer said.

"Like you and Amara you and mom need each other to keep the earth balanced," Castiel told him.

Back at the bunker, they didn't know what to do as Castiel and Lucifer returned together not having luck with their father.

"So let me guess didn't work?" He asked.

Before she was going to answer she was transported to heaven by a familiar face who was thought to be dead, Naomi had been alive, as she sat on the desk with her.

"Oh, Nakhti I see some sadness, did he left you?"

"Screw you." She glared.

Chuck decided to pop in a few minutes later as he thought it over, Dean walked over wondering what the hell is going on now having no idea by the fact earth is dying.

"You guys should really be at B.Gs canteen, it's the best I--"

"Not now we're trying to find your wife." Dean cut him off pacing around.

Chucks face fell and he walked up to Dean "Please tell me this is a joke." He asked in a lower tone only for the two to hear.

"Does it look like I am?" He asked stern.

He backed up suddenly the ground began to crumble this was the start of the end for all humanity without her he can't function due to creating it.

"But you left her crying why do you care?" Dean raised his voice at Chuck.

As it stopped he took a deep breath exhaling then spoke "do you think I would have left her with that amulet to find me if she needed me that for a second I would not have loved her?! Of course, I do now that you mention it thanks for letting her get hurt guys!"

As he raised his voice in anger the earth began to shake causing first an earthquake the group all looked up not startled.

"It's the balance it's starting to break," Lucifer said through the loud noise.

One part of the roof headed for Castiel as Lucifer saw he helped quickly moving him from one place to the other as it fell on the floor, there stood Michael, gabriel, and Raphael.

"Father is angry when he does this it means someone is kidnapped and not here," Michael said letting go of Castiel.

"So Naomi decided to come back, great," Gabriel said.

"But I thought I killed her?" Janelle asked looking at her brothers.

"Guess not little sis," Gabriel told Janelle directly.

The angel children heard their father angry but never this pissed off.

"I told you to watch her! If I have not said it, but no you let her get kidnapped." Chuck raised his voice ever angrier at the winchester boys than before as he turned his back pacing, tears started to fill his eyes.

"I did damn it, she came in crying for you to come back, why not go get your friggin' girlfriend for once!" Dean shouted.

Now he's done it the earth shook more and there was no Nakhti to calm him down.

"So now thanks to the both of you I will be in heaven to rescue her." He took off and the ground was in pieces abit.

"I should go to, help our father," Castiel said taking off.

Back in heaven, Naomi walked around grinning.

"You really think your husband will come and follow me, you? He hasn't been around since the damage the winchester's have done in the trial," Naomi taunted "He left, Sam did the trials -- well mostly the angel Castiel."

Nakhti tied in the cuffs glared and leaned forward "you leave my husband and son... alone you hear me?" She asked real angry.

It was then he was in heaven naomi sat at her desk with a grin as God shined a bright light the brightest one ever seen as it made the archangels look up and the other fallen angels could tell that he was definitely a mountain a pissed off for taking the queen of heaven per se.

"Why does this look like I know it's Naomi?" Janelle asked looking around at her brothers then looked up at the sky.

"Cause remember you take the queen you get one hell of a pissed off god." Rachel said looking up at the sky that is now shining brighter.

God then took an unconscious Nakhti blinding Naomi with his light heading outside of the city setting her down once she grew consciousness as he held her while putting her down.

"You came back..." She said looking up at him leaning on his arm a bit til she stood.

He smiled and used his free hand to stroke her hair to the side removing it from her eyes.

"Would I have given you my amulet if I didn't leave?" He answered back. "You can drive me insane, Nakhti but I would never leave you for nothing."

"Neither will I, my heart is where ever you are." She told him.

She stood infront of him now as he smiled at her still holding her, it was no mistake that he chose the wrong girl no he chose the right one to help him rule heaven with him stroking her hair then leaned in as he looked at her for the last time then kissed her as light shined from both in the universe having the guys in the bunker cover their eyes shielding them with their hands.

The angel siblings smiled knowing that it's worked, their parents have finally worked it out to get together again knowing they couldn't stay apart forever.

"Now let's finish Amara." Chuck smiled down at her cupping her cheek into his hand looking at those beautiful eyes of hers as she nodded.

"Let's do this." She smiled brightly.

"Then in that case..." Chuck smiled pulling out the ring she gave him showing it to her as they were back in the bunker again with everyone watching, he looked to the winchester's, Crowley and Rowena then their children "would you like to be the queen of heaven once more? I could use the help."

Nakhti smiled and looked at him taking the ring back pecking him and replied: "I'd love to be."

Suddenly Nakhti dropped in chucks arms whatever naomi did to her before he had arrived to rescue her, it was not good he fell down gently with her.

"No, no what happened to you, what did she do?"

She was trying to catch breaths but it didn't work as she faded.

"No Nakhti, please..." Chuck was saddened.

As she fell the earth began to shake once more due to anger as he was going to kill naomi everyone backed up knowing he was a mountain lava of pissed off right now.

This could be the end of all

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