The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


3. Sinners and Angels

On the search for Anna it was dark when John had been thrown across the house shocked Naomi watched and saw him come back, after all the meetings and pretending to be cousins of Mary now came the big shot of everything in between.

John didn't look the same as a smile appeared on his face. "My dearest sister."

Naomi walked up slowly and gave a smile "Michael..." she watched him nod with a smile.

It was the archangel Michael but what questioned dean is why is he in his father's body and not his own.

"Michael? Archangel Michael?!" Dean asked looking around to see if anyone believes this.

"Yeah, I know surprising, right?" He asked walking closer to the light now as everyone stepped back.

"Brother..." Castiel simply said with Rachel beside him and Liv holding on to his leg.

"Castiel still hanging around with the apes I see?" He asked looking around curious.

Naomi smiled and ran over to him hugging him as he held her in response it was Michael who raised her when no other angel or archangel would except for Castiel.

"It's been so long." She told him.

He passed through his sister As Anna was shaking terrified of him he grabbed her wrist making her whimper in fright.

"No, no, no please I'm sorry!" She begged mercy this time but it was too late for her he used his hand on her forehead as she turned into charcoal.

"Michael long time no see I see, mm?" Rachel shook her head "you son of a bitch of an archangel."

"Still mad at me, are we?" He grinned looking at Rachel "I remember when you were six I dropped this angel to your house." Then his tone was snarky.

"Shut up." Rachel simply said, "you could have given to me a warning dumbass."

Michael sighed and shook his head "you never would have understood at that age, but look it's working out is it not."

"Alright guys enough we got bigger problems, Lucifer is still on the attack," Castiel said looking at all of them as Michael gave a side glare not liking this.

"Whoa, now Michael easy," Naomi told him soothing him as he would listen to her.

Michael side glanced them all and disappeared.

"Friggin' angels." Dean sighed.

Castiel sighed deeply and watched Rachel go away out as he went to follow her in front of her his angel wings heard as she stopped, her eyes looking at the ground made him concerning of her as he looked at her "rach?" He thought of something humans would do as he went into hug her, arms folded she leans her head on his chest "did Michael do something? What did he do?" Castiel asked pulling her away gently his hands on her shoulders "it'll be okay." He told her.

She then put her arms around his back and leaned on his chest wanting comfort as he wrapped her close stroking her hair gently getting used to this human need of feel and touch one was comfort in his mind he thought during situations like this.

Castiel was a curious angel he was a man with a mystery and riddles, but with her he was totally different Dean and Sam came by mouthing they'd take over for him as he nodded and heading to see Naomi.

"Come on sis we better get that army ready."

Taking her hand, they flew to heaven basically transporting there.



Arriving as planned he felt something wrong very wrong keeping the demon blade close and Naomi behind him, something was wrong as it was just the two winds came by as Michael came in Adam's Vessel.

"A--Adam?" She asked unable to believe dean's, Sam's, and Rachel's half-brother was taken over by Michael.

Michael shook his head no when she asked "it's me sis, you should have stayed low not with Castiel."

"And when are you to tell me I can't do father's orders." Naomi said angry hating being treated like the baby angel she is.

"I am who raised you that's why."

"Well you're doing a hell of a bang up job that's for sure." Naomi walked past him purposely bumping shoulders with him as he turned to face her.

Castiel before Michael said anything walked up "I'll handle this." He told his brother and followed after.

Walking up closely to Michael he didn't give a rat's ass what will happen to him.

"You do one thing to her and so help me, she likes to be with me now and as you say you raised her," he got himself closer to him "but at this very moment I'm her big brother now."

"Say what you want," he went up Castiel's face. "But you'll regret this little brother."

Michael flapped his wings and left leaving them alone as he went to Naomi looking to her giving a smile "I'm your guardian now, I'll be watching over you from now on."


Dean was sitting alone in the room in the dark praying for either Castiel or Naomi to come keep him company he never asked for much just company right now as he found out the worst thing, hearing it by a high pitch sound in her hear she came her wings flapped as he knew.

"You prayed?" Naomi asked with a smile.

"Can you answer me this? When you know, someone is at a death point... is there no return to full..." he barely finished and looked down.

Naomi saddened and crouched in front of him drying his tears "tell me what's troubling you?"

He was at wits end when he even though he didn't have to say she understood and had crystal tears in her eyes seeing her friend cry like this it was no secret, she liked him a lot and it was no secret to Dean or else he'd be lying. Placing a hand on his heart she mended it easily not doing anything with it but just helping all the pain and bringing pleasant to him.

"Come on, do not cry." She smiled as he laughed a bit through the tears as he sniffed and wiped them away.

