The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


1. Love For an Angel

 Rachel Dean's little sister and twin to Sam was with liv eating at a restaurant, Liv noticed Castiel came by and smiled happily as he knelt down holding his arms out.

"Castiel!" She said running to him hugging him.

Dean looked and rolled his eyes wondering what he was doing here as Sam gave him

Rachel came by folding her arms as she saw Cass hold Liv on his hip.

"So, what are we going to some dangerous demon hunting?"


Both dean and Rachel said together "Archangel?"

Naomi, the eighth archangel dropped down as a bunch of parts of the roof collapsed she looked up seeing the damage hearing Castiel sigh then looked to the Winchesters.

"Raphael... that's who were looking for." Naomi saw Castiel look at him as she sighed adding more "damn... alright, alright we also need to find the trickster."

This made dean choke on his drink after dealing with the trickster once as he came over walking to them.

"Alright, you have got to be a dick both of you."

Rachel turned around to face him.

"Cass is right we must go before devil bitch grabs the mob." She said grabbing her rifle as Castiel held Liv on his hip.


With little to spare dean thought it'd be a good idea to check out a haunting as Liv turned to bury her face scared on Castiel's shoulder he soothed her and was able to look again setting her down Cass knelt down and passed the demon killer knife.

"Just slash them or stab them with this they'll go away instantly." He told her gently.

Nodding she smiled and took it Rachel watched but didn't acknowledge it so she walked by her big brother asking.

"Shouldn't we find ourselves a hotel and research?"

"Yeah, okay." His voice was quiet while he still looked at the building.

Cass sighed and came up in front of Rachel knowing she can do this, he tapped her forehead she fell down on the ground as it was just her and Cass in the past where Liv was born.

She looked around and held her hand on her hips angry.

"What the hell Cass."

A voice familiar came by and smiled with devious and sinister plan in mind.

"Yeah, Cass what the hell?" The trickster came by as Cass pushed Rachel behind him.

"Gabriel what do you want."

He transformed and smirked zapping him out leaving Rachel alone.

"Rachel, Rachel sweet innocent Rachel." The trickster got close putting his index finger under her chin as she moved away.

"Bring him back." Rachel glared.

"Aww fell in love with my brother, did we?"

Naomi came by as he stepped back now as though he was afraid of her that he got confidence and grinned.

"Hello, brother," Naomi said glaring her blonde hair chest length and her wings Grey with a bit of brightness as she tucked them in her body.

"Listen to Rachel, Gabriel returns him or father won't be proud." She glared looking at him after enunciation on every word.

"Lil' sis! Haven't seen you in years." Gabriel said excitedly to see his little sister.

Sneering she got up closer to her brother "see you later Gabriel." Snapping her fingers, he was sent back to the netherworld.

Naomi turned to face Rachel and gave a smile.

"He won't escape there for a while, you're welcome." She smiled.

Rachel looked at her hoping she'd catch on.

"Oh, don't worry I'll return him but first watch." Naomi said walking over to her side showing past Castiel looking down at Livs crib "you say you don't need protection."

Naomi has her watch what was going on as baby Liv was crying he being the curious angel picked her up, bouncing her up and down gently shushing her to be quiet gently, he would figure it out so easily feeding her with a bottle.

"See he loves your daughter enough to send you back here and remind you, Rachel once an angel is assigned to protect a mortal they cannot go in other words he won't leave."

Rachel sighed deep exhaling a breath watching Cass in the past, Naomi heard past Rachel come in as she pulled present one to the wall but poking out a bit.

Past Rachel:

"What the-- get away from her!" She held out an iron glaring at past Cass until she saw his wings.

Past Castiel:

"I'm--I'm not here to hurt her I heard a baby crying and, well I had to do something for humanity if I can't find father," Castiel said to her only the last bit he muttered it.

Past Rachel:

"Castiel? As in archangel Castiel?" She asked.

Past Castiel:

Nodding he put baby Liv down and took away the iron pipe from her hand.

"I'm Castiel yes I was the one who watched you for years, assigned to you by father to protect you and her."

Present Naomi:

Pulling her furthermore she gave a smile.

"I know Castiel and he never ever does this stuff being daddy's favorite and the serious one but -- to her? He was well is willing to put himself on the line for you two."

Before Rachel could speak Naomi tapped her back in the present right where she was standing as Naomi was beside her and so was Castiel.

"So, if I were you, don't you think Castiel deserves a little bit of credit?" Naomi asks.

He held his hands behind his back standing tall, Rachel's head was spinning in her mind though Naomi was right he would, seeing the fact that he is the same person from what he and Naomi showed her.


They arrived at the hotel Dean had checked them in as Cass just finished putting Liv to sleep, everyone in the room was asleep. Cass looked at Rachel asleep and thought of a nice visit.

Rachel's dream:

She saw herself standing there wondering why she was here then looked to Castiel.

"We need to talk." He said gently.

Rachel walked to him and her brown eyes looked into his. "I don't need you okay? I got this perfectly handled." She walked away and didn't stop.

