The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


14. Hell... again


Gabriel eye-widened noticing the familiar witch "Isabella..."

Isabella stood before the demon and before Brittany could attack Melinda another known witch who was nineteen pushed her back.

"Thanks, Melinda." She smiled.

"No problem Izzy."

Dean suddenly looked confused at this as Crowley sighed. "Okay, who the hell is this?"

"Melinda I'm a witch, one who's going to murder Lucifer because Michael is gone as in Adam." She folded her arms.

"Well damn, sorry Missy."

"Melinda." She glared at him.

"And anyways Adam is in hell so let me ask... how. The. Hell. Did he end up there?" Melinda turned to Sam as she asked.

"Oh, well Lucifer possessed my body and there was a battlefield we both fell into hell... literally." He told her.

Sighing heavily, she spared him as Isabella turned to Gabriel and hugged him tight smiling to see him okay.

"Okay so how do we liberate Michael and Lucifer from hell, because he was already turning good and this time didn't deserve it," Dean said to the whole crew.

"Well one human has to come with me, or a certain witch." Brittany glanced at Melinda.

"Say what? Ironically hell no."

Crowley sighed and got up from his chair.

"Look you're the only one who can talk some sense into Michael and see if you can jog his memory, I've seen you with him before and I know you like I know my mother. So, I'll go with you if it makes you feel better." He gazed at her looking at her waiting for an answer.


Melinda sighed and nodded he zapped the two to hell from his domain as Crowley led to the bottom stairs where the cage was held, Isabella and Brittany came later as she looked seeing the second cage, the heart she felt inside was shattered once she saw that he was rocking in the corner of the cage that it broke Melinda to see Michael in the cage in Adams' vessel.

"M--Michael." She stuttered and ran over to him followed by Crowley and the other two girls "I'm here now, please hear me." Melinda's voice broke seeing such sadness.

"I got to get out of here, I got to get out of here."

"Brother relax, please you're annoying me." Lucifer sighs rolling his eyes having to hear him repeat. "You see what I'm left with?" Lucifer turned to face the people who put him here.

Abaddon suddenly appeared standing facing the three with a smirk on her face giving a smile.

"Well look who I have here, quite a show."

"You harm her so help me--"

"Shhhh, Shh now Lucifer I will not harm your precious demon and her baby." Abaddon saw the shocked faces of everyone except for Michael. "Oh, oops did I forgot to mention?"

Melinda glared and purple shock came out from her hands as she was thrown into Lucifer's cage, once she was knocked out she used a spell getting Michael out of the cage it was then Amara came in and flung her out she was working with Abaddon.

"Thank my friend here, you really think you guys can attack both of us?" Amara said gesturing to her and Abaddon.

Crowley quietly to the girls "get behind me." Told them but then something occurred to him, where was his adopted sister of the living hell family he lived with Melinda actually cared about him unlike their dreadful mother, he looked around anxiously trying to find her worried.

But one thing came after the other Crowley heard the yelling of his prisoner when he whipped around he saw Brittany stabbed by a demon blade.


Lucifer backed up his eyes turned red as everyone but Abaddon ran for cover, he blew the cage up for the first time in Millennia it happened but it wasn't to take over or maybe it was he ran over first to Brittany's dead body as tears trickled down his cheeks his back against the wall holding her close to him.

"No, no Brittany please come back." Lucifer cried stroking her hair his eyes turn red of anger.

Don't mess with the devil, right?


Lucifer got up after lying her down gently having his own demon blade, Abaddon was then choked so hard she could barely breathe. He flung her all the way as she flew hitting her head hard, as he flew over to her using his wings for the first time until he was stopped by a bright light. Lucifer looked up to seeing his mother as she shook her head 'no, no.' He watched her with confusion.

Nakhti turned to face Abaddon who moved back quickly, she brightened her light bigger than usual shining on her, one snap it took her to vanish forever dead as she looked to Amara not knowing what else to do.

"You dare to hurt me sister-in-law, but let's not forget I'm one step ahead." She told her having Chuck in the air again like before when the war came to her and light, she gazed up and her eyes were very angered, she sneered.

"Do you really want to piss off a mother then she already is? Amara? Her son just lost his girlfriend, and how dare challenge me? Use my weakness for your own selfish act?" The young blonde asked looking at her.

The rumbling came as the two girls followed by everything else looked up noticing the light in the sky from heaven.

"I'd let go of him Amara you are messing with my king of heaven after all."


Meanwhile, Janelle got a call from Dean as an attack with Lisa and Ben happened she helped with got worse, meeting him outside the hospital he had tears spreading down his eyes as she went up to him looking at him with a saddened expression.

"Dean... are you okay?"

He didn't say anything and just pulled her into a hug as he was just happy to have her around when needed especially this, he squeezed his eyes shut, they couldn't remember him he lost the one family he had a chance with and lost it just like that. It was to recover Lisa from dying as she patted his back.

"I lost everything, Janelle I-- lose everything." Sobbing he just couldn't hold it and she shushed him gently being the good friend she is but maybe it was something even more.

Maybe this was how it was for him he gains some lose some no that's not how humanity should be, but sadly it's how it is... there's no turning point to fix what's done as she reached to stroke his cheek.

"You didn't lose me..." her tone was soft.

Maybe deep down he did love her he just didn't see what was right in front of him until now, wouldn't be the first time either when back at Bobby house that they remembered.

Gathering himself Dean replied with a weak smile "yeah... guess I didn't."

Janelle smiled as the two leaned in and gave it a second try as they kissed the spark showed and it was definitely meant to be as the two pulled away and he caressed her cheek gently. But worse came to worse when he got a call from Crowley back at the bunker.

"What Crowley?" He asked.

"It's Rachel, she's hurt," Crowley replied.

Crowley had come to the bunker and came to his knees seeing Rachel on the floor was gone, on the other side of the city where Janelle and Dean stood outside the hospital he froze still holding his phone, knowing his little sister is hurt.

"No, no don't do this to me now, wake up chipmunk!" Crowley had her gently trying all he could but she wouldn't wake, but seeing her on the floor he just stayed there breathing heavily anxious now on what to do.

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