The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


10. Problem with Family

A/N: Ideas for this chapter came from "we happy few" and "All in the family" season 11

Chelsea was headed to face Amara but God didn't want his family to be torn or hurt and he knew what Chelsea would do as he popped in front of her making her stop in her tracks, folding her arms shifting to the side she raised an eyebrow.

"Move. Chuck." She said warning him.

"Look I know what she has done, a--and we will get our sons back but this is not the way." Chuck held his hands up trying to stop her.

"Since when did you care about Lucifer," her tears showed in her eyes "you... made me do what a mother hated to do," her voice broke. "Lock him in that cage you said." Chelsea sniffed looking at him then walked past him.

Getting to the warehouse where Lucifer was at with Castiel by his side both in the same position tortured.

"Oh, goody if it isn't the search and rescue." He said then smiled at his mom. "Hi, mom."

Covering her mouth, she went to him unable to look at her boys.

"My poor babies, I'm going to get you two out."

Chuck went to help with Castiel as she worked on Lucifer, the other three came on time to help liberate the two while Amara was distracted thanks to Dean once more.

"Now daddy cares? Pfft, screw you both." Lucifer scoffed.

Chuck ignored it as Chelsea had gotten him out, along with him getting Castiel out both fallen to the ground.

"Quick Amara is coming back soon," Sam warned them.

Taking his hand around her neck since Lucifer was too weak to move as well as Castiel hanging onto Chuck he zapped them all back to the bunker. Chelsea sat him on the chair and looked saddened.

"Look I know you hate me or your father for what we had done but I am so sorry." Chelsea tried to tell Lucifer.

"If you did, why did you let him." Lucifer looked at his mom saddened "I'll pardon you cause you're my mom but hell no am I giving him an excuse." Lucifer glanced at god then back at his mom.

Chelsea smiled weakly and healed her son having light pure bright and blue like grace heal Lucifer, she moved on to Castiel as she did the same.

"Thanks, mom." He said more considered and nicer than his older brother.

"Pshh suck up." Lucifer walked around exploring the bunker in his view since he wasn't in Castiel's vessel, not this time as he sensed he got a sneer from him.

"Son, be reasonable," Chuck said as Lucifer sat on the stairs reading something.

"Shall we go play ball in the yard now?"

Sighing she wished Lucifer would listen.

"Now see that's the problem with family you two can't even give me what I want most so why the hell bothers, but taking down Amara count me in," Lucifer muttered as he looked down at Sam's tiny book he had "I'm no fan of her either."

San and Dean came over and looked over the stair's railings "how's it going?" Dean asked a stupid question as Chuck and Chelsea looked up at him.

"Not good I see... okay well we have an idea," Sam said next.

"What's the point? They don't care." He went up to the room again.


Going to the kitchen for food Chelsea was sitting on the bar stool with Sam and Dean as Chuck was making pancakes for them.

"Why can't you say I'm sorry?" Dean asked.

"Because I can't give him what he wants," Chuck told him.

"And that is?" Sam asked.

Castiel came to sit next to his mother watching the scene as they talk.

"What he always wants, the angels aka my children, you humans -- a big wet 'I'm sorry'"

"So why not give it to him?" Dean asked, "it just works all he wants is words."

Chuck gave the plates to the three Winchester's as Rachel decided to join in with her brothers.

"I can't say I'm sorry if I'm not."

Chelsea just leaned her elbow on the counter having her fingers on her temples wishing the two boys of hers would get along.

"Chuck, can you at least try?" She asked him nicely.

He sighed listening to Chelsea wondering if he should listen to her then turned to face the four.

"Just give him time to cool off." He finally said drinking from a cup that read 'world's greatest dad.'

Seeing the cup all four just snorted inside knowing he maybe greatest dad but so isn't getting the 'dad of the year award' going their separate ways to eat Chelsea went up taking a plate with her own knocking on the door that Lucifer was in going to try and talk to him.

"Lucifer? You in there?" She asked.

"Go away." Over the door, his voice could he hear.

"It's me honey, your mother..." She leaned sideways on the wall and saddened "Please at least give me a chance? Your dad made pancakes..."

No sound made in the room for a couple of minutes until the door opened by its self she walked in and saw his chair turned back towards her as he was looking outside, putting down the plate on the desk she watched him not move his glance.

"Look I am sorry, okay... just-- just please listen to me? When we locked you up because of the mark I told your father not to do it and he didn't listen to me he made me watch," Chelsea then knelt down in front of him as he turned away, she was in tears "but beyond that we do love you and it wasn't our choice."

Lucifer glanced up at her with an angered look "our choice? You let his choice get the better of him... you said nothing, how am I supposed to believe that?" Scoffing he said, "you are such a disappointment."

Streaks of tears fell down her eyes hearing her son say this to her as she looked down.

"So, I--I guess I'm disowned." She said sadly and looked down.

Lucifer didn't want to talk and lightning strikes as his wings showed in the walls all broken no feathers barely even as it showed bones on his wings.

"This is what's become of me, mom... thanks to dad oh and not much of a fan if you were wondering," Lucifer then looked to his mom saddened and sighed "you are not a disappointment, I did not disown you I'm just so mad at dad and what he did I am putting it on you by accident when sometimes I don't even mean it."

Chelsea looked up with a smile and rubbed her eyes as he gave a smile back.

"You know your brother his wings were broken and you healed him, but you treat him like nothing why?"

Lucifer glanced up at the window taking a huge sigh then looked down at his mother brown eyes a twinkle you might say he responded.

"He's my brother... I always heal the family, I maybe what those saps call me but I do care..."

Chelsea smiled bright and cupped her son's cheek gently stroking it showing love towards him what he asked for all this time. Sitting him and God down to talk.

"Now try 'I feel' statements." Dean began.

The four of them sad down watching what happens.

"Him first," Lucifer gestures his hand to his father. "I'm the one owed an explanation."

"Okay, well I'm sorry that the mark corrupted you and locked Amara away, not giving us a choice." God looked at the four as Chelsea facepalmed.

"Okay we know that you are... god but could you be a little less -- lordly?" Sam asked.

God looked at them wondering where he is going with this "but I--I am the Lord."

"Wow," Lucifer whispered, "there he goes." Then he sneered at his father. "Everything is a tautology with you." He said with anger and sarcasm not even the best happy with his father right now.

"Why should I put you above all others?!" God raised his voice.

"That is not the point!"

"No, the mark already made you what you already were," God replied looking directly at his son.

Chelsea sighed and held her head rubbing her temples.

"What I was, was your son your child!" Lucifer leaned in raising his voice towards his father then he glanced at his father while he spoke: "do you know what it's like to argue with your father when your father is god?" His teeth were clenched looking at the four now who sat there.

The four, Castiel, Chelsea, Sam and Dean all watched as Dean spoke up.

"I don't believe that's -that it's all fathers."

Lucifer then focused on him. "You were my father and you forsook me."

God had his hands on his face palms together then looked to his son "I am, I let my choice devour my... most cherished son, I let you bear the mark because I thought you were strong enough to bear it and then I just locked you in the cage, after I let the mark corrupt you." He began to tear as this made Chelsea tear as well. "And I am so sorry."

Lucifer after hearing that his eyes turned saddened, Chelsea sat there biting her finger a bit watching the two her eyes teared happily as a smile showed on her face as their son smiled weakly at him finally getting the apology he deserved.

"That's my boys." Chelsea whispered.

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