The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


16. Gabriels horn

A/N: for @/dicksp8jr  (Gabriel) hope you see this, you deserved a better story.

Previously on the angel guardian:

The road so far:
*cues carry on my Wayward son ~Kansas*

   "Where's Castiel?" ~ Nakhti

"In the farthest, place what a wrong?" ~Metatron

"I need you to go and raise your brother from hell." ~Nakhti

~God has a wife?" ~Dean

"You're the mother goddess" ~Sam

"Gabriel the archangel, I just wanted to see what I'm up against" ~Isabella


In hell Castiel was chained by his shoulders and legs he screamed with pain and agony he was tortured one place that an angel shouldn't be in, meanwhile back in heaven Nakhti was kneeling down at gods throne room asking for a prayer of her own husband to keep him safe and hoping Kevin can help.

Chuck stood at the door of his throne room and smiled watching his wife pray to him to keep their children safe, Nakhti though just looked down remembering the past when her kids were just babies.

She walked around and went to the room where all her children's partying favors even seeing where the horn was but the thing was it wasn't there anymore her eyes widened as she ran to find Chuck.

Isabella arrived outside the bunker, she looked at the building and heard wings fluttering, smiling she said without having to turn.


Seeing him in front of her made her smile but he wasn't smiling, oh no he had a worried look on his face same one when the last time they met back at the warehouse.

"Isabella I need your help."

Her expression fell looking at him "what do you mean?"

"My horn, it's my horn mom found out in heaven, it's been going all over angel Radio,  Rachel too needs to come." He told them as Rachel came out.

"Hey, what's going on?" Since hearing about Castiel she hasn't been in her best secondly pale face didn't help.

"My horns missing and I need both of your help."

Rachel now an angel pressed her hand to her head getting angel radio signals as it hurts at the beginning, the ringing in her ears were loud it meant the angels are not happy and causing an uproar at home, she spread her long white wings ready to fly out.

"Okay, come on get on my back." Gabriel turned spreading his black wings as isabella climbed on his back.

In hell downstairs of Crowley's domain Lucifer paced around having to hear his brother say the same words over and over again, it drove him nuts, then something resonated in his head he put his fingers on his forehead hearing angel radio he closed his eyes shut as it was too many voices at once about Gabriel's horn missing.

Michael had gotten up looking as well in a different cage next to his brother as he listened, thus was definitely another end of earth now that Amara and Abbadon have taken over.

"Don't think you'll be getting out of this cage for very long." Abaddon walked the cages.

"It won't get you very far." Amara came up.

"Quit whining Amara, you don't say shit to us." Lucifer gripped the bars of the cage still in rage from Brittany being killed.

"Oh, you think Brittany is dead? Don't worry," Amara said, "Your little demon girlfriend is safe... in the lowest part of hell."

"And what of Melinda where is she?" Adam with Michael in his body he had gone to sleep but he liked Michaels girlfriend even considered it with his angel and her a few years back.

"Don't worry that witch of yours is fine, but you two won't ever be with them once we get the horn of Gabriel."

Adam clenched his teeth gripping tight on the bars having enough with these two he may be a vessel but he was a loyal one knowing that Michael could help him survive and his friends and family.

A few hours passed when they were all alone a bright light appeared as both Lucifer and Michael looked up covering their eyes the two saw and one minute later the cage doors were blasted open, the light disappeared revealing an older woman who's blue eyes were fading a small smirk formed on her face.

"Hello, boys." The mysterious girl said that busted them out "Come on we don't have much time."

The three ran out quickly as possible.

Nakhti was walking on earth thinking she could find her youngest son Samandriel she hoped to find him, in a small alley she heard screaming, her heart leaped knowing that can't be good, popping in her other children Nakhti could see had gone rogue and we're slaughtering each other in Idaho.

The angels turned to her and were scared now as Samandriel was passed out now.

"Go now."

"But, mother." One insisted on getting on her bad side.


This made them scurry out or fly out as she watched them, sighing deeply she walked kneeling down to look up at her now weakened son.

"Samandriel wake up, sweetheart it's me, mother." She spoke soothingly to him."

He woke up due to blurry vision as he saw her, he jumped trying to back up.

"Shh, shh it's me." Assuring him he calmly changed.

"M--mother?" Samandriel asked looking at her she nodded, once the approval that it was his mother he went over fast wrapping his arms around her as she held him back he onied in her shoulder like a baby that he is as she teared up reunited with her son.

"I'm here, I'm here it's okay, shh." Rubbing his back it soothed him more as he was calmer now soft cries were heard now due to her loving comfort in being his mother.

Castiel could hear the cries of his younger brother once they hugged Castiel was in distraught seeing his brother hurt like this, Samandriel looked up as his older brother cupped his cheek gently.

This made their mother smile in happy tears covering her mouth watching the brothers, Castiel took him out of the torture chair and held him.

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