The two looked at each other for the longest of times as the two leaned in and softly he kissed her he fell in love with an angel this wouldn't be the first time he did but he knew this one won't hurt like others have as it sent a big spark between the two Dean was healed once more.


Ben on the other hand sat alone on the chair table of the kitchen Rachel walked in and smiled "want something to eat?"

"No..." he simply said moping about.

"Oh, come on how about a little Oreos? With milk, mm?" Rachel grinned knowing kids couldn't resist that offer as he smiled at her abit.


Rachel after dealing with Ben was by herself sitting in a bench swing enjoying the peace she was actually subconsciously calling Castiel as he came by looking at her.

"What is it?" He asked worried and sat down. "You called me... I came."

"I just wanted your company." She simply said.

"I'm always here inside here," he showed her the heart and smiled.

She thought about it and knew he wanted it too "how'd you like a family?"

His heart stopped he was wanting one so badly he got up before she could see him he had disappeared going somewhere else not ready for this kind of human feelings.


He was just around the creek not far as he asked Naomi to help him as he heard wings flapping looking at him she smiled as this was supposed to happen to her being the smiling angel, she walked to him.

"You called?" She asked.

"I need help, you know more about human feelings then I do, Rachel..."

"Gave you a family... why didn't you answer?" She asked tilting her head.

"Come on Naomi you know we're angels this isn't for us," he looked down "not for me at least."

"Oh Castiel," another voice came as it was Rachel who had followed him "you are much more than an angel to me, you are loved by Dean, your brothers Gabriel and Balthazar and so many others..." she walked up closer "and me..." Rachel used her hand and stroked his cheek but he turned away before she could even touch him.

She sighed not knowing what else to do for him he looked to her seeing her stressed and didn't like that she took his hand having one idea and instead of flying to it she took him straight to Liv who was ready for him.

"Wait what are you--" he suddenly then got it but she quickly slammed the door shut and locked it from the outside.

"Sorry Castiel but if you won't listen to any of us at least try with the past." Rachel said as her footsteps descended.

He sighed turning to face Liv as she placed her tea cup down he walked remembering this.

Aren't you going to play with me, Cassie?

"So, you going to play tea party with me Cassie?" As she said that he sat down losing it a bit. "You okay?"

"I--I this is a joke no your mother did this to me too she..." he chuckled remembering "she..."

"Played with you with tea parties? I know, she's told me stories and speaking of I'm going to tell you mine and I pray you'll listen."

He sighed unable to escape this as she tells.

"When I was born, I was told I'd die in my death bed mom sent a prayer then it was a miracle, then after all the surgery on was seven months old and my dad left, oh don't worry he left a while ago."

He learned and listened nodding every word.

"And when I was told daddy left all I ever asked for was a daddy of my own to call," Liv lifted a finger up knowing he was about to talk but he went quiet "I prayed for one and I got it, but what I don't get is why? Why would you reject my mom's answer, I know what I asked for...? I asked for you." She finished looking sadly at him.

Castiel didn't know what to tell her she was wanting a dad and couldn't give it if he wanted to "some people reject things Liv because they're afraid it'll get taken from them."

Liv smiled and looked at him then she walked over to him as he watched her gaze seeing her in front of him.

"Now you listen to me, there is no one ever going to take us away we are not going anywhere I can promise that."

"How--how?" His voice stammered.

Lightening shocked and in the walls showed angel wings on her.

Castiel looked shocked and got up not knowing what to say he gulped able to catch his voice "you--you're a-- an angel...?"

She smiled a bit and a daughter knows her father she looked to him "Hi dad."

He moved back and fell not knowing what else to say as Rachel came in hearing a thud, Liv left the room to join Bobby, Dean and Sam on a little poker game.

"I--I didn't mean to, I'm sorry." He said breathlessly."

She went on her knees and smiled at him "shh it's okay I'm glad we met you gave me the best years of my life I'm very happy. You gave us a wonderful girl."

"So, you never?" He asked.

"No but she became one at age six, when she started healing people and prayed for her own father to return and then it happened."

Castiel looked saddened and crystal tears shown in the eyes Rachel saw and had him to her "hey, shh I'm fine it wasn't bad okay? I wanted it and I'm glad." She said through his sobs the fact he screwed up him being an angel as she held him.

Liv came back in "and I just won us some golden." She said holding up 209 bucks out of Bobby Sam and Dean seeing her dad cry, coming to him he watched as she just hugged him Rachel smiled and looked to him.

He held Liv and saw now that maybe Liv was right.

"See? We're not going anywhere." Rachel then reassured him.


Michael was alone watching and knew his brother hid something or for that matter that something was wrong with Rachel and he sinned with a mortal folding his arms he said to himself.

"Time to take her out."



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