The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


5. The Baby Angel

Rachel the next morning was freaking out ever since Castiel woke up from a coma someone made them sleep for days perhaps because last they remember was being at a bar helping Lucifer, it was then Sam, Dean, and Liv went to go see him they closed the door.

"Well finally you have arrived, it's so nice to see you," he sighs like in peace and harmony.

Rachel got close to him and looked him in his blue ocean eyes saddened as it made him curious.

"Who are you?"

"It--it's me, Rachel..." her voice broke as she looked to her brothers questioning "where's my Castiel?"

"Whose Castiel? I'm Emanuel..."

She didn't move back looking at him but Janelle started screaming shrieks in pain as she cupped her ears.

"Janelle, sister no come on what's wrong." Castiel tried to shake her awake out of this "what is wrong?"

"It's our brother he's-- ahh!!"

It was then Liv and Lucifer to heard the high pitch but this reminded Castiel of something after getting out of the torture Janelle got worried and went quickly to her brother.

"Cas, cas!" Her voice was heard in echoes. "Sorry brother but I have too." Janelle slapped her brother to snap him out of it.

He looked directly at her shaking as she held his head gently to hold him in a way.

"She--she..." he stammered frightened.

"She who? Please tell me who?" She asked furiously but didn't mean to yell at him as he looked at her scared.


As this was said her eyes widened releasing her grip gently from him her body began to shake of anger. Hatred for that woman still buried in her soul of her vessel she gritted her teeth not meaning to say this directly to him "where. Is. She."


Suddenly she was sent in a white room where she faced the worst nightmare Naomi herself a glare formed on her face wanted to kill but inside Castiel managed to keep her quiet.

"Janelle... what pleasure to see you I think you know why you're here." Naomi said with a smile.

"Save it, you threw me from heaven and made my brother suffer so give me a damn ass reason why I shouldn't smite you now." She clenched her fist.

"Now come on Naomi don't you think that's not the angelic way, your brother has his reasons to be what he is he did horrible things and should be banned from heaven as God sees fit."

Her breathing became heavy and she clenched her fist that she bled "you dare speak of our father! My brother." Her rage got to her "torture him again so help me I'll send you to hell."

"Oh, didn't he tell you? He's already been."

Janelle looks at her with angered eyes ready to kill "what." Her tone was at her reach if she kept it up.

"I tried to drill his eye out, and I hit him so hard it bled, oh it wasn't just the eye I hit him, and tied him down so he couldn't run away." They met eye to eye.

Tears in her eyes formed as she was hearing this about her big brother, she yelled and had her pinned to the wall as Naomi frightened.

"NEVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN! you took my title MY name! Give me a hell of a reason why I shouldn't kill you now you bitch of an angel?!" She said in her face.

It was then she had a smirk on her face when she disappeared she turned and saw Naomi behind Castiel who was tied down and had the drill above his eye, she was about to strike when she spoke.

"Ah-ah! I wouldn't," Naomi smiled and had the drill close from behind him.

Castiel was frightened he was just a child a baby angel like her she glared so angry enough to kill her and protect him for Michael for Gabriel at this moment she was failing for them or that's how she felt it was.

"Sister... help..." he called for her.

"Shut up!" She smacked him as he cried softly.

Janelle teared as this was her real brother "think angel... this is my brother you got to think of something... wait use your angelic call. I can't be here long you're welcome."

Without making it suspicious she called her most allies her brothers, they had cloaked themselves to enter the room it was a battle of hell until they finally had her and Castiel safe and Naomi on the other side of the coin.

Castiel took the drill and walked up to her "threaten my sister like that again and you'll see worse." He looked at his fellow brothers "take her to heaven, let father deal with her."

They nodded and took her away, it was then they were returned back to Bobby house, as he was on the floor still and she was still kneeling down facing him.

"You saved me, I'm grateful sister." Castiel smiled.

"Well I am your sister after all and you are the baby of the family anyways I'm just last of them." Janelle smiled.

Dean looked confused and had to ask "so now what don't you take your title back? Or something like that?"

"She had once she left my sister gets it automatically as a reward for saving heaven to begin with, now there's only one boss of us and only one Naomi." Castiel told him with a smile looking at her.


In the dead of night Castiel was with Rachel lying with her in bed as she suffered now from nightmares he returned to his unusual self as this was making him odd looking she leaned on his chest relaxing for a while as he held her with one arm.

"Rachel I'm not supposed to..." he said worried.

"Relax cas it's okay it's natural." She looked at him smiling.

The two shared a kiss until Liv called.


He sighed playfully pulling away "I'll be back." He got up and went to see what's wrong. "Come here." He picked her up like when she was a baby and sang for her.


As Naomi was reading a girl mag she liked suddenly she was zapped in hell in the cage with Lucifer.

"Well thankfully I'll have some company welcome to sis." A familiar voice said in the shadow, suddenly her eyes widened and look to her.

"Stay away." Janelle said to him keeping back in her own corner.

"Relax sis, I'm stuck here I can't do anything to you."

"No but I can." Another voice said with a smirk on his face.

She was breathing heavily and stayed back as Crowley stayed there with a sinister smile on his face looking at him.

Castiel was in the park rubbing his face as he had tears in his eyes as Rachel came by.

"You okay? Sweetheart?" She asked.

He looked to her and just leaned on her asking for comfort she didn't need to ask wrapping both arms around him knowing what happened as two siblings were torn apart and one with bigger problems now as she was with Lucifer

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