"What are you hiding from? Your abusive relationship... how liv came to be?" Castiel said just asking in case he was right.

Stopped in her tracks she got annoyed now and stepped up to him slapping him across the face.

"Okay, ow."

"Don't you ever bring that up again," she was about slap him again until Castiel grabbed her wrist.

"Knock it off, Rachel." He struggled with her and used his hand to push her against a wall. "I'm sorry I had to do this, but you need," he knelt down tying her hands to the post "to listen to me, on why I am saying this and why I am here."

She panted getting angry "go to hell."

He sat down sitting legs crossed facing her. "I did nothing to hurt you I never did... why are you like this to me? Wasn't I your imaginary friend?"

She heard him and stopped when he mentioned it suddenly remembering "remember." He heard him say as she felt his slight touch on her forehead.


It was then she woke up and saw Castiel watching over her pretending nothing happened even visiting her in her dream as she gave a shrug then looked to him.

"What?" Rachel asked simply.

He teleported them outside now as she sighed annoyed. "Cassy? Does that ring a bell?" Castiel asked. "Remember that time I came into your room while you were playing with Barbie's? I came in and you asked me who I was, I told you the truth of me and you named me Cassy?"

"Are you an angel Cassy?" Rachel had her back turned going down memory lane a bit.

" 'Yes' I would answer... you saw right through me, you were only six and you named me Cassy because Castiel wasn't easy yet I accepted that for life."

She turned to face him and looked to him "my imaginary friend was an angel?"

"... an angel who protected you, played tea parties, Barbie's, got the monster out of the closet cause you were afraid, checked under the bed for the boogeyman, games you name it and what does that angel get back? Self-disrespect. Rachel when you looked at me you were as... humans call it 'falling in love with me.' Father has us destined." Clear crystal tears could be seen in his eyes "I am now an outcast Rachel don't you remember? A--a"

"Poor example of an angel? Yeah, I see." Rachel told him straight out.

He looked down being serious, sure Rachel was a dick but mostly dean would call her the bitch but Cass has been a friend of there's ever since pulling Dean out of hell to begin with, she saddened and got close to him running her fingers through his hair his gaze at hers she was in love with him for a long time.

"I don't know..." Castiel said "what this is." He continued mostly.

She contained her tears and smiled a bit.

"It's called love Cassy." Rachel said as it surprised him that little Rachel he met called him her nickname for him.

Castiel got closer meeting eye to eye with her having a confused look, he gently stroked her hair on the side placing his hand on her neck gently she was lost in his blue eyes as the two leaned in it was sweet passionate kiss, eyes closed being an angel he never had these feelings and being a human she never wanted to have any more feelings he was right the bad part was how horrible it went on her last relationship.

Pulling away he had a hand on her hip from before "I am not one of those, okay? I may be an angel but for you I'd try to work this out between us I'll be the father Liv never had if I have too just to prove it."

Rachel smiled as Castiel transported them back inside, she lied in bed so tired as he lied right next to her so she could bury her face into his chest as both of them fell asleep.

Castiel knew he would have hating this but wants to as he walked outside thinking it over before as he rubbed his hand through his hair as he heard a girl's voice.

"You're kidding, right?"

He sighed trying to catch his breath after startled. "Don't do that sister."

"Sorry, but you're really thinking of linking yourself to her?" Naomi asked as he gave a sigh shaking his head "you know the risks of this mortal Castiel... don't."

"I have to okay Naomi..." he went up her face but she didn't flinch.

Her smile showed "you love her? Don't you?"

Rolling eyes, he told her "shut up."

Chuckling Naomi smiled softly and paced her brother "boy you are a riddle in a box, are you? So, the great soldier of father the one who respects the rules and is so serious is finally taking a leap at human feeling hmm?" She stopped right in front of him.

"Okay one you are so never to be raised by Michael and two..." he paused as he saw her fold her arms and raise her eyebrow waiting for a comeback from him. "Crap..."

"Yeah that's what I thought, so I am betting you'll need some assistance with this now will you?" She asked walking up to him with a bright smile going to enjoy this.

Castiel hated when his sister would mind trick him sometimes but this time she was right he gave a deep exhale and looked to her like 'what do you think?'

Naomi just kept smiling knowing this was going to be fun for her teach him the ways of winning a woman's heart from another girl view.


Returning back, he had transported himself to seeing Rachel not asleep but then he transported again shew as at a bar, he just sat himself.

"Come take a load off."

Castiel looked at her curiously then she pushed the glass to him as he caught it.

"It's tequila good stuff, why have you come?" Rachel turned her head to face him her gaze shot right at him.

"I heard your prayers, even when you're not thinking it, what do you want?" Castiel asked.

Sighing she gazed around her eyes blinked before it returned him. "Don't leave..."

Castiel nodded and waved his hand over her head sending a blessing to her smiling, but saw the drink and took it as Rachel smiled softly.

"Please stay because we might need you at our side."

"Prayer answered then," Cas said and smiled holding his glass up.

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